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Naruto looked down at the two bodies laying side by side. He had tears in his eyes as he looked at Zabuza and Haku dead form. It was snowing and Naruto looked at the man who had his arm on his shoulder. His sensie Kakashi.

Naruto asked "Can I have a few moments alone Kakashi. Please."

Kakashi nods and walks away to check on Sakura and Sasuke as well as the client Tazuna.

Naruto thought "You said you wished we could have met in a different situation Haku. I as well do. For the first time in my life I felt someone actually knew how I felt. Then theres you Zabuza. You acted like you did not care for Haku but deep down you cared for her like she was your daughter. Yes I know your secret Haku. I can smell the difference. Why did you both have to die like this."

A voice interupted his thoughts and said "What if you could save them and still have them in your life would you take it."

Naruto looked around and saw no one around him and realized it must be Kyuubi and said "Yes."

Kyuubi said "Think your answers boy. If you want to save them then do as I say. Place your hands over both thier hearts and hold them there until I tell you. You will feel a small tingle in your arms but ignore it. I will explain what is going to happen and how they will live agian later. Go ahead and burry thier bodies as they dont need them any more and take thier equiptment and weapons. It will come in handy later."

Naruto thought "Why should I trust anything you say."

Kyuubi said "Either you believe me and do as I said or you dont and never see either agian. Its your choice." and the voice went away and Naruto heard footsteps coming and Naruto leaned down over them and laid a hand on both of thier bodies and soon felt a small tingle in his arms.

Sakura asked as she walked over "Are they dead."

Naruto ignored her and kept his hands there. Kakashi looked at him and asked "What happen Naruto."

Naruto closed his eyes and said "Somehow I became friends with them durring battle. I understood them." sadly

Kakashi smiled a sad smile knowing from experience what that was like and Sakura asked "How can you do that. You are an idiot." and she turned and walked back over to Sasuke who was sitting agianst the bridge.

Naruto heard Kyuubi say to quit and he looked around and saw Zabuza sword and picked it up and walked back over to thier bodies and created a few kagebunshin and said "Im going to take care of thier funeral Kakashi. I will return later tonight or in the morning." as the clones picked up the bodies.

Kakashi sighed and said "You dont have to do that Naruto. We can help and you dont need to be alone right now."

Naruto looked at him and said "Kakashi, Sakura would rather piss on thier graves then give them a proper burial since they hurt Sasuke and I cant deal with his ego right now. Take care of them and the client. If something happens to me Konoha will throw a party." as he walked away without saying anything else taking the two boddies with him.

Kakashi watched them leave and Sasuke walked over and said "Wheres the dobe going."

Kakashi looked at him and saw the sharingan and said "Congrats on activating your bloodline. Hes getting rid of thier bodies. Lets get this mess cleaned up so we can hurry up and finish the mission." and Sakura just humphed and turned to follow Sasuke and Kakashi.

Naruto soon made it back to the medow that he first met Haku in and had the clones started to burry them.

Meanwhile while that was happening Haku slowly opened her eyes and looked around and saw her master Zabuza laying beside her and she looked around and saw they were in some huge chamber and she went and checked on Zabuza. When his eyes opened she smiled.

Zabuza was confused as he set up and asked "Is this death."

Laughter could be heard and both looked and saw a giant cage and the figure of Kyuubi could be seen and Kyuubi said "Yes you are both dead but this is not heaven or hell. You are currently in my prison."

Zabuza stood up and asked "What is this place and how did we get here. I know your Kyuubi but I was told you were killed by the Yondaime.

Kyuubi snorted and said "That idiot just got lucky. Yes I am Kyuubi and you and the girl there both died on that bridge. The boy wanted you both to live so I offered him a chance and told him how to bring you are here."

Haku asked "who are you talking about and what is this place exactly."

Kyuubi sighed and said "Thats it. Sit down, shut up and watched the sky and you will know everything."

A voice from behind them said "What the hell. Where am I." making everyone turn and see Naruto standing there.

Haku asked "naruto. Is that you."


They quickly set down and saw the cealing change and then they saw a white room and then the room shifted and they saw a red headed woman laying in a hospital bed and she looked weak and tired and a nurse said "Congrats its a boy. What will you name him."

A man walked into the view and said "His names going to be Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." and he had a smile on his face but all three people had thier eyes popping out because they saw that it was the yondaime Hokage of Konoha.

Naruto asked "Thats my father."

Kyuubi said "Yes and the woman with red hair is your mother Uzumaki Kashina, my sister." making all three look at the cage and gasp as the Kyuubi changed from the demon fox to that of a man with red hair and red eyes and his cloths were that of a standard jounin.

Naruto stood up and asked "Wait a minute, If my mother is your sister then why did you attack Konoha and who or what are you and what am I."

The man sighed and said "My real name is Uzumaki Sherlock, I am the older brother and only sibling of your mother and I am the prince of the Land of Whirlpool or that is what humans call our land. Your mother left our land on a mission and met your father and fell in love. She was suppose to return a year after she left for her long term mission to Konoha but instead of her return we recieved a letter from her saying she found someone she loves and was not returning to our land. Mother and Father were heartbroken and because I did not like it one bit and felt no man was good enough for her I went to Konoha but if I went in my normal human form then It would take me about half a months to have gotten there. I transformed into my Kitsune form to get thier quicker. When I got close to Konoha they thought I came to attack and attacked me and when you got nearly 300 ninja fighting agianst me I could not change back out of my Kitsune body. I had no choice but to keep attacking and then with the genjutsu I lost most of my normal thoughts and acted on instince. Now watch the rest of the movie."

