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Seven Nights, day 7

Chapter 17 A New Week Begins

The sun grew strong, filtering through the window. Causing Hinata head to move automatically away from the overly bright light. The sounds of footsteps fading in the background. Bringing her to conscious thought.

'Am I dead?' Filtered through her mind. Shifting her shoulder, slowly. She cringed in pain, regretting her decision to move. It felt as if every inch of her body was bruised in some shape or form. The knowledge that her body was registering pain made her doubt her first thoughts that she was dead. The soft warm sheets that wrapped around her body, also causing her doubt that she had passed to the ever after. Her eye lids felt heavy. What ever drug filled her veins called to her to find comfort in sleep.

"No…I have to find Kiba and Shino!' Her mind screamed fighting the exhaustion. Her dry lips parting with a groan as she fought to remain awake. Sudden fear striking her heart. What if they had not made it. She couldn't fathom the world without them. They were the air she of her former sensei and Kakashi. If anything had happened to Kurenai it would be her fault that her son grew up parentless. It was all her fault. All the hell that rained down on them from Neji and the Hyuga clan.

"No!" Hinata moaned. Her body rocked with pain as she struggled to open her eyes and sit up. She had to get out of this place. Find Shino and Kiba.

"Shino…Kiba…no please don't leave me here!" She sobbed. "I can't live with out you!!"

Her mind felt foggy and disoriented. Unable to process, how, she was warm and in a bed of soft sheets. Shouldn't she be bleeding, lying in the freezing cold. A frozen corpse for the wolves to finish off?

'Oh Kami what if I am back at the clan mansion!' Fear clawed at her chest. 'What if I failed to kill Neji…he will…' Her mind couldn't even form the words rape and torture. Yet she could easily picture them in her mind. The memories of the foul hideous things he had done to her, before her lovers saved her. Flashed behind her eye lids.

"No!… NO!" She screamed thrashing against the bed sheets. That had become entangled around her body. Fear making her ignore the pain. That tore through her lithe body like fire. Her heart, thudding against her chest so painfully. She wondered if it would break free and fall to the floor. Forcing her eyes open all she could see was a blurry light and nothing else.

This just could not be happening. If it was true and she was back in the cold walls of the Hyuga compound with Neji waiting to strike. The only men she had ever loved dead . She knew of only one thought. She would take her own life. Be free of the pain and emptiness. Maybe the God's would find mercy in her selfish act and reunite her with the ones she loved in another universe. One that, she would finally find peace in.

Unable to take more, she fell back against the bed. Tears coursing out, from under her closed eyelids. Streaming down her cheek and wetting the pillow under her head.

So lost in aching sorrow she didn't hear the sound of heavy footsteps and a door being thrown open.

"She's awake!" A voice called out.

"Well it's about damn time. I was thinking I would miss sake with Jiraiya… I mean a meeting with an elder." Another voice trailed off after clumsy hiding an obvious lie.

"Hinata can you hear me child?"

Hinata turned, towards the voice but her eyes still remained blurred. Her mind confused and slowed by the medicine racing in her veins. Thought the voice was familiar she could not place it. It could be one of the maids and she knew none of them would save her from her cousin's clutches. When she felt, warm, hands touch her face, she screamed out in pain and fear.

"Don't touch me…don't fucking touch me or I will kill you!" Her body, forcing past the pain to sit up. Her feet moving to hang over the edge of the bed.

"Hinata lay down! Are you insane!" The older voice careened, loudly.

"No! Just kill me. I will not be a slave for this bastard clan anymore!" Her feet finally touching the floor . She tried to stand.

"You killed them…you bastards! " She screamed, broken. Hot tears splashing onto the tiled floor. Taking a step forward. She felt found herself falling. She welcomed the pain of hitting the cold ground. Only to find her body wrapped in warm arms instead of cold ground.

"Hinata your safe Hime." Shino's smooth, deep, voice called out to her. Wrapping around, her like a warm blanket on a cold night.

"What the hell Lady Tsunade! Why the hell did you not tell us she was awake!" Kiba loud, angry, voice filling the room.

"Hinata we're here… your safe Koibito." His head, turning to glare at a shocked and frozen Sakura and a very annoyed Hokage.

"You should have known she would be like this when she woke…scared confused. Shino warned you and yet you threw us out of her room! We know our precious Hime… not you idiots!" Kiba ranted, though he had moved to kneel next to her weakened body. That Shino still held onto protectively and tenderly.

"I would watch that mouth Inuzuka! I am still you're Hokage!"

