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Author's note- Yep, another long-fic. And don't worry, Tales of a Traveller is not being abandoned; I posted Chapter 5 not long ago actually and I intend to keep updating it. Besides, chances are this'll only be a few short chapters long anyway. A short long-fic if you know what I mean. The first chapter's just a prologue, which is why it's very short. The other chapters will definitely be longer. Enjoy!


Gray hated farmers. Especially the dark haired, hansome ones that swooped in and stole girlfriends from unsuspecting Blacksmiths. They were the worst.

This same rather depressing thought returned to him day after day as he tried to work out what to do with his time. The problem was that he used to go to the Library, but that was obviously not an option anymore. She'd be there, she always was. She, if you were wondering, was Mary, and given that she was the librarian at said Library, the chances of her not being there were incredibly slim.

Instead, he ended up sat in the Inn , which was a) hardly surprising given that he lived there and b) he had to admit, a little sad. He would usually take a table in the corner, away from the crowds, and hope that today would be the day he could finally let go of his feelings for Mary and move on.

But so far he'd been totally unsuccessful. It was as though every time he tried to concentrate on something else - his friend Cliff's fledgling relationship with Ann, work at the Blacksmiths or whatever - she'd always end up creeping back into his thoughts. Her quiet little laugh, her shy smile, her hair, her eyes - everything about her, really. There wasn't really a part of her he didn't like; he loved every little thing about her. In fact, scratch that, he was in love with her. Simple as that.

Only it wasn't, was it? How could it be, when the only woman he'd ever felt so strongly about, had been married to another man for at least a year now? And Gray just didn't know what had gone wrong. He thought he'd been making progress with Mary, what with his daily trips to the Library, all the talking they did and that picnic they went on in the Summer...he was so sure it was going well. But then along came Jack, with his classic good looks and winning smile and BAM! - they were engaged before Gray had time to look around. It was so sudden and yet even now, entire seasons later, he could barely take it all in. She was gone, Mary - his Mary - was gone.