Chapter 19! Enjoy!

Chapter 19: Bye, Brother

" Brother! " He heard a distant cry. Alphonse's voice. but Alphonse's lips didn't move. And the voice sounded metallic..


" Brother! " Alphonse called again, practically screaming. " Brother, noooo! " A metallic voice... When Alphonse was in his suit of armor.. Edward slowly moved his head to look left, only to see the same suit of armor right next to him.

That was Alphonse!

Suddenly the armor shoved him hard, sending him staggering a few feet before falling to the ground. A loud metallic bang followed, lasting a few seconds, as if something had rolled away.. Dazed, he lifted his head off the pavement. There was a sudden pain in his left arm. Glancing at it as he rose to his knees, he could see red liquid slowly soaking into his filthy, white shirt. He'd been hit... By...

By Envy... Not Alphonse... It finally hit him what had just happened. He had almost been impaled. He had stood there, letting Envy attack. Envy disguised as Alphonse...

Alphonse! He gasped. Alphonse had shoved him out of the way! But then...

Hastily, Edward looked up. Envy stood a short distance away, looking rather disappointed. Beside him, on the ground, was two large chunks of metal, shaped as pieces of armor... Alphonse's armor body had been sliced in half across the waist, his legs fallen backwards where they had stood, the upper half closer to Edward, lifeless. The head had rolled away from the body, stopping almost right in front of him, sitting upright, and slightly dented. The eyes still glowed yellow. Alphonse was still there... Edward could only stare as slowly, the two points of yellow light slowly dimmed, until the light had completely vanished from the helmet. Alphonse was no longer in the helmet, in the suit of armor.. But, passed Envy, on the ground, Alphonse's flesh body hadn't moved. Edward waited, but not even his little brother's hands twitched. Hawkeye was staring at him, narrow-eyed.

" Rotten bastard. " Envy huffed, staring at the mutilated metal with an expression of contempt and disgust. " All that work waisted on that worthless other. "

" Worthless... Other..? " Edward repeated, slowly rising to his feet. He glared at Envy in utter hatred.

" Did I hit a nerve? " Envy grinned at him, unfazed.

" You... " Edward growled. " Are not even high enough to spit on his shoes! "

" Well I doubt it matters now. " Envy laughed, glancing at Alphonse's fallen body behind him. " Doesn't look like dear Alphonse is moving. "

Edward lost it. He clapped his hands together, removing the blade with a flash of blue sparks and diving at Envy, fists raised. " Shut up! " He screamed, swinging at the homunculus, who, having only just looked back over at Edward, didn't have time to dodge. His fist connected with Envy, knocking him to the ground. But Edward didn't pause, leaping again at him, sitting on his stomach, punching him over and over in the teeth with his right hand. Blind rage fueled him, and nothing seemed to give him more enjoyment than beating the living crap out of the bane of his existence, the one creature that had given him, him and Alphonse, so much trouble for so many years.

The one still alive, that is.

Finally Envy managed to shove him off, But Edward leaped right back onto his feet, fists raised again.

" You're gonna wish you stayed dead! " He shouted, leaping at Envy. But to Edward's great annoyance, the homunculus dodged him, and Edward punched only air. Angrily, Edward glared at Envy, who had moved a short distance away from Edward, breathing heavily, as if he was exhausted. But homunculus's don't get tired...

Only then did Edward notice that the blood from the wound he had thought he had given Alphonse was still there, though smaller. But it still bled, dripping down his stained, black top, and down his bare stomach, leaving smears of red on his skin. Why is he bleeding? Edward wondered, his rage subsiding from curiosity. He should have healed completely! And his face looks beaten up, like I'd actually been punching a human!

" What in hell..?.! " Edward gasped. Envy looked extremely annoyed, baring his bloody teeth at Edward.

" It looks like this battle will have to be finished later! " Envy hissed, spitting out blood. He began to turn away.