"Shino…Kiba?" Hinata whispered. Her hand weakly reaching out for them blindly.

"Shhh…. we are right here Hime. You're safe in Konoha…we all are." His hand, taking hers, gently within his. Shino's dark eyes locking with his, in worry and relief.

"Why can she not see?" Shino asked, as he gentle lifted her body. His heart aching, seeing her cringe in pain as he laid her back on the hospital bed.

"Don't go freaking out on me again you two. I have had enough of you two this week. Fussing over every little detail of your fiancée's care. Not to mention your damn ninkin Akamaru trying to sneak in to see Hinata. You two need to realize this is a hospital run by high ranking medics. So stop breathing down our necks. Telling us what Hinata needs and does not need." Tsunade ranted.

"You are damn right we will intrude! Hinata means everything to us…we are going to make sure she is safe and cared for properly. Keeping us out of her room is not what I call proper care…right Shino?" Kiba looked up to see Shino nodding in agreement. Before moving to sit next to Hinata who was blinking blindly.

"Whatever…!" Sakura huffed handing a small bottle to Tsunade.

"These drops should help her vision. Her eyes are just dry and a worn from using her genkai to long. The drops will help but resting will do more. She needs to continue restoring her chakra. " Tsunade leaned over placing a few, cold, drops into Hinata's eyes.

"I'm also going to give you a shot to help with the pain. I swear, child,,, I have never mended so many broken bones in a long time." She smirked. "Okay now blink a few times for me Hinata. "

With a few, blinks the world began to come in focus. Her eyes taking in the white ceiling tiles. Turning her head she looked from one side of her to the other. Smiling as joy filled her soul. As she looked to the faces of the men she loved. One sitting on each side of her.

'Thank Kami-sama you are safe." She whispered weakly. "I thought I had lost you both."

"Nothing a few bandages couldn't take care of ."Kiba chuckled.

"Kurenai and Kakashi?" Hinata asked concerned.

"Don't worry they are both fine." Shino reassured her.

"Yah those two are probably off working on giving her son Yuki a new little brother or sister." Kiba laughed. When Shino sent him a disapproving look, he just laughed harder.

"Oh, please Shino you heard their little profession of love before…" His voice trailing off. Shino sent him a warning glance. Neither wanted to mention Neji's name. They would not chance frightening their injured flower.

"I still can not believe you two managed to keep her alive till help arrived. It is a miracle!" Sakura smiled. "If you two had not continued to force your chakra into her body. She would have been dead on arrival. You are one lucky girl having two men, who love you so much. They risked their own depleting chakra to save you…. I am jealous." Sakura smirked adding the last part under her breath. Causing a small smile to form on Hinata's lips

"I know I am the luckiest woman on earth." Her hand squeezing the larger ones holding hers. The hands of the men she loved.

"I think you have that wrong…our sweet Hime." Shino said.

"He's right beautiful… it is us who are blessed to have you in our lives." Kiba added before leaning in and brushing a soft, kiss on her lips. Followed by a tenderly gentle one from Shino.

"I guess we should let the love birds alone." Sakura laughed.

"Okay.. Jiraiya still owes me a drin…I mean book…I need to borrow a book." Sakura just rolled her eyes.

No one would ever buy that she wanted a book and not a drink.

"Now I expected you to stay in bed for the next week." Tsunade scolded with a motherly smile. "Then I want you three working on wedding plans. I want a wedding in a month!" She grinned. "And don't skimp on the sake for the reception." Muttered under her breath as she closed the door.


The door had barely closed when Hinata found herself enveloped in the arms of her lovers. Even though they tried to be as gentle as possible. She felt the pain of healing bones and bruises. Yet she didn't care, she could suffer a little discomfort to have their loving arms holding her safe. Pulling back, both pairs of dark eyes gazed, down into her pale ones as she lay back on the pillow.

"How…what? "Hinata fought for understanding.

"How…silly Hime." Kiba smirked, brushing a stray strand of hair from her face. "You saved us that's how."

"Kiba's right. I was utterly useless after that last paper bomb went off." Shino smiled down, softly. His hand brushing her soft cheek, tenderly.

"Ah he's being modest. It was my ass you both saved." Kiba smirked, a fanged smile. Leaning over Hinata to nuzzle his nose against Shino's.

"After I fell and you were healing me. Our sexy… bug boy here sent those little flying angels of his. Those wonderful kikaichu to seek help from his clan, knowing they could alert the Hokage."

"Shino…" Hinata whispered softly. Her hand trembling as she lifted it. Laying it against Shino's bandaged cheek, lovingly.