Everyone was stunned and then they watched as Kushina started to lose color and then alarms went off and nurses came in to help her and they watched as she died and watched as her form changed a little and then Naruto father do a few handsigns and his mother return to her normal look. Then they watched as a man came and told Minota that kyuubi was comming and then watched part of the battle and the sealing. Then the council voting what to do about him and then the abuse and treatment he got. They watched as everything in his life happened and then watched as finally him meeting Haku, the battle on the bridge, and then two of thier deaths and then watched as Kyuubi told him what to do and Sakura and then watched as Naruto burried them. When it was over they all looked at each other Haku was in tears, Zabuza wanted blood and Naruto was sad and then went into shock as Haku hugged him.

Sherlock said "Now that you all know about Naruto life you asked nephew what you are. The truth is you are a Kitsune, even though your father was human you are still Kitsune. Think of it like a bloodline that does not dilute and we are not demons as humans call us because of our power, but just about everyone in the land of whirlpool is one. We are decent size kingdom about one half the size of the fire nation but it so hard to get there that no one comes there and we pretty much keep to our selfs. The only other creatures in our kingom is the Dragons who are our allies. You are also the prince of the kindom. Your grandparents are the ruling power there for at least another 100 years or so at which time I was suppose to take over but seeing as I am sealed in you now thanks to your father summoning the shinigami to help seal me I cant take over but I can help train and advice you so you can take over in my place. I would have talked to you sooner but the seal prevented it and after you used my power to fight Mizuki and then on the bridge it cracked enough for me to contact you."

Zabuza asked "So why did you tell your nephew to bring us here and what is going to happen."

Sherlock looked at them and said "I have a proposition for both you and the girl. The kit here has had a bad life as you have all saw and he has not been treated the way he should so what I want is for you both to train him in each of your skills including your bloodline Haku. After you train him to be equal or better then you I want Zabuza to take over as his official body gaurd. I know you are wondering how you can do that now that your dead. Your bodies are dead but your souls are not. Our family has a special ability that allows us to absorb the souls of people if they have not been dead for longer then 24 hours. As such you can have your souls put into a Kagebunshin or a bloodclone body. If your clone body dies you just wind up back here as long as Naruto lives."

Naruto said "So basically you had me make them slaves. How could you."

Kyuubi sighed and said "No kit. You said you wished for a way to give them a different situation. I gave you that chance. Zabuza and Haku are not dead and can live a semi normal life instead of just going to the other side. Now they dont have to fear hunter nins and have a halfway normal life. If you chose to you could train under them and help Zabuza fix the Mist like he wanted and Haku would still be able to serve her precious person so everyone wins basically."

Zabuza listened and asked "Ok, I understand the training and the body gaurd deal but what is Haku suppose to do and how will she be able to help him with her bloodline."

Kyuubi smirked and said "Simple, where I want you to be his body gaurd I would like for Haku to be a little closer to him. You both saw what it was like for him, hell I think that hug she gave him was probably the 4th one hes had his whole life so what I want if she agrees to it is for her to become his princess."

Haku blinked and looked at Naruto and asked "So let me get this straight. You want me to be his wife."

Kyuubi said "Yes. Most of our families marriages are arranged and as Naruto closest living relative currently I am trying to arrange a marriage for him since he will have to be married before he can take over as king and I believe from what I saw through his memories that you and him would be good together since he already has some feelings for you and I believe you do as well. That pink haired bitch is someone I would rather see die then get a position of power over our kingdom because she would ruin it along with most of the others you saw. You must understand that you will have to have children with him eventually because they will be the heir to the kingom and you will have to have them before he takes over as king and he needs a wife that can fight just as good as he can. Dont worry about how you have children because I plan to have the kit here goto Whirlpool country as soon as hes ready and once you do you will both get a more perminate body but if it is killed you would come back here agian and get a permanent body agian but I wont tell you how we do it because its something only the king and queen know so until you take over to have to understand. The only difference from your normal body would be you will live alot longer unless he is killed and Zabuza and Haku will have an animal form like me and Naruto does. As for how he would get your bloodline all you have to do is kiss him and accept my offer and I would do the rest automatically while you kiss to get your bloodline."

Naruto asked "Wait, what do you mean I have an animal form and what will thiers be."

Kyuubi said "Close your eyes and do the handsigns Ox, monkey, dog, and Kitsune which looks like this and then you will transform."

Naruto tried it and after he did the kitsune sign he went up in a puff of smoke and when it disappeared it showed everyone that he was a 3 tailed blond kitsune with red highlites.

Kyuubi said "To turn back just focus your chakra into your chest and think release and you will go back as for what animal those two will be. I cant say until you goto whirlpool becuase its our laws. I am bending them enough already to get in trouble by telling you what I have."

Zabuza asked "I take it he is the only heir correct. If so will he have to take more then one wife."

Naruto asked "Dont I get a say in this. It is my life."

All three people said "NO." and Naruto sighed and walked over and set down agianst a wall.

Kyuubi said "Yes he is the last one It would be up to Haku if he had any other wifes because that is consider family matters and the females of our kingdom take care of those while the males take care of the protection. I am not saying woman dont have rights, far from it actually. In everything but sex and child care men and woman are equals in everything. In those two areas the woman have the final say in the matter but while they are weakened by carring for children or choosing other mates for the males the males have to provide protection for the children and thier mates but the most he could have is 3 counting Haku if she accept but she would be an equal to him however any wifes he had would have to be like you and Haku are now because we feel our wifes are bound not only by law but body and soul and also makes it where you can talk to each other without talking out loud. Thats why we mate for a lifetime."

Zabuza looked at Haku who was looking at Naruto and asked "so what do you think Haku."

Haku looked at Zabuza and said "I do as you please."

Zabuza frowned and said "No. This is something you must decide. I already made my decision but its time for you to make yours."

