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Fullmetal Alchemist: Dante's Last Stand

Chapter 1: Envy

It was dark.

It was raining.

Shadows flickered from an unknown light source. Alphonse could see nothing in front of him, behind him, yet he knew exactly where he was, and knew the location of each smashed building that flew passed as he ran at top speed down the cobble-stone street. Rain pelted his face, and behind him the shadows grew...

" Brother! " He screamed as loud as he could, wishing his sibling would hear, but only echoes of his cry replied, bouncing off invisible walls. Behind him another set of footsteps pounded. " Brother, help me! " He yelled again, but again there was only emptiness... A cackling laughter filled his ears, vibrating of the buildings to hit him from every direction. It sounded unnatural, yet so familiar...

" Brother! Brother! " Rain pelted down harder, dripping off his face. Or was he crying? Alphonse couldn't tell. His eyes stung and he gasped for breath. He didn't know what was chasing him, but he knew he needed to get away. It was going to kill him... His footsteps seemed so loud, the only sound that filled his ears. Even the rain was silent.

Ahead of him, Alphonse caught sight of a beam of light, a street-lamp. underneath it was a phone booth. It seemed to glow under the light, and it appeared not to be raining there.. Alphonse picked up his pace and soon reached the phone booth. Only when he entered the light of the street-lamp did he dare to turn and look back. It was pitch black. Like there had never been any buildings, like it had not been raining, but Alphonse knew it had. He had felt it. Though for all he knew he might as well have been standing on a patch of lit earth, floating in some abyss.. The darkness seemed to creep closer, and the second pair of footsteps grew louder.

Fearfully, Alphonse tore open the phone booth's door, pushing himself inside and slamming the door behind him. Instantly the ground outside vanished. The street-lamp was gone, but still the inside of the booth was swathed in a soft, yellow light. Suddenly there was a thump on the outside. The glass rattled, like something had struck it, but Alphonse could see nothing.

Shaking, he turned on the spot and snatched up the phone. Why was he picking it up..? Putting it to his ear, he could hear a dial tone. Who should I call..? He thought.


Alphonse began punching numbers into the phone. Wait... He thought suddenly. Brother doesn't have a number.. Outside there was another thump. He felt his body shiver more violently. What is out there? He shouted to himself. What am I so afraid of? Suddenly the dial tone of the phone died. Alphonse's eyes widened.

" Brother... " He uttered. " Brother! " There was one final thump, then suddenly the glass exploded, shattering into a million pieces and pelting Alphonse from all directions. He could feel the glass cutting into his flesh, he could feel warm liquid flowing down his skin.. But he felt no pain.. Dropping the phone, Alphonse screwed his eyes shut, not willing to see the thing that had no doubt reached him. The thing that made him quake with fear, yet he had never seen.

" Alphonse. " A familiar voice cooed. Brother! Alphonse's eyes snapped open as he stared in the direction of the familiar voice, the best voice.

" Broth- " He began, but he cut himself short. Sure enough, standing in front of him was his only brother, Edward. It looked like Edward, it sounded like Edward. But the look in those familiar golden eyes..

" What's the matter, Alphonse? " His brother taunted in his familiar voice, yet the tone was nothing Alphonse knew. He stared directly at Edward. The usual cocky smirk Alphonse had seen on his brother so many times before had warped into a sickening sneer, the light emanating from the phone booth lighting up his body, lighting up his automail arm, which had been transmuted into a long, pointed sword that dripped with blood. Alphonse's blood...

" Aren't you glad to see your only brother? "

That thing...

Ed... Edward...

That's NOT my brother!!

" Al.. Al! " A voice rang in his ears. Edward's voice. Everything was black.. Alphonse quickly realised that his eyes were closed.

" Al!" His brother cried again. Drowsy, Alphonse opened his eyes a crack. Edward's face loomed over him, contorted in a worried frown. Alphonse became aware that his brothers hands were clutching his shoulders. His left shoulder was ice cold.. Brothers automail.. Edward still had the automail Winry had given him in his brief stay in Amestris. It was still in relatively good condition.

" Huhh..." He groaned. Edward's frown softened as he sighed.

" Al, you were having a nightmare. " Edward informed. Alphonse shifted his body slightly. He was sprawled in an uncomfortable position on the bed, as if he had flailed in his sleep, the blanket knocked onto the floor. All Al was wearing was boxer shorts and a singlet, and he felt extremely cold.