" Don't you dare! " Edward snapped, rushing after him. Edward grabbed Envy's arm, but Envy struck out at him, punching him in the face, knocking Edward back. It seemed his strength hadn't changed. Regaining his balance, Edward turned back towards him, but Envy had already started running, already too far away from Edward for an attack.

" Envy! " Edward shouted, running after him. " Get back here! " Why was Envy still bleeding? Why hadn't he healed? Why was he running?

" Now! " He heard Mustang shout, his voice wavering. Startled, Edward looked over at the two alchemists, who stood facing Envy, Mustang shaky on his legs, and swaying slightly. Armstrong flexed his muscles and then slammed his fist into the ground. Radiating outwards from his fist was a strange wave in the concrete, heading in only one direction, dust flying up as it moved. Hearing the sound, Envy stopped running, turning back to see. The odd wave in the cement had reached him. Envy jumped to the side, but it was no use, and a second later the ground shattered under his feet, large chunks of cement and rock building up around his body as he sunk. Behind Edward, he heard a loud snap, and instantly the ground around Envy burst into flames so hot, the cement disintegrated, and the rock began to melt. Envy's legs seared and burned as slowly the rock turned into lava, fusing together around his body and pinning him in molten rock.

Edward could only stare at the sight. Envy screamed in pain, but it didn't look like his body was repairing itself.. The fire disappeared, and the larva that seemed to rear up at Envy's searing flesh began to harden unusually fast. In barely a minute, Envy was trapped in solid rock, fused to his body by the searing heat. Now most of his flesh was black where the lava had touched.

Edward glanced at Mustang. He was kneeling on the ground, head down, his job done. Armstrong now had a beefy arm wrapped around him, and Hawkeye still remained next to Alphonse, though she watched Mustang with a stern eye. Slowly Mustang raised his head, peering right at Edward with a sharp frown. His mouth was flecked with blood, and he was sweating furiously. He was obviously in a lot of pain. Pain that Edward could have caused...

" Don't just stand there gaping, Edward Elric! " Armstrong bellowed dramatically, flexing his only available arm. " Finish the homunculus! "

Finish him...

Edward's eyes widened. He suddenly realized what was going on. Why Envy was still bleeding. Why Envy had been so evasive of their attacks. Hastily he looked back over at Envy. The homunculus's face was twisted in pain, but still managed to glare at Edward. This.. He thought. Is the end..

Slowly Edward walked towards Envy. He clapped his hands together, transmuting the blade back onto his arm for the last time.

To kill a homunculus, he thought as he walked, You must get them near the remains of the body they were supposed to replace. By doing so, the homunculus will proceed to regurgitate all the red stones, false philosopher stones, that gives them the ability to regenerate themselves from even total annihilation. Edward reached Envy, stopping directly in front of him.

Without red stones, the homunculus cannot regenerate themselves. He narrowed his eyes. Without this ability...

A homunculus can be killed like any normal human being.

" You've used up all your red stones. " Edward stated simply. Envy grinned at him, though it looked more like a grimace.

" You've got me, Pipsqueek. " He growled. " One thing left to do, right? " Edward nodded.

" You saw this coming, Envy. " He muttered, frowning. " Without your master, without any red stone supply, you knew you were doomed. "

" You really think I was so dependant on that four hundred year old woman?.! " Envy hissed through gritted teeth. " It would be easy to manipulate some weakling into making more for me! "

" Surely you could tell you were running low. " Edward replied. " Why did you keep fighting? " Slowly Envy leaned forward, as best he could in the rock prison.

" You wanna know, Pipsqueek? " Envy grinned, speaking softly. Edward didn't reply. " It's you. "

" Me? " Edward repeated.

" Yes, Shorty! " Envy hissed. " You! You have everything I should have! You have taken my family! You have taken my life! You live it all, while I stand back in the shadows and watch! You have no right to own what is rightfully mine! Hell, " He added, grinning again.

" You've even taken my name. "

" What? " Edward asked hastily.