Haku looked at Naruto and said "I do like him but I dont know if its love yet. I think it might be though."

Zabuza looked at Naruto and said "Boy, come here." getting Naruto attention.

Naruto got up and walked over and Zabuza looked at him and grabbed him by the jacket and picked him up and said "Now listen here. I am going to accept this body gaurd position and Haku thinks she wants to be your wife and I see her as my daughter so you are going to treat her right. Am I understood." shaking him

Haku looked at both of them wide eyed and Kyuubi had a glint in his eyes.

Naruto nods and Zabuza said "Good. Now you are going to have to change. No more acting stupid because I saw how good you were when pulling pranks. I also dont want you to take any shit off of anyone. If you are goingmarry her you are going to have to be respectable and proud. When we teach you our skill you are going to wish you were in hell. Do you understand."

Naruto could only nod and Zabuza threw him on the ground and said "Now kiss your fiance so we can get started." making both teens blush.

Haku said "But I said I dont know if its love."

Zabuza looked at her and asked "Do you except me as your father." and Haku nods yes and Zabuza said "Then I arrange for you and him to be married. I saw how you blushed when you found him in the woods and I know how you are so dont try any of that shit on me young lady." and laughs while both get red faced even more

Haku waited for Naruto to stand up and he closed his eyes and tried to make faces as to how to kiss while still a few feet away from Haku. Haku giggled by this but decided to cut him some slack and walked over and kissed him. She felt lightheaded and Naruto felt an explosion in his head.

After a few seconds Haku pulled back and Kyuubi said "Good now you will be able to hear us when you leave here and if you want to pull one of us make a kagebunshin while thinking of which one of us you want and I will do the rest but dont try and pull me out because it will kill you and dont do it around others unless you get invintive and get a cover story.."

Naruto who was still in a daze just nods and Kyuubi smirked to himself. Zabuza asked "So you know tree climbing right. I want you to go and try the same thing but on water. Same rules but harder and use your kagebunshin because what they learn you learn or at least thats what I heard the last time I met someone who knew that jutsu. I think his name was Itachi or something like that."

Naruto blinked and saw he was sitting on the ground next to where he burried the two and he looked at the sky and got up after seeing he still had a few hours before sunrise and he walked toward a river and when he got there he created 30 kagebunshins and started to try and walk on water but fell in. He got up and tried it agian and agian and agian.

Several hours later Kakashi had tracked Naruto down and saw him standing on top of water and was shocked when he saw him going through handseals and suddenly 4 mizu bunshins appeared and a few seconds later they fell back into the water and naruto fell to his knees panting.

Kakashi was shocked as he saw Naruto not only standing on water but also doing a mist jutsu as well as having Zabuza sword on his back and an extra holster on his leg that looked full of stuff. Deciding by the look of Naruto to stop him before he hurts himself he walks into the clearing and said "Yo." getting Naruto attention.

Naruto looked at him while sweating and smiled before getting up and walking to the shore and then passed out as soon as he got on land. Kakashi sweatdrops and chuckles and thought "finally out of chakra huh. I will ask him tomorrow." and picked Naruto up and carried him back to the house. He had already found the graves while following Naruto scent.

When he got back to the house Sasuke looked up and asked "What happened to the dobe."

Kakashi said "He just ran out of chakra after burying those bodies as well as the fighting today."

Sakura saw the sword and asked "Whats that idiot doing with that sword. He cant even pick it up properly more or less know how to use it. Sasukekun should have it." and walked over and grabbed the handle only to jump back as it shocked the hell out of her.

Sakura looked at her hand and saw that it had a light burn on it and she asked "What happened."

Kakashi thought for a moment and said "Well, I know that some swords have special defenses to them that wont let anyone else but the owner touch it and since Naruto was the first to touch it after Zabuza died I figured the defense reset for him. I know Hyatte has one thats the same way. Dont either of you try and take it or you might get hurt more." as he lead Naruto up the stairs to his room. When he got there he decided to see what else Naruto got and checked his weapon holster and found senbons, a few explosive tags, kunia and shurikans, The hunter nins mask that was broke in half and a book on pressure points for basic medicine. He took the book and walked down stairs with it and said "So do either of you want this book. Basic medicine."

Sasuke snorted and looked away emotionally and Sakura said "Why would I need that when I got Sasukekun to protect me."

Kakashi sighed and a voice from behind him said "I will keep it Kakashi." shocking him as he had not felt a presence behind him. He turned and saw Naruto standing there with a look that was pissed and Kakashi just shrugged and handed it to Naruto who walked back in the room and closed the door and if anyone would have notice they would have saw Naruto was still passed out and Naruto changed his appearance as he nelt down and it was Haku and she slipped the book back into Naruto holsters and her body melted into a pile of water.

Naruto was inside his mind sparring with Zabuza when Haku reappeared and Kyuubi asked "So did it work."

Haku said "Yes. I was able to get the book back and nobody realised I was not him or a waterclone. I still cant believe that his sensie would give his stuff away to those other two." with a little anger in her voice.

Naruto was punched in the face and slid beside Haku when he heard that and asked "he did what." in a shocked voice.

Haku looked down at him and giggled at the look on his face and said "He went through your stuff and took my book on pressure points and medicine that I had. The pink haired bitch already tried to take your sword and give it to the Uchiha but it shocked her." as she helped him up.

Zabuza heard this and walked over to Naruto and said "You need to start standing up for yourself kid. I know you have been through hell but you could take both thier asses out easy from what I saw. Its not easy besting ABNU as well as chunnin and jounin like you did. Ready to go agian. Somehow I am not tired."