" Ahhh.. " He groaned again, sitting up and holding his head. Still foggy, he looked around the room. There was barely any furniture, just a round table, a small cupboard, and his and Edward's bed. They were in the hotel they had booked into two days ago. In front of him knelt his brother, older by one year, still staring at him with a confused gaze. " I'm all right. " Alphonse uttered, yawning. Edward was also only clothed in boxers and a short-sleeved, black shirt, and his fringe jutted out in all directions, suggesting that his brother had leaped out of his own bed only moments before to rouse him.

" Are you sure? " Edward asked. " You were calling out in your sleep! You kept saying 'Brother'.." His expression instantly changed back to concerned, and his eyes gleamed with worry. " What were you dreaming about? "

" Nothing incriminating. " Alphonse replied, yawning. Through his partially open eyes he saw his brother smirk.

" Fair enough. " Ed muttered. " Hurry up and wake up, a big day today! " Edward smiled at the last part, but his voice was dull. Both of them didn't look forward to today. But they had no choice.. This duty had been there since Alphonse had followed his brother to Earth three years ago. Edward climbed off Alphonse's bed, running his fingers through his long blonde fringe in an attempt to smooth it.

" Brother, " Al sighed, " Just brush your hair. " Though as he said this he too ran his fingers through his dirt blonde hair, smoothing it down.

" Your doing the same thing! " Edward pointed. Though Alphonse expected the blame game.

" Yes, but my hair is shorter! " Alphonse argued. " I get away with it. " Indeed his hair was shorter. Alphonse's hair was cut right back so it sat neatly on top of his head. Only his fringe, which wasn't much longer, got messy. Edward's hair however reached down to his middle back, and his fringe reached right down to his chin.

" So you think! " Edward quickly retorted. His words sounded harsh, but Alphonse knew without looking that his brother had a grin plastered on his face. Edward always tried to stir his brother up, and when he succeeded he would always get clobbered, but most of the time Edward's words just bounced off. Even after three years of being together, the loneliness of that two years of being apart never disappeared. Somehow, Alphonse knew that Edward had felt it too. Edward rarely ever left his brothers side.

Not getting a reply, Edward moved towards his clothes, which were thrown messily onto the table next to Alphonse's folded ones. " Hurry up and get dressed, I'm hungry. " He uttered. Alphonse stood up, almost tripping on the blanket which had somehow wrapped itself around his feet. He untangled himself and pulled the blanket back onto the bed. By the time he was done Edward had already pulled his pants on and was now struggling with his shirt.

" You missed a button, Brother. " Alphonse pointed out casually as he grabbed his own clothes. He got a grunt as a reply. Sure enough Edward was already annoyed with it and was afraid of snapping at Alphonse if he spoke. The brothers had decided only a week ago that searching for the atom bomb was useless. They had discovered that the bomb was already going to be built, and that the Earth scientists had discovered it themselves. It will be a devastating weapon, but they decided to give up on it, for now at least. There was still something else they needed to do.

Ten minutes later they were both fully clothed, each wearing a white, button-up shirt and a brown overcoat with black pants, vest, and white gloves. Edward grabbed his worn leather wallet from inside the cupboard and jammed it into a front pocket, tossing Al the hotel key. Then, carefully, he pulled out a box wrapped in a dull brown cloth. Alphonse knew what was inside the box. It was what Edward had been making for the last two days, the thing that would help them finish their goal.

" I think we should try and kill Envy. " His brother had said one day. " Envy is the reason why the Gate to Amestris opened, mainly, so maybe if we killed him the Gate would close? "

" But Brother, " Al had protested, " Wasn't Envy sucked into the Gate? "

" Yes, and no. " Edward answered. " Envy would have gone into the Gate, yes, but in order for it to stay open he would need to still be there to make the transmutation circle. "

" I don't follow.. " Alphonse sighed.

" Look, " Edward grinned, " Part of him, at least, would still have to be on the outside, here. The other part would have been sucked into the Gate as the human sacrifice, but since Dad had also used himself to open the gate it was enough to activate it. Envy would be in Limbo, neither here, neither there. You could say, frozen in time. "

" So you think his body is still here? " Alphonse replied. " But I didn't see it.. "

"I know, " Edward replied, " That's the problem. He's probably still there, holding the Gate open, but we can't see him any more. "

" But how do we kill something we can't see? "

" We blow it up. " His brother replied with a twisted smirk.