"Kiba is being too modest." Shino replied, a blush growing on his cheeks. One rarely seen on an Aburame.

"He was near deaths door and he still refused to stop giving you his chakra." Shino scolded, halfheartedly.

"What did you expect me to do bug brain? Let the woman of our dreams slip away?" Kiba replied eyeing Shino.

"Of course not, but I could have done it all myself."

"Oh as if… you're ass was just as messed up as mine." Kiba replied with a playful growl. "You past out four times and still kept getting up and giving her your chakra."

"Yah I guess so." Shino smirked, leaning in to kiss Kiba roughly. Pulling away they gazed down at their awed Hime. Her eyes wide at the length they had gone to in saving her life.

"It was so worth it!" Kiba smirked, giving her a long breath taking kiss, Only to be pulled back by Shino.

"I agree with our mutt. It was so very worth it!" Giving Kiba a wink, as his mouth opened to argue with the name mutt. Shino didn't give him a chance as he placed a finger over his lips and then leaned down to take Hinata's lips in a long kiss. Savoring her exotic flavor. Sweeter then honey.

When he pulled away. He quickly grabbed Kiba's shirt, pulling him into another long enticing kiss. Savoring his enticing spicy flavor. How he loved the difference between the two. Both intoxicating and alluring to him.

"I love you both so much." Hinata whispered, softly. Her eyes growing heavy with the pain medication.

"I love you too Koibito." Shino replied, pulling the covers closer to her.

"And you know I love you my Hime." Kiba added, running his hand through her hair soothingly. Hoping she would drift off to sleep with his ministrations.

"Wh…what happened to Neji?" Hinata's exhausted voice. Coming out a mere, breathed, whisper.

"He's dead…you killed him Hinata. Don't you remember?" Shino looked at her. Worry filling his dark, emerald eyes.

"In a way… I wish I didn't remember." She answered weakly.

"Shh…I know you didn't want to kill your cousin but…"Kiba trailed off.

"I had to! If not he would have killed both of you." Her voice rising as she moved to sit up. Shino's arms wrapping around her. Holding her against his chest as she began to sob hysterically.

"Shhh we know sweetheart… we know. There is nothing for you to feel guilty about. He was an evil person. A wanted ninja." Shino cooed, softly, against her ear. Rocking her gently in his arms.

"W…What…about my father and the clan elder? Is it true what Kurenai said?" Her voice, breaking, between sobs.

"Yes, it's all true. The whole nasty lot of them will be going away." Kiba told her. His hand rubbing her back in soothing circles as she lay against Shino's broad chest.

"They will never hurt you my Hime ever again. I promise you! Tsunade has officially left the clan in your hands."

"Maybe this isn't the time." Shino said gently. Worry etched on his forehead.

"No…please…I need to know." Hinata sniffled, brushing her cheeks. Only to have more tears trickle down.

Shino and Kiba exchanged unsure looks.

"Where's my sister?"

"Oh well you see…"Kiba trailed off unsure as Shino sighed heavily.

"What?" Hinata small voice asked. Her pale lavender eyes looking up at Shino's. Tears still filling them.

"I'm sorry Hinata…"Kiba trailed off for a moment. As if his next words would undue, the beautiful, wounded woman in his other lovers arms. Concern flickered across both of their faces.

"Tell me…please." Hinata asked turning to gaze at Kiba. With a heavy sigh Kiba carefully took her from Shino's arms. Holding her against him like a fragile flower petal. Shino's arms moving to envelope them both. They all stayed silent in their joined embrace. Their warmth and love for one another calmed and healed their souls. After a few minutes Shino pulled back. His hands still closed over Kiba's that held Hinata safely against him. Giving Kiba a nod of encouragement as he once again sighed heavily.

"Hime…your sister tried to kill Lee and Tenten. Apparently she was working with Neji."

"Wha…what…" Hinata gasped.

"I'm afraid it's true Koibito." Shino added. "Do not fret she did not harm either of them."

"I…I knew she disliked me but…." Hinata trailed off sadly. Before her heart overflowed with grief she found herself laid gently on the bed. Her eyes fluttering closed as she was once again surrounded by Kiba and Shino's embrace.

She fell asleep breathing in their love. Their love heal her heart. Erasing the cruelty of her former family. For this was her new family.

The Hyuga clan was no more. Not in this way. It was time for a new chapter to open for Konoha. Time for a new clan. One filled with love, hope, and serenity.



Koishii…Beloved, yearned for



Kami or Kami-sama…God