Kyuubi smirked and said "And you wont. The kit here wont get tired but his body will feel it tomorrow even though we are in his mind because his muscles will think they actually have been fighting. He wont get physically strong or fast by training in here but at least he is able to learn jutsu as well as hand to hand and sword skills though he will need to imagine swords but that will be later. Get back to work because you need to get strong fast."

All three thought "slavedriver." as Zabuza punched Naruto in the stomach knocking him back.

As those two got fighting agian Haku turned to Kyuubi and asked "What will I have to learn to be the princess of your kingdom."

Kyuubi looked at her and said "You already know what you need to learn. It was the lesson you taught him. If you consider my people your precious people everything will be fine. Once you get your new body you will have to practice with it but it should not be hard because it will act like your old body unless you go into your transformed state. If you want go ahead and work on your bloodline. The pipes above us have chakra in them but in this world it will act as water. Try and discover knew ways to use your bloodline or make it better. After all you are going to want to spend alot of time with your fiance, dont you." saying the last part with a smirk making Haku blush.

Haku started to work on her bloodline and discovered he was telling the truth as she was able to do the demonic ice mirrors as well as the 1000 needles of death easily. She then got to work on a project she was working on but never had the chance to finish.

Kyuubi for his part set back and watched but in his mind he was working on Naruto body, giving him more of his chakra as well as enhancing a few other things. He thought "someday nephew I will be no more but you will live on but I will stay here long enough for you to meet our family and hopefully start your own. Hopefully me using this technique to save these two will make a small refund in your heart for me. Im sorry."

The next day when Naruto woke up he was sore as hell but he had completely recovered his chakra supply. He got up and got ready for the day but found his cloths were a little tighter on him and made his way to breakfast and saw everyone looking at him and Naruto said "Morning." as he sat down.

Kakashi looked up from his book and asked "So how do you feel."

Naruto moved his shoulders and said "Like its my birthday." making everyone but Kakashi smile as Kakashi knew what that meant.

Kakashi asked "So where did you learn mist jutsu." making everyone look at him and then Naruto.

Naruto sighed and said "I memorized some of the handseals you and Zabuza along with Haku used durring your battles. I experimented with a few and got lucky with mizubunshin."

Kakashi shrugged thinking it could be true and Kakashi asked "Can you do any other mist jutsu besides mizubunshin."

Naruto said "I saw some others but have not tried them yet since I only saw most of the handsigns. I also tried waterwalking but have not made any real progress with it. I can stay on it for a little while but its tough."

Kakashi eyed him for a moment and said "I see. What about the book and senbons."

Naruto shrugged and said "After Sasuke was knocked out by Haku I thought that it might be useful to learn to use them to incompasitate enemies like Haku did and the book would help me do that as well."

Sakura screached and said "How dare you say Sas..." and to the shock of everyone at the table Naruto hit the pressure point on her neck with his fingers knocking her out.

Sasuke had an amuzed look on his face.

Kakashi who was shocked by it was smiling behind his mask and asked "where did you learn that."

Naruto shrugged and said "Its the same spot Sasuke and Zabuza were hit by Haku and I saw it in the book here when I glanced at it. I thought if I can get enough practice I might be able to take someone out like Haku did and her voice is making my headache worse." but he thought "and haku hit that spot on me for nine hours last night in my sleep. Time works different there,"

Kakashi nods and said "Well dont use your teammates as a test dummy. You could have killed her if you missed the spot."

Sasuke grunted and said "show me that jutsu." with his sharingan active.

Naruto shrugged and did 2 handsighs, In one hand he made a fist while on the other hand he stuck out his middle finger and shoved it into his fist making everyone but Inari red faced. In Naruto head he heard 3 people laughing thier asses off.

Kakashi shrugged while holding in his laughter and said "Well today you can take Tazuna to the bridge while I work with Sasuke on his Sharingan. You got to practice yesterday. Sakura will stay here since you knocked her out and watch Tsunami."

Naruto asked "Can you show me a jutsu or right one down for me to practice today."

Kakashi looked up from his book and said "Sorry, I dont want to over power the team so I cant teach you any more jutsu until the others catch up."

Naruto said "But you have not taught me anything besides treeclimbing."

Kakashi shrugged and said "So, Thats all I taught the others." and he grabbed Sasuke and left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and thought "lying piece of shit. I have seen you teaching sasuke privately."

After he was gone Naruto looked at Tazuna and said "You ready old man."

Tazuna smiled and nodded and got his things and they both left.

Inari looked at Sakura who was passed out on the table and got an evil glint in his eyes and ran to his room and came back a few moments later with some ink and Tsunami asked "What are you doing Inari."

Inari smiled and said "I just thought I would give her a present for everything shes done for us."

Tsunami sighed but could not tell her son no after he finally acted happy agian and left the room as to not see what was going to happen. She later wished she would have.

Inari pushed her back in the chair and took the ink and used it to cover her lips as well as her eyebrows and drew a picture of the bridge on her forehead with the words thank you under it.

When Naruto and Tazuna got to the bridge most of the village had came out to help and Naruto looked over the side of the bridge and got an idea and said "Hey old man. Give me about 3 minutes and I will be back. Ok." and he saw Tazuna nod.

Naruto jumped over the side and walked down one of the support beams and then used his mass Kagebunshin no jutsu to create around 400 clones. He then thought of Zabuza and made on of him and a moment later one of Haku.

Naruto then said "Ok, work with these guys while I keep an eye on the old drunk. Is that alright."

Haku and Zabuza both looked at each other and felt thier bodies and shook thier heads and Naruto ran up the side of the bridge and started to help carry stuff around to speed things up and also train.

Zabuza pointed his finger and said "Ok, The left half works with me and the right with Haku." and they all screamed "Yes"

Zabuza then had them while standing on water work on the mizubunshin and the hidden mist jutsu.