The box Edward held was filled with bombs.

" Are you sure you know what your doing..? " Alphonse whispered to him. His voice, while murmured, sounded loud against the silence of the night.

" Shhh! " Edward hushed his brother. Peering around a thick tree trunk, he watched two guards round a corner and disappear from sight. Edward clutched the box of bombs tightly. He could feel Alphonse's breath down his neck as his brother strained to see passed. " See any guards? " Edward whispered.

" You told me to shoosh! " Alphonse whispered back, sounding annoyed.

" You were talking too loudly! " Edward retorted, raising his voice a little. Instantly Alphonse slapped his hand over Ed's mouth and yanked him back. Two guards walked passed, chatting happily to each other. Edward stared at what had almost been a disaster.

"Brother, you retard! " Alphonse murmured, letting go of his face.

The two were now outside the Thule Society building. Edward remembered it from when he had snuck in three years ago. No doubt they would have replaced the window he broke..

" Now. " He whispered to Alphonse. The two brothers dashed away from the tree and down the side of the building, relying on nearby shrubs for cover. Edward spotted shadows coming from around the corner, and the two dived into the shrubs. Moments later two more guards walked passed.

" It is way more guarded than the last time I was here.. " Edward sighed.

" There, Brother! " Al murmured back. He was pointing to an unopened window. No guards were visible. Passing the box to Al, Edward dashed out of the safety of the shrubs, moving swiftly over to the window. Peering inside, he could barely see into the slightly illuminated hallway. There were no guards, but there might be some patrolling the area... Using his right hand, Edward punched the glass, the glove stifling the sound slightly as it broke. Instantly Edward jumped backwards and dived back into the bushes. Once no guards came to investigate, the two decided it was safe. Edward leading, they climbed through the window.

Once Alphonse was through Edward released his breath. At least I didn't cut myself again. He thought. He wasn't in the same hallway as last time. He glanced at each end, trying to decide which path to take.

" We have to get moving, brother. " Alphonse whispered, still cradling the box. " The guards will notice the window soon, and will come after us. "

" Right. " Edward nodded. He began walking left, the corner of the hallway closer than the right. Silently Alphonse followed.

Eventually after passing many doors, all of which neither were confident of opening, they came to a large double door at the other end of a large, empty room. In the dim light it was hard to make it out, but the door was covered in exotic patterns, many of which resembled a serpent and dragon.

" This must be it. " Edward whispered. Not waiting for a reply, Edward pulled at the doors. One seemed to be stuck, but the other creaked open loudly. In the corner of his eye, Edward saw Alphonse flinch. Ed peaked through the gap, but inside was pitch black. He yanked the door open wider, again making a loud creaking noise.

" Brother... " Alphonse murmured, sounding worried. Ignoring him, Edward pulled the door open a bit wider. It was now wide enough for them both to slip through. In the distance an orange pinprick of light could be seen.

" I think we found it. " Edward grinned. He slipped through the gap into the wide space. Alphonse slipped through right behind him, closing the door as he did. It make a loud thunk as it shut, again causing Alphonse to flinch.

" If anyone had heard it they'd be here by now. " Edward assured his brother. Alphonse nodded. The two began walking along the wide hallway. It was clearly built so that large numbers of people could walk through it at once. Like the soldiers that woman Dietlinde Eckhart sent to our world three years ago. Edward noted. Soon they came to the end of the hallway. It opened up into a very large room, cement columns marking a circle around the room. A faded transmutation circle still remained on the floor. Edward heard Alphonse gasp. This was the first time they had seen this place in so long. It looked like it hadn't been touched since that day Eckhart tried to invade Amestris. The flying machine she had arrived in still lay, smashed, on the floor in the corner, damaging some of the columns. Work benches and complicated machinery still covered the edges of the room. A large space underneath the still active Gate, which shone an eery orange, remained clear, excluding various rubble scattered on the floor. The only notable mark was an old, faded, red stain on the ground near the flying machine, and a large, faded, red stain to their left, beneath where Envy's head had been.

Edward walked over to the smaller stain, staring at it with glazed eyes. Alfons.. He thought. Edward could remember the time they had spent researching rocket fuel, rocket designs.. He could remember attending Alfons's funeral... He had his brother back, then.. Alfons had sacrificed his life to help Edward, even though Alfons might not have believed him...

