And then amidst a cloud of hazy nights and electric guitar, those glimmering black eyes don't sparkle as they did. You seem to have lost that familiar glory. Is this April, this nervous, thin girl who will not speak to you? You wonder where the laugh went, why she won't whisper throatily in your ear as she once did.

The bubble bursts and suddenly that magnificently addictive cocktail swirls down the mouldy bathroom sink, along with her blood and the rough soap that chafes your musician's hands. The songs have stopped, leaving you only with an echoing tinnitus that tells the story of that year that seemed only a minute long. Your heart thuds and you think of that which runs through your body, disease and imperfection. You hate both, wanting to kill it, kill this monster who has spoiled your music.

Benny is gone and Mark is still here, timidly offering suggestions that you will not take. All you want is another piece of magic, another shot of glory that you inject into your veins. Glory that can bring you up to her, away from everyone down below in that miserable, dirty world that can't taste electricity the way you have. But you will not have wonder until she is with you again, ready to dream and rule the universe once again.

How is the question that goes unanswered, interrupted only by the annoying belch of the phone that you will ignore forever. And Mark shuts himself away from you, as far as he can go because he is afraid of you as he was before, not that you could notice anything but your gorgeous April.

Wishes and dreams you don't want to wake from take the forefront of your mind, running away from the painful starts of withdrawal. Withdrawal from your beloved and the shiny needles that clink when you move your worn backpacks. An ache takes over you in every way, but this pain, this physical discomfort is one thousand times better than the thoughts that nip you towards her, towards the past and the future you know you can't face.

Your crescendo was reached, your spectacular cadence still glowing from afar and now comes the ride back down, all played in the minor key.