A quest to find the great god of wild

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Chapter 1. Percy get dragged our of the bed again.

"Argh." Percy was in his cabin half asleep and half mourning. '5 minutes please Annabeth!!' Annabeth and Grover were dragging him off the bed. After 15 minutes they manage to make Percy go to the big house for an argent meeting.

'Morning Percy and thank you Annabeth and Grover for getting him,' Chiron said.'

'Annabeth can you please explain to everyone about the quest?' Chiron requested.

"Of course."

In the room were Grover, Mr. D, Chiron, Annabeth and another satyr called Landy. Annabeth announced 'From what Grover was told from the god of wildness pan, was that he was trapped…,' Percy interrupted.

'Why do I have to go to another freaking quest when is none of my business?'

'You would have known if you didn't interrupt me Percy!' Annabeth yelled and continued.

'Well the place he is trapped is somewhere in the sea of monsters, therefore we will need the help of the son of the sea god.'

'Why can't we ask other sons of the sea god to do it? Grover asked stubbornly.

'Simply because Tyson is busy and I don't really like Cyclopes…'.

Percy interrupts once again 'what do you have against Tyson?? You know that he is different to other Cyclopes!! How many quests do you want to go with him to understand?? Maybe you can get polyphemus help then!!'

Chiron told Percy off ' Percy you know well why can't they get polyphemus and Tyson's help so you should go and that you know more then better to respect Annabeth more then that. Don't forget she was the one who healed you back to yourself 3 years ago when you first came.'

Chiron announced 'Percy, Annabeth and Grover go up now and ask about the prophecy.

They raced up the attic and Grover asked in a exhausted voice' How do we save the great god of wildness pan?' Percy whispered and said to Grover 'you don't have to add the great into it.' Before Grover get to complain the mummy spoke,

'Four shall visit the gray sisters and ask for their destiny'

'A goddess shall send a huntress to help'

'Five will travel with help of the son of the sea god'

'A former friend will block your way and make a fight on a desert island'

'One shall be taken as a prisoner'

'The god of wildness will be found in a freezing place'

'One shall be lost to return the god of wildness'

'An enemy will appear for a fight for a girl'

'A great war shall start and it would be the worst of all.'

They went down silently, all too stunned of what the oracle said 'A great war shall start and it would be the worst of all.' Annabeth murmured the prophecy to Chiron and all of them knew what is will be about. The fight Kronos vs. the gods will start.


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