Haku took her half and said "Ok, I want you each to try and make ice by using your new bloodline. Start with a fluid motion and use the water around you and it should be easy. If you are almost out of chakra dispell so Narutokun gets all the info." and they all started to work.

About 5 hours later Sakura and Tsunami came with lunch and everyone had a good laugh at Sakura expense because the ink Inari used was permanent and her forehead and lips were beet red and blue from trying to get it off.

Naruto asked "Wheres Inari."

Sakura said "Hes hanging around somewhere." with a creepy smile on her face

Inari was currently hanging from the cealing in his room with ninja wire holding him in place and a lump on his head.

Naruto shrugged and took a sandwich and ate it and Sakura said "I wish that fog would leave. It makes me uneasy." as she looked at the fog just barely under the bridge.

Naruto shrugged as he finished eating knowing it was the hidden mist jutsu and pulled his sword off his back and tried to hold it in the style Zabuza had showed him in his head though it was harder but because of his minor growth spurt it was easier to walk with and hold.

Sakura just rolled her eyes and said "Idiot, quit trying to act cool." and went to hit him but Naruto put the sword up and blocked her punch with the side of it. Sakura became pissed and started an all out attack on Naruto who blocked each and every one of her hits with almost no trouble.

Sakura soon started to run out of energy but her anger would not let her calm down so she ran at Naruto with everything she had in one punch and naruto smirked and replaced himself with a mizu bunshin and when Sakura hit it her hand went right through his head and at first she was white as a ghost thinking she actually killed him until she felt someone hit her in the neck agian knocking her out.

Naruto who was standing behind her fallen form thought "I am sure glad Hakuchan taught me that one first."

For the next few days Naruto discovered that he was basically being thrown to the side by Kakashi. Naruto had gotten to the point he used a Kagebushin to henge into a fox and run through the forest and discovered Kakashi was teaching Sasuke several techniques as well as weight training with his personal weights. Naruto felt cheated but he soon found a way around that. Apparently his uncle knew something about sealing and had him take a shurikan and tie it to each of his arms and legs after applying a seal to it to increase the weight based on how much chakra you put in it. Zabuza also made him put it on the sword also.

Sakura was getting more restless because luckily Kakashi had her do gaurd duty every other day but when Naruto asked "Why does Sasuke get out of doing his share of the work" all 3 of his teammates looked at him like he was crazy.

Zabuza and Haku both created a hit list off of what they had been watching and both have increased Naruto training. Naruto had gotten to the point he can use Zabuza sword pretty well now but it was not mastered yet but it was gaining fast and his muscles were getting stronger from the weight training and his sword play having improved also with the help of 600 Kagebunshins. Naruto chakra control had gone up through the roof because Zabuza had Naruto clones water walking for 2 hours a day while working off the basic of the leaf balancing that they saw in his memories from Iruka and modified them. Now they were up to small rocks.

Naruto use of Haku bloodline had increased as well. He could use the 1000 needles of death as well as making senbons out of ice but the demonic ice mirrors were still out of his league currently.

Naruto had followed Zabuza instructions and found Gato hideout and quickly went through and found some money as well as cloths and with both Zabuza and his uncles help he learned the basic of storage sealing. However it was not all fun and games.


Naruto had followed Zabuza instruction and found Gato base and he was approaching it when he heard voices so he quitely went and started sneaking around to see what was going on. He soon discovered about 30 of the mercs they had ran off had return to the hideout and 1 new person was thier. Naruto looked at the new person and saw he had an Iwa headband on with a slash in it.

Deciding to listen in he set agianst a wall and heard one man say "I say we go back and kill them all and have our fun with the woman." and several men cheered at this.

The one with the Iwa headband said "I agree we should go back but first I think we should make an example not to mess with us. I have abserved the last few days that the Konoha nin Sharingan Kakashi is privately training the last Uchiha of Konoha to use his bloodline as well as personal training and he has the other two switch back and forward on gaurding the bridgebuilder and his family. Today is the blond boys day off and according to you all he was one of the main powerhouses so we should watch out for him but the girl is useless. I say tomorrow why the blond is with the bridgebuilder we pay a little house visit and take the girl and that woman and do as we please and kill the little boy. After that we will set a trap for when the old man returns he dies in an explosion. Without thier client the Konoha nin will leave especially after they find the body of thier female teammate and then we can do as we please to the village. Who agrees with me or would you all rather take the chance to run into Kakashi and the blond agian."

Naruto heard this and thought "we cant let them do that to Tazuna and his family."

Zabuza said "I agree."

Haku said "I also agree Narutokun. I hate men who think of woman as only sex toys. Let us out and we will help take them out."

Naruto nods and created 50 Kagebunshin and had them rush into the room where the men were and start fighting while he made one for Haku and one for Zabuza. Naruto would have handed Zabuza his sword but Zabuza had already learned that if anyone including him touches it besides Naruto he got shocked and would return to the seal so he took a pair of kunia from Naruto and Haku took some senbon needles and they went in to join the fighting.

The Iwa nin saw the blond come in had snuck around and when he saw Zabuza and Haku go into the room were the mercs were leaving the blond alone he thought that was the real one but then his eyes got wide and said "So the Yondaime had a son. I can tell your his son by one look. I bet I can get a great reward for killing you." and he charged at Naruto.

Naruto who had turned and saw the nin comming at him and asked "How did you get behind me and find me."

The Iwa nin was throwing punches and kicks at Naruto who was jumping out of the way and said "I sensed you the moment you approached and said what I said to draw you in to a fight. Your stealth sucks." and he pulled out a kunia and tried to stab Naruto but Naruto had blocked it with his sword which he pulled off his back after getting enough of an opening to do so.

