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Seven Nights

Chapter 1, Fear

The dark was taking over this evening again, in this cold snowy winter. December twenty-seventh was the date when Hinata turned 18 and as any teenager, she should be having a huge birthday party with all her friends around. Mommy and Daddy bringing up the cake and presents, wishing her good life and hoping for all her best effort. But at Hyuga compound, it was dark, cold, few lights were on and nobody ever came for congratulate her, not even her little sister Hanabi. Her father didn't care and her mother was dead long ago, right after Hanabi's birth, since then nothing had been the same.

She lost immediately her only warmth and comfort in her early life and Hinata desperately tried to please her father, her desire for his attention, being acknowledge, but most of all loved and acceptance, but Hiashi was a cold, stern leader of this noble old fashion clan, and all he cared about was the ultimate power. He only loves Hanabi for being strong and hated Hinata for being week and timid. Watching Hinata growing older and more likely her mother, disgust him, he never grieved for his wife's death and had forbid everyone to ever mention her name in the household. And asking him why was unquestionable, Hinata once did and he gave her hard slap and told her to shut up and forget about her mother existence.

Hinata was sitting alone in her room, listen to her favorite band she had got from Kiba and because of the snow storming, she couldn't't go out and visit him or Shino. While the sad music was playing, she decided to get some sleep. Even after twenty minutes, with the soft music playing she still didn't fall asleep. So she turned it off and tried again. One hour later and she still didn't manage to fall sleep, problems on her mind was disturbing her slept.

Everything in this house was so cold, because the Hyuga compound was very cheap with electricity and that's why Hinata always had three huge blankets around her, to warm herself. Suddenly she heard something cracking at her room, Hinata suddenly used her Byakugan, but didn't found anything. Well she probably thought it was just snow storming, so she tried to sleep again and this time, she made it.

While Hinata was sleeping, Neji Hyuga, her older cousin couldn't't sleep after watching his latest movie, well it wasn't just any movie he usually watched with Lee or Tenten, no it was porn movie, he stole from Jiraya, the pervert sannin. Neji always laughed at the women screaming of pain and pleasure, most when it comes to hardcore scenes like bondage and rape scenes. He loved those scenes so much, normal horror movies were so fake compare to the real pain in those brutal porn movies, but most of all he loved watching women being brutalized in any kinds of movies he watch. Neji decided not to wait any longer and sneaked carefully to Hinata's room, while she was asleep, he used his byakugan to make sure she was not awake and slowly opened the door and step inside of Hinata's bedroom.

He felt the cold inside, but tried not to shiver and make any sounds as he looked at her closer. Pale and frozen as she was, she remained quietly and still didn't notice his presence, if she did now she would probably either scream or remain silence. Hinata always feared her cousin, she always found it uncomfortable to be near him, no matter what. His hatred toward her and Main House forced her to become distance. Trying her best not to disturb or anger him, because his mood was nothing to joke about. Neji could be very cold for one moment, and the next burst in wrath.

However this time, Neji decided to get close to her, but only because he had plans for his future and how exactly he planned, nobody knew, not even birds around him. He makes no sound as he found his way closer and closer to her side. Stopping when his thighs brushed the edge of her bed, the soft cloth of the sheets whispering against the harsh fabric of his pants and he suddenly felt stiff. Obsession over pain and pleasure had come to the edge and this time he was tired of just watching those movies and doing hand jobs after this; he wanted desperately do things for real, even if he had to take advantage of some woman.

In months he had searched for any girl, he could think of to kidnap. Claiming her as if she was his favorite toy, but none of them could excite him enough, until one day during the summer, he was out with Lee and a few other guys getting ice cream at the beach. All because their sensei wanted their team to have a little youthful break, as Guy would say. Tenten had join her female friends, including Hinata and they were going somewhere behind the bushes to change from their casual clothes to swimsuits. Neji decided to follow them to make sure that no other males were looking after his cousin, after all it was his duty to protect Hinata, like it or not.

Then when he used his byakugan to check, suddenly he saw Hinata naked. She had just taken off her casual clothes and was putting on her swimsuit. All he saw was her milk shiny body with huge delicate breasts and her curvy legs and at the same time looking so timid and vulnerable, that turned him on. Hinata was definitely perfect for his dream toy! All he did was drool just look while she was moving, talking nervous to other girls about everything. Blushing when Ino comment that Hinata had the cutest pussy. Ino got her head smacked by Sakura for saying that. After the girls finished changing, Neji began to hurry anywhere but there before anyone saw him peeking. He hurried to the male bathroom, so he could jerk off his lustful thoughts of a very naked Hinata. Since then he had become filthy obsessed with her.

He waited to be sure that he would have his perfect private time for taking her . Till he could he observed her. Watching her while she was training outside or walking around inside the house. Everything was going well, according to his plans. He even heard the rumors from other members of the Hyuga Clan. Rumor was that Lord Hiashi was talking to the council about giving Hinata to Neji as his potential wife. This gave him much satisfaction . He knew that her father cared very little about what happened to Hinata. He didn't care since after all she would be his. Neji slowly pulled of the blanket she had covering her. He saw that she was wearing silky pajamas. He actually expected her to wearing something more feminine, but oh well it didn't matter she wouldn't't be wearing them much longer. He began unbuttoning his pants and shirt and threw them on the floor. Slowly unbuttoning her pajama-shirt he saw her soft big breasts bouncing out. He could no longer resist touching her in the most uncomfortable way . While Neji kept taking off her clothes. Hinata started to feel weird and slowly opened her eyes. Noticing now what was going on, Neji suddenly put his right hand over her mouth, before she could let out a sound . Now she noticed that she wasn't alone in her room, although it was very dark, the moon showed her the identity of his face. Hinata stared at her cousin her eyes wide open in fear. No matter how much she wanted to, she could not hide the sheer terror running through every nerve ending in her body.
She felt sick when Neji whispered, "Don't try an scream. Just shut your mouth and be a good girl." His eyes leering up and down to her small body, his left hand slowly, but merciless ran down her neck between the valley of her breast, stomach and to valley between her legs .

Hinata started tried to push him off of her, but his white muscular body was heavier and stronger, he pushed her down. His hand assaulted her naked body, while she let her tears run pleading, "Neji... please don't do this. Please let me go…" Her words cut off as he slapped her face.

"What did I say about talking? Now lie still and let me finish or else..." His hand held her face roughly as he gave her a cold lusty glare." I might punish you..."

"But why?" She cried she felt the stink of his hand slapping her again. "Because from this night, you're mine and no one will object this, not even your father. After all, he wants me to be your husband."

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