" There's your last surprise, Pipsqueek! " Envy laughed. " Without his first son in the way, that bastard Hohenheim could name you whatever he wanted! Like I was never there! "

" Then.. " Edward stammered. " You're name is.. "

" Yes! " Envy growled. " My name is Edward! "

Edward's eyes widened. Envy's name... He thought, stunned. Is my name?.!

" Go ahead, Edward! " Envy snapped. " My stones are gone! You've finally got the chance to get rid of me! "

Edward merely stared at him. This seemed to annoy Envy.

" Stunned again?.! " He shrieked, struggling against the bonded rock, as if trying to grab his attention. " Hurry up, you daft bastard, and finish me! "

You have taken my family... You have taken my life... You have taken my name...

Without his first son in the way...

" Finish me! " Envy shrieked again. " Take the last of what I have! "

Like I was never there...

My name is Edward...

Edward clapped his hands together.

" You're wrong, Envy. " He stated simply, looking directly at the homunculus.

" What?.! " Envy hissed, looking extremely peeved.

" You're wrong. " Edward repeated. " I do not have your life. I do not have your family, even though, in a way, we share it. " He lowered his arms to his sides. Envy merely stared at him in contempt, though it was clear Edward had his attention.

" You may be a homunculus, " Edward continued, " But that doesn't mean you haven't experienced your own life events. You have a different mother, you have a different upbringing- hell, Hohenheim probably stayed for your childhood. " Edward sighed. " We are very different people, with very different lives, however close they may be in blood. Even me and Alphonse have different lives, for we see through different eyes. "

" Don't try to change my mind about you, Pipsqueek! " Envy shouted. " I've made up my mind, and it screams your death! " Edward raised his left arm, reaching out for Envy's shoulder.

" If you weren't so envious, " He stated with a sigh, " You'd be able to see what I mean. " With that, he grabbed Envy by the arm. Instantly there was a bright blue flash so large it seemed to engulf them both.

Suddenly everything was bright white, almost misty. Edward immediately noticed Envy was no longer bound, and no longer burned or bleeding. He stood in front of Edward, staring at him in surprise and anger. And behind Envy, was the one thing that filled Edward with fear, curiosity, and memories. The Gate loomed in front of them, over ten times their size.

" What have you done!.? " Envy shrieked as he turned around, spotting the Gate.

" I can't kill in cold blood. " Edward replied simply. Slowly the Gate creaked open, long, black tentacles reaching out. Inside the Gate was pitch black, hundreds and hundreds of small eyes staring at them, the only other thing visible being their grinning teeth, enjoying the moment. The black tentacles, all tipped with a tiny little hand, wrapped themselves around Envy and began dragging him into the Gate . Envy had only time to glance back at Edward. he still wore an expression of utter rage and hatred. Nothing would change his mind.

" Bye, Brother. " Edward murmured. He wasn't sure if Envy heard him, for the homunculus had already disappeared inside the Gate, the large doors slowly swinging shut with a loud creak, until they finally closed with a bang, their new prize trapped inside forever.

A moment later, the Gate was gone. The white mist that surrounded the area evaporated into the surroundings of Lior, broken buildings all around him, and the strong smell of smoke in the air. The rock mound where Envy had been trapped was empty, the only evidence that he was ever there being the shape of a body in the middle of the formation.

Envy was gone.

The fight was over.

Feeling a sudden surge of joy in his heart, overtaking the sorrow from the deed, Edward couldn't help but smile. Barely resisting the urge to grin like an idiot, Edward spun around on the spot, glowing in triumph at the others, who were all only a meter away, all alive.

But suddenly the joy died, replaced with numb shock. Mustang still knelt where he was, this time Hawkeye wrapping an arm around him. The hulking Armstrong knelt behind Alphonse's body, staring at his brother with squinting, teary eyes. Only Hawkeye was looking at him. But as she met his eyes, she quickly looked away, glancing momentarily at Alphonse before lowering her gaze to the ground. Edward quickly noticed that Mustang was staring at the ground too.