The nin was stronger then Naruto and was easily matching Naruto in power when Haku came back to check on Naruto after all his clones had been destroyed and her and zabuza had either killed or incompasitated all the merc and she saw Naruto fighting a ninja who looked to be a chunnin level at least and she threw her last senbon needle into his back at a point that would paralyze him for life.

When the nin felt the needle in him he lost all the strength he had on his kunia and Naruto was pushing with everything he had the moment the nins legs started to give out and with the force of the pushing and the nin falling Naruto decapitated him along the length of the blade.

As his head fell away from his body Naruto turned white as a ghost and Haku gasped and Zabuza walked in the room and could tell what happen and asked "First kill." and Naruto was shaking and Zabuza said "Kid, I wont lie to you. Its never easy but think of it this way. If you had not killed him then he would have killed you and then killed your teammates and then old man and his family and who knows who else. You heard what his plan was. You dont come up with a plan like that if you dont intend to follow it. You did not kill him. You saved everyone he would have killed."

Haku had hugged Naruto in the middle of the speech and Naruto was crying but after he heard Zabuza he asked "Do you hate me now. Am I a monster."

Haku slapped him and said "You are not a monster. You showed true strength by protecting your precious people. I would do the same thing. Its my fault he died also because I hit him in the back to save you." and then she realised that was her actual first kill also becuase it was her fault but she said "I did it to save you who are my precious person. Come on and lets check this place out and find you some new cloths since those are covered in blood."

end flashback

After searching every room for valuables, weapons and stuff like that Naruto had used his clone army to bring everything of value to the village and dressed in his new cloths he said "I found Gato base and brought all of this stuff to you so that way it will help you recover." and the people cheered and noboby noticed Naruto had about 6 scrolls of things for himself though nobody cared either.

When Naruto walked into the house that night everyone looked at him strangly. Would you if a guy who thrives in orange walked in with a pair of black pants and a grey long sleeve shirt with a sleaveless vest on over it and his lower half of his face covered just like Zabuza had his and a huge sword on his back.

Kakashi had actually dropped his book and if it were not for his blue eyes and blond hair they would have thought he was a mini Zabuza. He also did not have on ninja sandles but rather combat boot.

Sasuke asked "where did you get the cloths from naruto."

Naruto smirked under his mask and said "I went and did the people of wave a favor and found Gato base and got everything I thought valuable from it." and he saw his teammates get a greedy look and then Naruto said "and I gave it all to the people of wave in the middle of the village. I just found some cloths that I thought would fit me as payment." and saw all of them get a look of dispair while Tazuna and his family were happy.

Naruto started up the stairs when Sakura saw the scrolls and asked "What about the scrolls." making everyone look at him.

Naruto shrugged and said "I got about 20 changes of cloths and since I found a book that told the basic of storage sealing I read how to seal the cloths in it so I would not have to take such a big pack. I need to learn something since nobody wants to teach anything."

Sakura screamed "What are you talking about, Kakashi taught us treeclimbing."

Naruto sighed and said "Sakura, What good would chakra control do you besides make you a little faster and stronger longer if you cant do nothing but punch stuff because your teacher is to busy playing favorites." as he walked up to his room and slammed the door.

Sakura looked shocked and turned to see Sasuke who was acting as if nothing was wrong and Kakashi was reading his book and Sakura asked "Your not playing favorites, are you Kakashisensie."

Kakashi just looked up from his book and asked "Hmm, did you say something."

Sakura could not believe her sensie acting like that.

Sasuke smirked and said "What does it matter. Im an uchiha and hes nothing."

His smirk brought hearts to Sakura eyes and she forgot what she was mad about.

Kakashi was thinking about what Naruto said and thought "could he be right. Am I really leaving him and sakura alone and focusing on Sasuke. I do owe it to Obito to make sure his family goes on because if Itachi comes back he would kill Sasuke so Naruto will just have to get over it. I feel bad for it but I can make up for it after Im done with Sasuke."

Naruto sighed as he went to sleep that night and suprisingly he did not go to where the only true people who cared for him was. Instead he found himself in a white hallway. Naruto looked around and saw a door at the end of the hallway and walked toward it and when he opened the door he was blinded by even more light and then his eyes adjusted and he saw what looked to be somesort of security room or something and he walked inside and looked around and saw a monitor that showed inside the seal and then another monitor that showed what was going on outside of his body. He looked around and a voice behind him said "welcome." making him turn and faint after seeing who was behind him.

A few minutes later he awoke and saw his self standing there but this person was different. This person had kitsune ears and tails and was a little taller then he was.

Naruto asked "Who are you."

The figure smiled and said "Im your inner self. Im the one who convinced you to act like an idiot and I am also the one who has been keeping our dimwitted uncle from blowing the hell out of our body by sending so much chakra into us. I brought you here to tell you I am going to insert into your memory a few jutsu I watched in our memories and that will give you a chance to get more learned. You will know how to do them and what they do but you need to learn them and I also want you to talk to Hakuchan about us learning one handseals. If that damn cyclops does not get his head out of his ass soon we might have to fight him or his little star pupil. One handsigns are different for each person but the seals are the same but the chakra usage is different and it makes the Sharingan useless. I dont know if we will meet agian but go have some fun and make sure you spend some time with Haku outside of the seal and give Zabuza some time out as well." and then the room went black.

Naruto opened his eyes and saw Haku sitting beside him worried as was Zabuza and Kyuubi from his cage. Naruto slowly stood up and said "That was wierd."

Haku asked "What happened. You fell asleep nearly 2 hours ago and you just now got here." worriedly

Naruto got up and said "I met myself as strange as that sounds and he said I was going to get some new jutsu hes been working on in my head and he wants you to teach me one handsigns so that way if I fight a sharingan I have an advantage."

