Fragile Heart


She sat back, her wrist resting on the table where a bowl of porridge lay. The boy in front of her gurgled, reaching out for the food. Lily gave him another spoonful as James bit into his toast. She smiled at her husband lightly. James blew a kiss to both her and the boy. Lily made a big deal of catching the kiss from across the table and then planting it on their child's cheek.

Lily had gone into labour at around midnight on the thirtieth of June and their son had been born in the early hours of the following morning. Harry James Potter was two days younger than Alice and Frank's son, Neville. He had inherited his father's build and hair; the only obvious feature from his mother was her green, almond shape eyes. He was sweet, with his mother's personality. Both her fairness, strictness and also her harsh temper.

The other Marauders loved the boy too. Sirius was the boy's godfather. Remus and Peter loved spending time with him too. He was a light in the continuing war for his entire family.

It was later that day that Lily had gone to bathe Harry and James was sitting in the living room. There was a tapping on the glass of the window. He strode over and opened it to a large, auburn-brown owl. He gently untied the letter and parcel, before watching it fly off. He opened the letter, placed the parcel beneath the letter and sat on one sofa to read it.

Dear James,

I am not writing to suggest a secret rendezvous or to lure you away from your wife. I write to hope you and your family are well, and to send you a present. I wish you to give this to your son, so that he knows there was another woman that loved him before he married his mother.

Life is so much simpler since the fateful day when your true feelings for Lily came to light. Even now that day brings tears to my eyes. But I know I must be brave. I was bitter for so long afterwards but I eventually moved on. I realised you deserved to be happy, and I now know I could never give you that. I know she is good for you, and though I wish I had known before, I do not regret or resent what has happened between you, me and Lily. Though even now, my sister suggests that I should not even try to contact you. My family are terribly cynical at what happened. Though perhaps it is just the over-protectiveness of relatives.

Once I'd moved on, I found new romance. I hope now that no secret lovers will appear in this relationship. I often have to wonder how things would be if we had married. If you had not met Lily years after or if she had not called out at the service? If you had not married her.

I don't ask you for answers of the events before the wedding day or that you even reply. All I ask is for you to pass this small gift onto your child.

With greatest love,

Your Stella. x x

He sat well into the afternoon, wondering whether to reply. Even when he sat with his son and wife in the sitting room, he pondered this and her words in his mind.

Harry never got the present from his father's ex-fiancé. That Halloween a force that the Potters couldn't possibly contend with appeared. The present lay in the wreckage of the cottage in Godrics Hollow. Harry would not return to it for sixteen years, but then that's another story.