Vaguely he heard Alphonse walk up beside him. His little brother stood silently with one arm on his shoulder as they stared at the stain. Those monsters... Edward thought angrily. Alphonse tugged at his shoulder. Reluctantly he looked away, only to spot the larger red stain. That one was Dad.. He thought miserably. Alphonse had spotted it too, and was also staring at it. His brother had not seen their fathers death, luckily. But he looked so unhappy when Edward told him what had happened.. It was the same look Edward had when Al had told him of their Masters fate.

" I don't see Envy.. " Alphonse's voice broke Edward's train of thought. He looked up, and sure enough there was no serpent at the edges of the Gate.

" Look closely. " Edward replied. Though he was beginning to worry. What if he had been wrong? Had they gone through all that effort for nothing..? Still staring at the ceiling, Edward began to walk along the inside of the columns, dodging machinery as he went. Alphonse moved the other way, and eventually they were on opposite sides of the room. Though still they could see no serpent.

" Want me to try throwing a bomb up there? " Alphonse called to him from the other end.

" Lets wait until we know what we're doing before we call attention to ourselves! " Edward shouted back. He looked back up. A slight flux in light caught his eye above the column where he stood. The red blood stain of his father was nearby. Edward watched the area above it, where Envy's head would have been.

" Envy! " Edward shouted.

" Brother, what are you doing? " Alphonse yelled. But Edward ignored him. He had seen the flux again.

" Al, did you see that? " He shouted.

" See what? " Was his brothers reply.

" Look! " Edward pointed. He had seen the quiver in light again. It seemed to appear every time they made a noise. " Envy! " This time there was a momentary flash of green in the corner of Edward's eye, somewhere above Alphonse, who was now jogging over to his brother.

" I see it. " Alphonse stated when he reached Ed.

" I think we have our target. " Edward grinned. Alphonse pulled the cloth off the box, revealing 5 or 6 makeshift bombs, each one wrapped in the same cloth to hold it together and keep it protected. Edward picked one up, gripping it tightly in his metal hand.

" Don't squeeze it, Brother. " Alphonse warned.

" I know, I know. " Edward replied. He stared at the spot where he'd seen the light quiver. " Stand back, Al. " He warned as he took a few steps back for better aim. Edward paused for a moment, then pressed the button on top of the bomb. With a heave he tossed it into the air towards where Envy's head would be. For a few long seconds the bomb merely sailed through the air towards the seemingly empty columns. But suddenly the timer ran out and a loud, deafening boom rattled their eardrums and the ground around them, causing the entire building to shake. But that wasn't the only noise..

" Aww man, they know we're here now! " Alphonse fretted. But his worries were not long lived when something else caught the brothers' attention. A loud, throaty roar had filled the room. All around them on the top of the columns the air shimmered, flashes of green catching their eye. The Gate also fluctuated, it's pull strengthening to the point that some of the smaller machinery and work benches were dragged in.

" Hang on, Al! " Edward shouted over the noise. Though there was nothing to hang on to. All the brothers could do was dig their feet into the ground and hope it was enough. The roaring picked up, and suddenly Envy's entire body was visible. The great serpent moved it's head and stared down at the brothers, hate and anger filling it's eyes.

" Edward Elric! " Envy growled in a throaty voice.

" Envy. " Edward mumbled, staring up at the great serpent. Upon hearing his voice, Envy twisted in rage.

" Why have YOU come back?! " Envy snapped. He still twisted violently, but it was obvious he could not get free, not with the spears sticking into his flesh from when he was captured.

" We need to close the gate. " Edward replied. He had picked up another bomb and was now bouncing it in his left hand. He stared at Envy's dull, purple eyes, which moved from him to the box in Alphonse's hands.

" So, you plan to kill me.. " Envy snarled. The edges of his mouth twitched, as if attempting to smile. His eyes grew wide, swirling with hate, and suddenly his entire body jerked violently. There was a terrible tearing sound as Envy wrenched part of his body off the top of the columns high up near the ceiling. His tail flailed wildly as he tried to reach the brothers, but they were too far down. He writhed in anger. Roaring loudly, Envy struggled to free his head.