Kyuubi smirked and said "Thats not bad of an idea. If you learn them I can also teach you some of our family jutsu as well since your control is nearly good enough."

Everyone agreed with that and they started to work on it and using the basic henge, Kagebunshin, mizubunshin, replacement, sexy no jutsu which made Zabuza blush and Haku punch him, hidden mist jutsu and suprisingly he was able to make a sheet of ice and adjust it to do what he wanted with a little control and imagination.

The next day when Naruto got up Zabuza had a mission for him as did Haku and Naruto decided to see if Kakashi would help him. He went down stairs early and saw Kakashi reading his book while everyone was asleep.

Naruto decided to get straight to the point and said "Kakashi. I know you dont want to teach me anything but I was wondering if you can help me with one thing I am working on. I know you can summon dogs like you did agianst Zabuza and I want to work on my stealth so I was wondering if you could summon one dog that can talk and understand human and let me work with him today while you work with Sasuke."

Kakashi glanced at him and put his book in his pocket and thought it over and Naruto saw the look that he had and knew what the answer was and said "Forget it. I already know your answer." and walked out of the house.

Kakashi thought "well I was thinking about it but I dont want to use pukun that way since hes the only one I know that would do it." and shrugged his shoulder to reached for his book but it was gone and he started to look for it but could not find it and he was about to go after Naruto when Sasuke came and asked "So what are you going to teach me today."

Kakashi glanced up and said "Stealth. I want you to find and follow Naruto and see if he has my book. If he does I want you to take it back and bring it to me but dont get discovered doing it.

Sasuke nodded and left and Kakashi thought "well this way I can help him get stronger and also keep an eye on naruto. Hes been wierd lately."

Naruto had went into the woods and had started doing his Kata for training with his sword when he felt someone in the woods and Naruto sighed and said "What do you want Teme." making Sasuke flinch.

Sasuke said "Fight me." and jumpled down and got into a fighting stance. Naruto looked at him and did one handseals behind his back and leaned agianst his sword that was still a foot taller then him and said "No." and Sasuke felt his arms go limp on his side as a pair of needles imbedded themselfs in each arm immobilizing them. Naruto turned and said "Have Kakashi take them out or you may lose the ability to use your arms permanetly." and then he melted into a pile of water as did the two clones that were on the side of Sasuke.

Sasuke was pissed and tried to move his arms but was unable to and he could not pull the needles out with his teeth because they were to far away. He had no choice but to goto Kakashi.

Naruto for his part was happy on the inside because it turned out that his inner self was right because sasuke did not notice when he made 3 mizubunshin or when he replaced himself doing one handseals. He decided today he would treat himself so he went deep into the woods and summoned Haku out and set down and said "So lets talk and get to know each other better Hakuchan."

Haku giggled and said "Your still hopeless Narutokun." as she pressed her lips to his shocking him and when she pulled back he was confused as hell.

Naruto asked "Why do you say that."

Haku smiled and said "I know almost everything about you and have already told you my life. You want to know why I agreed to marry you. It was because your kind, caring, understanding, cute, and I feel like you complete me. Lets just sit here and hold each other." as she set down between his legs and leaned back agianst him and he smelled her hair and asked "how is it you scent is that of your real body. I thought for sure it would have been mine."

Haku looked up and said "Who knows my little Kitsune. Who knows, You know I think idiocy runs in your family. Your uncle is the same way sometimes. You should hear him sometimes in there. By the way. I know I am going to be happy on our wedding night." with a blush on her cheek and reached into Naruto pocket and pulled out Kakashi book and Naruto got wide eyed after he realised what she meant and muttered "erohime." making Haku blush even more as she started to read.

Naruto asked "How come you wanted me to make Kakashi book disappear so you could read it."

Haku said "Well, you know how I told you I was a boy. I do that to everyone and I learned if I have a copy of this book with me and read it everyone thinks I am a guy and over time I actually started reading them but I have only read volumes 2 and 5. This is the latest volume number 16. Read it with me." and she leaned back agian and held it where Naruto could read over her shoulder.

Everytime he started to pass out she would stab him with a senbon making him forget about passing out and soon got out of having nosebleeds as well.

When Sasuke got to the house he had to kick the door until someone opened it and it was Inari that opened the door and asked "What happen to you." making everyone look at him and Sakura scream out his name.

Kakashi sighed and said "looks like your stealth failed." as he got up and walked over and looked at Sasuke arms and raised an eyebrow and thought "hes getting pretty good at pressure points."

Kakashi then took them out carefully and said "explain."

Sasuke tried to move his arms and Kakashi said "They wont work for about a day so get talking."

Sasuke just said "The idiot got lucky."

Kakashi chuckled and said "No, hes getting good. To good actually." as he realised how good hes getting. Then to the shock of everyone he left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto was relaxing when he felt Haku stiffen and did a few handsighns and a sheet of ice appeared and Haku dropped the book on it and it disappeared and the ice melted then Naruto felt it. Kakashi was coming and he looked at Haku who had henged into Naruto and pulled out a senbon needle and said "Trust me. I bet he wants to know how your getting so good at pressure points." and she jabbed the senbon in his leg in one of his points and pulled out another needle.

Kakashi arrived a few moments after that and said "Yo." as he looked at Naruto laying on the ground with his back to a tree and a senbon in his leg while another Naruto sat there with another senbon and it drove it into Naruto leg and asked "Can you move your leg now."

Naruto said "No. Thier both numb now." and the Clonehaku pulled them out and said "Let me know when the fox heals it so we can try agian."

Kakashi walked over and kicked the clone dispelling it and missed the pissed look on the real Naruto face as he said "so thats how your getting better at pressure points. Using your body as a test subject since the foxes chakra heals you fast."

Naruto snorts and said "Yeah, Its all I could come up with since I cant get any help with my training." sarcastically.

