Title: Arthur and Lancelot fought but we're still cool…
Uchiha Sasuke x Haruno Sakura
other world, #15 knight
Word Count: 448
I do not own Naruto.



You are now the new ruler of the Land of the Leaves. You look down from your balcony and see your betrothed.

She was given to you by her father years ago to end a war between your kingdoms.

She is the fairest of them all with long, light, pink hair cascading over her shoulders with a mere gentle curl at the end. Her eyes are as clear as day and as green as the forests of his Land. She is young and beautiful and wise and delicate and pure and caring and—

You stop in your admiration for the woman because she may be young and beautiful and wise and delicate and pure and caring but the most evident thing about her is that she is sad.

She sits alone on a stone bench in the gardens, admiring the flowers there.

You have never loved Sakura.

You feel nothing but pity when you see a tear fall down her pale face.

And you feel no anger when you see your knight walk over to the crying maiden.

"I don't want to marry him…" she whispers, more tears now falling while she stares up at the knight desperately.

You watch as Sasuke holds back from taking her into his arms. You see the inner battle on the young knight's face.

They are both too loyal to their king.

They are both too loyal to you.

"I want to marry you," says the woman who is to become your queen. "I don't want a kingdom, I want you…"

Sasuke doesn't move but Sakura does. She falls into him and sobs harder because the two of you are to marry the next day.

You are reminded of a fable the old wizard Jiraiya once recited to you when you were a young child. It was about a king and his queen and his knight and how his queen and his knight loved each other yet the king was quite ignorant to their affair. When the king learned of the affair, it led to his downfall. His queen was to burn at the stake but she was rescued by his knight. In the end though, no one seemed to be happy.

The king just disappeared.

The queen remained in a convent.

The knight became a hermit.

And all of them were alone.

"I love you, I love you," she repeats brokenly as her breathing becomes choppy and her delicate face becomes red and tearful. "I love you—"

You swallow and try to act ignorant—

"I love you, I love you."

—because regardless of how your queen and your knight feel, you still need to marry her.

"I love you, too."



King Arthur. Guinevere. Lancelot. Duh.

And Naruto wasn't supposed to come off as the bad guy. I hope he didn't...