Instantly a wave of panic struck Edward. That's right.. He thought. I didn't see Al move...

Alphonse wasn't moving..!

The next thing he knew he was charging across the damage and cracked concrete ground, running as fast as he could towards Alphonse. But even though his brother wasn't far away, it seemed to take forever to reach him. But at last, after what seemed to be the longest moment of his life, he was finally kneeling beside Alphonse, his right knee sore from skidding on the ground in haste. He could only stare in horror at the sight before him.

Alphonse's chest didn't appear to be rising. Blood was all over his shirt, and all over the ground underneath him. Blood dripped from his slightly open mouth, his eyes shut. Alphonse lay on his back, no doubt moved my Hawkeye or Armstrong, his head on it's side so he didn't choke on his own blood. Alphonse's expression... It was peaceful, like he had fallen asleep.

" Al..! " He heard himself mutter, his voice high and squeaky. Edward rested his left hand on Alphonse's chest, feeling for breathing, for a heartbeat...

Alphonse can't be dead. Edward screamed in his mind. Alphonse can't die, he's just sleeping!

" Al! " he squeaked again, forcing his voice to sound cheery, forcing a weak smile. But his eyes were filling with tears.. " Wake up, Al, he's gone! " Edward stated. " Envy's gone, Al! " He moved his hand to Alphonse's shoulder, shaking him gently. " Al..! Wake up! We gotta... we gotta get you to a hospital... " Edward's voice faded out. He could feel tears streaming down his cheeks...

" Edward... " Hawkeye mumbled. " Don't- "

" SHUT UP! " Edward shrieked, shooting a hate filled glare at Hawkeye, causing her to flinch. He returned his gaze to Alphonse, this time shaking his shoulder a little more vigorously, though almost overwhelmed with the fear of hurting Alphonse further. " Al! " he yelled.
" Al! " He could hear himself sobbing, his face soaked. He lifted his right arm, reaching for Alphonse, but he stopped, spotting the blood spattered, five inch blade extension.

This.. He sobbed. This is what did this! He suddenly felt a fit of rage- rage at his automail arm. With a cry of despair, he grabbed his metal wrist, and with one swift movement he tore off his automail arm, sleeve and all, flinging it angrily behind him. He heard it clatter onto the ground. He knew they were all staring at him, but Edward didn't care. He only had eyes for one. One that could be dead, all because of him.

" Al! " He shouted again, grabbing his brother by the collar. " Alphonse! " He stared at Alphonse through blurry eyes. Not one movement. No sign of life. No sad eyes. No weak smile. No reassuring words...

Edward could hear voices behind him. Many men, all shouting something, the sound of cocking guns, angry voices... And the voice of Mustang, shouting something... Hawkeye chiming in...

" Al... " he whispered. He leaned forward where he knelt, resting his head on his brothers chest. There was a lot of commotion around him, but he heard nothing.. Absolutely nothing... " We promised... " He sobbed quietly, gripping his brother as tight as he could.

" We promised we'd go home... "

" Together... "


That was all Edward could hear. It was dusk. Usually a hospital was crowded. Indeed he had seen heaps of people. Each with their own problems. Their own reasons on being here. Same as Edward. He gripped something tightly in each his hands. Unwilling to let it go..

As he walked through the main corridor, heaps of people passed him. Nurses. Doctors. Patients. Many from the military. All gave him cold looks. Edward could only return an apologetic smile. It was probably a bad idea to act cold towards them. Even though that's what he felt like doing. He had not felt joy... Not for quite a few weeks.

Not since what he had done to Alphonse.

Once again an incredible misery welled up inside him at the thought of his brother. He still couldn't remove the image from his mind, no matter how much he tried. The Alphonse he saw in his head was broken and bloody, so bloody... An he was covered in it. In his brothers blood.

All his fault...

