Welcome to the revised version of A Nobody's Guardian, my crazy Harry Potter/Kingdom crossover story. I added some info, some scenes, and other stuff like that. The song Hermione and Namine sing is the series Mai Hime/Otome and is called Hoshi Ga Kanaderu Monogatari, which is beautifully covered by katethegreat19 and Daydreamgirl. http:/ www. youtube. com/ watch?v=l0Zg4Eh6YHQ (this is the link to their amazing video, without the spaces, of course.)

Summary: Sixth year prefect Hermione Granger is troubled by a voice of a girl asking for her help. When Voldemort suddenly attacks and send her to a fortress between worlds known as Castle Oblivion, where she meets a lonely and powerful witch named Namine with the strange power over memories. She becomes Namine's guardian after seeing how the members of the mysterious Organization XIII hurt and abuse Namine for her powers as well as a wielder of the mysteriously powerful Keyblade. But will being a guardian of a person with power over memories cost her own memories? Or, like Namine, will she become a servant to the Organization?

Pairings: Riku x Hermione, Harry x Hermione, Sora x Namine

Disclaimers: Kingdom Hearts belong to Square-Enix, Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling


Ever felt you needed to protect someone you never met before, but felt really important to you? Had the feeling of wanting to be near that person to comfort them in the darkest time? That's how one Gryffindor student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry felt, sixth year prefect Hermione Granger felt like that the whole day. Actually she had the sort of feeling for the whole week, but didn't know why. She felt great it was a Saturday, or else she would be in trouble. The entire week she felt like someone was calling out for her help, and it sounded a girl's s voice calling out. But why would a girl be calling out to her, why only her? What did she have that could help the girl? Hermione sighed, pushing back the bangs of her hair, as she leaned against the bark of the tree she was sitting under.

She was sitting under an oak tree, sketching, one of her unknown hobbies. Ever since she was little, she'd always like to sketch, she just didn't know why but when she didn't want to read a book, she'd start sketching. Usually she'd draw Harry sleeping or doing a chore from the Dursleys, but she never knew who she was drawing. Now she was drawing a girl in a simple white dress and sandals, in the girl's hands was a sketchbook like her own. Her head was down, on either side of her was a shadow, the shadow on the left had a scythe and the shadow on the right had daggers. The shadow with the scythe resembled a man with long hair, while the shadow with the daggers resembled a woman with feelers on her head. Hermione sighed and stared at the sketch.

Hermione ran a hand through her cut dark brown hair, it was no longer long or wavy, it just touched her shoulders now, in a most coolest manner, the back stuck out everywhere. Her deep chocolate brown eyes, usually filled with happiness and cheer, looked at the new drawn sketch, she felt like she should protect the girl, if she was real. In a way, Hermione felt as though the girl was real, as well as the people in the background. Something just told her that they were real.

During the week, Harry had been training Dumbledore's Army if Voldemort were to attack unexpectedly; Hermione was so busy, that she didn't have time to sketch. Getting up, she walked back to the school. As she walked, Hermione noticed something in the air, it was a white feather. It didn't look like an owl feather or any other feather, it was much smaller. Holding out her hand, Hermione grabbed the feather. She stared at the feather, looking up at the sky, and sighed, but before she left, she turned and saw someone. Hermione gasped, it was the girl from her sketch, though she looked transparent, the wind was still blowing through her hair. The two of them stared at each other as the wind blew, the girl opened her mouth and began to sing, "Mezame wo matsu kuni no mukashi no hanashi. Sasagemasho mune ni yadoru hikari….. Hoshi ni narukibou ashita ga mieru ai suru hito yo. Mattete okure…"

As she sang, the girl had walked up to her and grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers. Hermione calmly gazed into her sad-looking eyes, and began to sing as well, "Kokoro no mado ni tatsu sadame no yokogao. Tomoshimashou yume wo mamoru hikari. Hoshi wa tada hitori erade to tsugeru ai suru hito ga. Watashi wo yobeba kawaru….." Hermione had laid her forehead upon the girl's, who was now crying for some reason. The people who were around Hermione stared in awe, somehow they could also see the girl and listened to them sing. Hermione closed her eyes as well, ignoring everyone around her.

"Uruwashiku tachimau kegare naki hane." She softly sang.

"Seoimashou miko no….." Hermione sang, then the two of them began to sing together, "Inochi no hikari…. Hoshi ni naru tame ni umarete wa naranu ai suru hito ni. Dakarete nemure…" By the time the two of them finished, Hermione wrapped her arms around the girl, who suddenly disappeared with the softest blow of the wind. She looked down at her hands, which only contained the feather and her sketchbook. The people watching slowly began to depart from the scene.

Tightly holding the feather in her hand, Hermione continued back to Hogwarts, once she had entered her room and put her sketchbook away. Being a school prefect, Hermione had her own room and only she allowed Harry and Ron into her. As Hermione examined the feather in her hand, her door opened wide and Ron Weasley came in, shouting, "Hermione! Voldemort is here, with some Death Eaters!"

Nodding, Hermione grabbed her wand and ran with Ron to the Great Hall, the feather still tightly clutched in her hand. An out battle was going on in the Great Hall; lots of the students from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff were fighting many black robes figures. A boy with short messy raven black hair and emerald green eyes was leading the students.

"Harry, mate!" Ron shouted, running with Hermione to him.

"Hey, guys!" Harry Potter shouted back, dodging an attack.

The battle want on for a while, almost all the Death Eaters were gone, but someone screamed as Voldemort quickly grabbed someone. It was Hermione, Harry was raging with angry, Voldemort held his arm around her neck, his wand pointed at her neck.

The feather was still in her hand, but she was lightly loosely her grip on it. Hermione looked at Harry; their eyes met for one last time, the world around her went in slow motion as Voldemort uttered a cruse on her. A blue light engulfed around her and she disappeared.

"Hermione, no!" Harry shouted, wanting to run to her, but Ron grabbed him. The blue light that engulfed Hermione became so bright that it became blinding.

After the battle, Harry went to Hermione's room and found her sketchbook. Looking through it, he noticed most of her sketches of him, but the last one he got confused. A girl scared of two shadows in the background, who was she and what did the shadows mean? He sighed and closed the sketchbook, "So, when can I come back to you?" He returned to the figure that appeared behind him.

Marluxia smiled at a girl with shoulder length blond hair, who was kneeling at him, she wore a simple sleeveless white dress and blue sandals. It seemed like she was shaking at the sight of him, slowly, she looked up at him with bright sea blue eyes.

"When the Key Bearer comes, rearrange his memory," the Assassin said.

The girl only nodded, tightly holding a sketchbook to her chest, she walked to the next room, which only had a single chair and a long table in the center. She sighed, as soon as she reached the chair, a blue light appeared. Falling from it was an older girl, with shoulder length dark brown hair and deep chocolate brown eyes.

She looked at the girl; who could see the feather in the girl's hand. They stared at each other for a long time, when the dark brown haired girl asked.

"Who are you?" she asked.

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