Kakashi sighed and said "Whats with you all of a sudden and training."

Naruto looked at him and said "Im tired of everyone calling me an idiot because of the fox. Im tired of everyone treating me like a plague. Im tired of being beat to hell. Im tired of doing everything I can and never get any thanks. I saved your life when we first met Zabuza and you gave the credit to Sasuke who was ready to abandon you and run scared. Its bad enough you let Sakura attack me without saying anything to her and you playing favorites withs chichen ass but you wont even lift a finger to try and train me." and then to the shock of Kakashi, Naruto got up and started to walk away ignoring the fact he should not be moving for a day.

Kakashi went to reach for him to stop him when Sasuke came walking up and said "Teach me." causing Kakashi to look at him and away from Naruto.

Kakashi sighed and said "What..." and suddenly Sasuke went up in a puff of smoke making Kakashi realised he was just tricked by a gennin. Kakashi turned to follow Naruto but lost his trail after it left the clearing.

He looked around and thought "what the hell. I did not see him make a kagebunshin and his trail ends here so he has figured a way to trick my senses."

About a mile away from Kakashi Naruto was on the ground panting and thought "damn it. I still cant do that right yet." as the ice mirror melted away behind him. After a few moments he resummoned Haku who mad another small piece of ice and the book fell out of it and she said "I had it hidden in a tree using my ice shushin to take it thier and bring it here." and then they both set down and started reading agian.

The next day the bridge had been finished and team 7 started to leave after saying thier goodbyes and Naruto was busy in his thoughts that he failed to realise as he was walking everyone was watching him do one handsighns with a glossed over look on his face even though he was keeping up with the others and when Sakura went to hit him he acted on instinct and stepped away from her hit never even stopping doing handsigns.

Sakura after 2 hours of this said "Thats it, what are you doing Naruto. Its getting on my nerves." and she had stopped crossing her arms defiently but what happened next shocked everyone as two Naruto appeared and one grabbed sakura from behind while the other grabbed her feet and continued walking even though she was fighting to get free and Naruto still had the glossed over look.

Kakashi raised his covered eye and looked at them and thought "how did he learn to do one handsigns for kagebunshins."

Naruto stopped and said "Well are we going. I need to talk to the Hokage about something." and started walking even faster.

Kakashi said "No, I think we should stop and rest a little while."

Naruto looked at him and said "Fine." as he walked over and started to do slashes into a tree getting his body more use to using such a big sword.

Kakashi said "Naruto, stop training and rest."

Naruto snorts and said "Why, so next time your not around someone can kill me." as he continued to work on it.

Kakashi had a bad feeling and asked "What happened."

Naruto looked at him and said "first." and went back to working on the tree ignoring the looks his two teammates were sending him trying to figure out what he was talking about.

Kakashi realised exactly what he meant and wondered what happened and asked "How did it happen."

Naruto sighed and said "Since I went to find you to see if you would help me with a jutsu and I found you sucking up the uchiha ass over there giving him your personal weights as well as teaching him jutsu I decided to do something productive so I decided I would try and find Gato base and see if I could find anything there to help with my training as well as give the people of wave back thier stuff but when I got there some of the guys we ran off of the bridge were there and they were planning on attacking the village as well as killing Tazuna family while I was at the bridge with Tazuna and Sakura there with Inari and Tsunami. Apparently I was not the only one who noticed you pampering the teme every day. One of the guys turned out to be a former Iwa nin and guess what. With just one look at me I found out who my dad was since I am the spitting image of him minus the whiskers. I see you already knew huh. Chalk up another thing I am pissed at you about. Anyways with my cover blown since my stealth was not good enough I had to fight. Luckily between my Mass Kagebunshin no jutsu and my sword practice I was able to beat them all to a pulp but I wound up killing the Iwa nin. Oh and by the way. In case you have not realised it yet Sharingan Kakashi. This is a Kagebunshin body and I am actually at the gates of Konoha right now. Cya." and he went up in smoke followed by the other two.

Kakashi was wide eyed and said "We move now." and got up and took off through the trees and Sakura and Sasuke both looked at each other before jumping into the trees after him.

At Konoha Naruto walked through town and after he got the info from the Kagebunshin that Kakashi knew who his dad was by the look on his face he decided to have a little revenge as he had 3 kagebunshins out and he had the one of Kakashi pull a hinata immitation in the middle of the road and Sasuke walked over and pulled his mask off and started to kiss though Naruto was not looking and then the sakura clone started to scream "Thats right, Sasuke Uchiha is off the market now as he has fallen in love with his sensie Kakashi. They plan to get married after he makes chunnin." getting the attention of everyone around and a crowd was starting to form and Kakashi and Sasuke after getting at least 75 people to see thier makeout session jumped up on the roof and once out of view went up in smoke. Sakura and Naruto quickly made it away from the gawking crowd and when they got close to the tower naruto recreated Kakashi and Sasuke and continued on thier way.

After they walking into the Hokage office the Hokage looked up from his paperwork and said "So team 7, how was your mission."

Sasuke closed the door and locked it getting a raised eyebrow from the Hokage before they all went up in smoke and the henge Naruto had on covering his new cloths and sword as well and Naruto said "We need to talk old man. I have alot of questions and you have alot of explaining and I came back ahead of my team to get those answers." in a stern voice that was on the edge of pissed.

The third asked "naruto, is that you."

Naruto snorts and said "Yeah, its me. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of Minota Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. By the way. That C-rank was actually an A-rank but we completed it but I made my first kill on the mission but the sharingan dickhead was to busy fucking the Uchiha to pay attention to know that before I had my clones tell him when I was walking through the gates. They should be here this afternoon or tonight sometime. So lets chat."