His left arm, injured by Envy, but saved by Alphonse, was bandaged by the hospital staff. Winry was so happy when They all returned to Central, where she had been waiting, though at her dismay. But she was horrified, just as horrified as Edward had been, when she saw Alphonse. What had happened to him. Though she didn't blame Edward. Winry had even gone out of her way to curse Dante instead, as if trying to prove to him she didn't blame him. She probably didn't. But Edward didn't feel any better.

Slowly Edward turned the corner into a narrower walkway. This area was not so busy. This was for the higher ups of the military that were injured. Mustang had gotten all his staff in here. Havoc, who had a broken arm. Breda, a lacerated leg. Fuery, a head injury. Though all were in one piece. Falman hadn't even been in the fight, now joining Hawkeye, who was luckily pretty much uninjured, besides a few bumps, to watch over the others.

When Edward had regained his composure, which was long after leaving Lior, Hawkeye had told him of what had happened, the entire event wiped from Edward's mind. When the military had arrived, lead by Havoc, they were aiming to shoot Edward, every one of them. If Mustang had not called them off, Edward would be dead. Not like it was an undeserving fate..

After a few days at the hospital, Edward had managed to get out of Hawkeye what he had been doing the whole time. Hawkeye seemed to sympathize with him, which felt terrible. Worse than the cold stares of the soldiers. Apparently he had stabbed Alphonse. Though it had been Envy that injured Mustang. He had killed a lot of soldiers, too. And a lot of Liorans had died that day of the attack on their city. But she insists Dante had let Envy do that one. She says all Dante had done then was wait for Alphonse to show up. To get rid of him...

He had put his brother through so much... And there was nothing Edward could do to take it back...

" Fullmetal. " A voice pulled him from his thoughts. Edward looked up only to find Mustang standing right in front of him, clothed in the green hospital attire. He watched Edward closely, his eyes stern.

" What do you want, Major General? " Edward asked, speaking formally.

" Cut the crap, Fullmetal. " Mustang stated. " You're starting to lose character for your title. "

" I'm not in the military, Major General. " Edward replied, his voice emotionless. " I don't have a title. " Mustang frowned. He seemed to pause, thinking.

" How are you faring, Edward? " He asked eventually.

" I'll live. " Edward replied harshly.

" Don't beat yourself up, Edward. " Mustang continued. " You know full well it wasn't your fault. No one here thinks that, and soon the soldiers will see it that way too. "

" Do you honestly think that after hearing that five hundred times, once more will convince me? " Edward asked coldly.

" No. " Mustang replied. " I just can't think of anything else to say. "

" Good day, Major General. " Edward muttered. He took a step sideways, trying to move around Mustang, but the General had other plans, stepping in his way, blocking him.

" As much as you are annoying as your old self, Fullmetal, " Mustang began, " It's even worse seeing you like this. "

" How do you want me to act, Mustang?.! " Edward snapped. " Want me to laugh?.! That make you feel better?.! Ha ha ha ha ha! Now get out of my way! " Edward stepped forward, trying to squeeze passed Mustang, but Mustang wouldn't move. Edward wasn't willing to push passed. It was only recent that Mustang was out of his bed..

" You're not fooling anyone, Fullmetal. " Mustang replied. All Edward could do was sigh. It didn't look like Mustang was going to move any time soon..

" You'll never get over it. " Mustang added. Edward looked up at the Major General, surprised. " You'll never get over it. Not after that. " Mustang continued.

" I feel much better. " Edward muttered sarcastically.

" I'm not trying to make you feel better, Fullmetal. " Mustang huffed. " You obviously refuse that. I'm telling you the truth. No matter how long you live, the memory will always haunt you. The only difference between now and later is that you are going to learn to deal with it, and move on. Because that is all you can do. And maybe, one day, you'll get an opportunity to repay what you've done. " Edward paused, a harsh comeback on the tip of his tongue.

" You're right. " He sighed after a moment, lowering his eyes. Mustang was completely right. Like every other terrible thing he has done and seen, it will always stay in his mind.. But he will move on... He'll live...