" Al, go jam the door with something! " Edward ordered his brother. " This might take a while, we don't need to put anyone in danger. " Alphonse nodded. He handed the box to Edward and ran towards the door, scanning the area as he went. Edward placed the box on the ground at his feet. " Say good bye, Envy! " He muttered as he raised his arm, and after pressing the button on the top he heaved the bomb into the air, aimed at Envy's head. The bomb sailed up, up, and just before it reached Envy's head it exploded.

Another shockwave rattled the entire building and shook the floor, almost causing Edward to lose his balance. Envy shrieked in pain, and splatters of blood dripped down on top of him. The bomb had struck him on the neck underneath the fin on the side of his head. Envy thrashed around from the pain, freeing a bit more of himself as he did. Next to Envy the Gate fluctuated violently, the rushing air current it created almost lifting Edward off his feet. His coat flew up, held down only by the sleeves, flailing in the air as wildly as his hair.

" You-! " Envy roared.

" We've got company! " Alphonse yelled from somewhere behind him. Above the noise that Envy created Edward could hear a feint pounding sound, and peoples voices. Daring to glance back he could see that Alphonse had dragged a relatively large piece of machinery in front of the door at the end of the hallway. It was nothing that could be dislodged easily. Now his brother was running back to him, his coat flapping around his body from the pull of the gate. Champion! Edward thought. Above him Envy writhed again, and again the Gate's pull worsened. The box of bombs spun around and flew up into the air, Edward barely managing to catch it and place his hand over the top to stop the bombs from flying out. Now Envy's head was free enough that he could reach Edward..

" Die, Edward Elric! " Envy roared as he launched his "upper body" at Edward. Ed dodged left, barely missing Envy's jaws, but immediately the serpent twisted, ramming Edward and knocking him into one of the columns. Faintly he heard himself cry out as his head swam. He collapsed at the base of the column, dropping the box of bombs. Now with nothing to hold them down, the box flew into the air from the pull of the Gate. The bombs tumbled out, but luckily they weren't thrown everywhere. Just up, towards Envy's head. Spotting them, Envy rose into the air in an attempt to get away.

" Bro-! " He faintly heard Alphonse yell, but the rest was cut off by an incredibly loud explosion, louder than any of the single bombs from before. They had all struck envy, and it only took one to go off to blow up the rest. It was all in slow motion.. He watched as Alphonse flew backwards from the force of the blast, slamming into the ground a fair distance away. He watched as through the smoke caused by the explosion Envy writhed and roared. But suddenly the column that had stopped him from flying any further snapped at the base, and both it and him were hurled backwards, slamming into the wall. The world around Edward spun, his hearing wavered, and just as suddenly as he had landed, the world swirled to black.

" Aaaaaaaauuughhhh! " Envy shrieked. His entire head, and most of his body around it, tore and stung horrendously from the blast. He could feel his blood oozing down his skin, splattering everywhere. The smoke stung his eyes and he blinked rapidly to clear them. Slowly the smoke cleared, and from above Envy could finally see the situation. The first thing he saw was the unconscious Edward Elric, collapsed near the wall and covered in rubble. On the other side of the room he could see the runt's brother, sprawled out on the floor. Though this one was moving. It seemed neither, though, were up to fighting.

" Kukuhuhahahahaha!" Envy laughed, ignoring the searing pain from his torn body. Which one should I take out first!? He thought gleefully. The Fullmetal Pipsqueek, or his brother? Envy pulled his lips back in a snarl. It was the closest he could come to a sneer in the serpent body he had gotten himself stuck in five years ago. Below him the boy called Alphonse crawled to his feet. Though he seemed incapable of doing much else, being too busy staring at the limp body of his brother. His only brother. The rage in Envy rose, and all that filled his mind was vengeance.

" Wake up, Fullmetal! " He roared at the unconscious Edward. " I want you to see this! " Immediately he threw himself towards the ground, towards the runts brother. Alphonse had spotted him, and was now raising his arms in defence. Envy let out a final roar before slamming face first into the ground, right on top of Alphonse. He closed his jaws, tearing up the floor, and pulled up again, spitting it into the air. He's finished! Envy laughed. Though a movement out of the corner of his eyes made him look back down to the hole in the ground he had just caused.

" Hhhheeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuurr! " Envy roared in fury. Looking down, he watched as the Pipsqueek's brother dashed nimbly away from the hole, keeping Envy in his view. I missed! Envy snarled. The little bastard is faster than I thought! Growling, Envy dived for Alphonse again. This time he didn't smash himself into the floor. Just before he hit the ground Envy pulled his head up. Skimming just above the floor he soared towards Alphonse. Though again he missed the boy, who dodged right just at the last second. Envy roared passed and pulled himself to a stop. Again he rose into the air. He watched as the boy took the opportunity to run over to Edward, crouching down and shaking him in an attempt to wake his brother.

Envy twisted his body. Only now did he realize that almost all of his long serpent body was free, excluding a section near the end where one yellow spear remained. All the others had been broken in the explosion. Now above him, the Gate fluctuated more violently than ever. It would shrink to almost completely closed, then would grow to wider than normal. The flow of air constantly changed, lifting the heaviest of the Earth Humans machinery into the air and then dropping it back down. Every few seconds Envy could see Alphonse being pulled up and yanked back from the suction, struggling desperately to stay down. Edward, pressed onto the ground, didn't seem to be too affected, though his coat still flapped as much as Alphonse's. Envy watched them in mild amusement.

Suddenly Envy saw Edward twitch. He saw the filthy gold that was the pipsqueek's eyes as Edward woke, looking up at his little brother. He heard every word that passed between them.

" Al... " Edward mumbled.

" Brother! " Alphonse cried, Happiness in his voice. Such a tone Envy hated. How dare they be together.. He thought, staring at them as Edward slowly rose to a sitting position, holding his head.

How DARE they have the family I didn't! Envy growled. Everything began to turn red. He could feel blood dripping into his eyes, but the pain was slowly ebbing away as Envy lost focus in anything else. He watched as the pipsqueek's brother inspected Edward's left leg, the metal completely warped and twisted from the impact. Edward still looked drowsy, still looked cautious of the situation they were in. But there was another emotion in those hideous, golden pupils.


Edward was happy that his brother was still with him.. Still alive..

How DARE he be happy! " YOU BASTARD! " Envy shrieked in his throaty, serpent voice. He dived towards the brothers, both of them staring at him in horror. " Don't look at me like that! " Envy screamed. He lunged towards them, but since part of him was still stuck to the wall he couldn't quite reach the brothers, meeting strain only meters away from them. Neither of them had moved. They both knew that Edward would not be able to move fast enough. Alphonse was willing to die with his brother.. Edward yanked Alphonse, who still sat in between him and Envy, pushing him behind himself, as if trying to protect his brother..

" DIE! " Envy wrenched his body one last time. There was a pause, and suddenly the last spear gave way, and he was completely released. He roared forward and smashed into the wall right where the brothers had cowered. Closing his mouth, he could feel their warm bodies on his tongue. Gleefully, Envy swallowed, rubble and all.

That was the brothers gone. Though Envy's laugh of pleasure of the deed done was short-lived, for now that he was no longer attached as the transmutation circle for the Gate, it began to close for good. Beforehand the powerful suction of the gate was bearable for his great size and strength as a serpent, but now, like a final tug, the Gates pull was stronger than ever. Envy slid across the ground towards the hallway in an attempt to escape, but he could feel his tail lifting off the ground..

The large machine that the boy Alphonse had jammed against the door was now sliding towards the Gate. Now openable, the collection of humans that had assembled on the other side of the door pushed it open. Envy watched as the expression on their faces turned from angry to terrified as they saw the great serpent that was lunging towards them. Envy could barely stifle a laugh. But that small joy quickly vanished as the humans scattered, the closest ones feeling the pull of the gate. Envy wrenched his body through the hallway which was barely big enough for him.. But as much as he struggled, the growing force that was the gate as it shrunk was too great. Envy felt himself sliding backwards. Faster and faster, Envy saw the hallway walls rush passed him as he slid, and quickly enough the walls vanished. He was back in the large room which had been his prison for three years. Envy roared, outraged at the turn of events. He felt his body being pulled up at an alarming speed towards the Gate. He looked up. The Gate was now barely larger than the width of his body. His tail was already inside it. He swung back around, making a final attempt to escape, though he new it was futile. He was sucked in further until only his head remained outside. He glanced around the room. This would be the last time he saw it. Envy let out a growl as his head slid into the gate, everything turning a bright, orange-yellow. In front of him the gate closed, cutting him off from the Earth forever.

Barely noticeable, he could feel a lump in his throat..

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