" By the way, Fullmetal. " Mustang stated. Edward looked back up at him. " It has been confirmed that I now permanently hold the position of Major General. "

" Good for you. " Edward muttered.

" Indeed it is. " Mustang continued, ignoring the sarcasm. " And as the new Major General, my first course of action is to revoke your job offer for State Alchemist. "

" Huh? " Edward uttered.

" Sad Sacks can't be in the military. " Mustang stated. " New rules. "

" Bullshit. " Edward grumbled. But a weak smile worked it's way onto his face.

" Careful, Edward. " Mustang smiled. " I may have to re-offer that job position. "

" Are you going to get out of my way now? " Edward muttered. Mustang stepped aside, raising an arm to gesture him passed. Edward began to walk, but quickly stopped. " Why the hell are you out here, anyway? " He asked.

" There's a pretty nurse that comes by in the afternoon, " Mustang replied, " So I'm going to pretend I'm in pain to grab her attention. "

" Incredible. " Edward shook his head and walked away, leaving Mustang in the hallway.

The only difference between now and later is that you are going to learn to deal with it, and move on...

Because that is all you can do...

You're right about one thing, Mustang.. Edward thought as he walked further down the corridor. One day I will learn to deal with it. And I will move on. Slowly Edward came to a stop outside a door. A small window showed the contents of the room. Edward could see Winry. She was smiling.

But, Edward continued, I don't care about repaying any debts to others. Though, for as long as I live...

I can never make up for what I did to him...

Edward placed his metal arm on the door, pushing it open. As he did, he forced a wide grin on his face, trying to look cheery.. The occupants of the ward looked up as Edward entered.

" Brother! " Alphonse grinned broadly, excited to see him. " You're back! " Alphonse sat up slowly on his bed, careful not to upset all the injuries. But he seemed not to be bothered, his golden-brown eyes fixed on Edward.

" Did you get it? " Winry asked eagerly, standing up out of her chair.

" Better! " Edward smiled, raising both his hands. Wooden blocks were clutched tightly in his fingers. " I got two! "

" Sweet! " Alphonse grinned. He had been looking better as each day passed. The doctors reckoned he might be able to go in a few more weeks. They reckon Alphonse was recovering much faster than the last time he had been in there. As if something was giving him strength...

Edward tossed one of the blocks to Alphonse before sitting back down in his own chair. Alphonse stared at him, catching Edward's eye.

" Are you still, sad, Brother? " Alphonse asked suddenly. Winry fell silent. Edward could only pause, surprised at the question. They both watched him..

" Yeah. " Edward replied after a long moment. He shouldn't keep things from them, especially Winry. There was no need for that anymore... " I'm still sad. But, " Edward added, " I'll get over it. Especially once we go back home! "

" Yeah! " Alphonse grinned again. " Can we make our house near Winry's? "

" If you want. " Edward replied.

" Brother.. " Alphonse uttered again.

" Yeah? " Edward asked.

" Winry told me she told you.. about those dreams I was having before.. " Alphonse mumbled, frowning. " The ones of you.. "

" Yeah. " Edward nodded. " I think I know what that was... "

" You do? " Alphonse gasped. Edward nodded.

" Remember when you visited me on the other side of the gate a few years ago, before I came back over here briefly? " Edward began. Alphonse nodded. " You told me... How you had seen that place in your dreams... "

" That's right. " Alphonse stated. " I dreamt that I was with you, in a workshop, and I had a sickly body, like master, and we worked on these large machines that would shoot up into the sky.. Rockets, I suppose. " He added.

" What's a Rocket? " Winry asked.

" Don't worry, " Edward replied, " It's boring. Anyway, I think whatever cause that caused your dreams. "

" But that's completely different circumstances! " Alphonse muttered.

" We were separated. " Edward mumbled. Not on the same plane.. It's not surprising... When we tried to resurrect mum... We used our blood for a soul. Maybe that why that whole dream thing happened. Maybe that connected us in more ways than we thought.. "

" Maybe. " Alphonse smiled. Edward returned it, smiling back at his little brother. Edward dropped the chunk of wood onto his lap, clapping his hands together. " Ready, Brother? " He grinned. Alphonse copied his movement.

" Ready, Brother! " He laughed.

" Go! " Winry cheered. Both Edward and Alphonse slapped their chunks of wood, transmutation light filling the room in bright blue sparks.

Alphonse will probably beat him again.

Six Months Later

" Al! " Edward called. He ran up the hill of Resembool. " Al! " There was no answer. Odd... Alphonse could normally hear him a mile away.. Edward quickly reached what appeared to be a brand new building, not a single thing out of place. Green grass grew all around the house, all cut short except for a small patch of long grass near the back of the house. That patch was bread grass. Other than the apple tree Alphonse had insisted they plant, it was the only food they grew themselves. Everything else was bought from the market.

" Al! " He called again. He dashed towards the front door. The house, they decided, was to look just like their child hood home. Such a building still held bad memories.. But they held good ones, too. It was their mothers house, even if only a replica. And it was their house.

Edward slammed open the door, charging inside and into the kitchen, where he heard movement.

" Hey, Al! " He shouted as he entered the doorway. He spotted Alphonse in the middle of the kitchen, grinning at him. " Winry wants us to- "

" Miiiiieeeeeww. "

Alphonse flinched. " Uhhhh... " His brother muttered. " Meow? "

" Where is it? " Edward sighed. Just then the pantry flew open, and a small, grey kitten fell out. Desperately Alphonse dived for it, catching it easily before grinning sheepishly at Edward.

" Brother.. " He began.

" No. " Edward replied.

" Please? " Alphonse persisted.

" No! " Edward huffed.

" But she called to me! " Alphonse pleaded. " Look! She's cold! "

" It's warm outside. " Edward argued.

" She's hungry! " Alphonse added.

" If it's been in hear as long as I've guessed, it's not anymore. " Edward replied.

" I named her Winry! " Alphonse continued.

" Oh, god, get it outside! " Edward pointed at the door. " before it kills us! "

" Brother, she's a kitten! " Alphonse whined. " Cats take less care than dogs! All we have to do is feed her! You don't have to do anything! Pleeeeaaase? "

Edward sighed.

" Fine. " He muttered. " You take care of it, full responsibility! " Edward added. " And for the love of things decent, change the name! "

" How about Daisy? " Alphonse grinned broadly, cuddling the kitten.

" No. " Edward replied.

" Ummm... Storm? " Alphonse asked.

" How about Shit Head? " Edward muttered, turning around and walking out of the room. " Come on, lets go! "

" But, I can't leave Liz here! " Alphonse protested.

" You're not calling it Liz! " Edward grunted.

" I like Liz! " Alphonse argued, following Edward out the door, still holding the kitten.

" Not Liz! " Edward grumbled as he stepped outside. At the bottom of the hill, Winry stood, waiting for them.

" Let me call her Liz! " Alphonse whined.

" Oo, call her Mustang! " Edward grinned. " Then I can set a dog on it! "

" She's a girl, Ed! " Alphonse protested.

" So's Mustang! " Edward argued.

" No! " Alphonse huffed.

" You're going to do this all day, aren't you? " Edward laughed.

" Yup. " Alphonse replied.

At the bottom of the hill, Winry could hear the boys squabbling as they walked down the hill towards her. Winry couldn't help but smile at this. Despite everything that has happened, they both finally looked completely content. She could see Edward, grinning from ear to ear as he looked back at Alphonse, who smiled happily in response. In his arms looked like a small animal.. A pet?

It didn't matter. Nothing could make her happier than she was now. After so long. After so many years of struggle, of sad memories, of happy memories, of everything that ever happened...

The image burned in her mind. Of Edward and Alphonse, grinning at each other as they walked down the hill from their home. She could almost see their mother, back at the top, standing near the window, waving good bye to them.

They finally had what they wanted.

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