Molly Weasley was a super mother.

This was what her mother told her after she had the twins.

'Five sons... You are more than a mother, you're a super mother' she said.

But Molly never believed that.

It was difficult, to have five sons. And when they became six, and then seven, it was even more difficult.

It was difficult to manage a family through two wars.

The first time was terrible.

Pregnant with a war going on and with young children. Her husband going to work and sending his Patronus every hour to make sure everything was ok. That was the time when Arthur had built the clock. It was not a funny thing, like their children thought. It was serious. In those periods Molly used to glance at the clock almost every single minute and she had kept that habit for her whole life.

Her brothers asked her and her husband to join the Order, but she refused and ordered Arthur to do the same.

Gideon was very disappointed.

'Don't you understand, Molly, that we've to fight? Don't you understand that?' he screamed.

'Don't you understand, Gideon, that I've a family? That I'm a mother? Do you think that I don't want to fight? Do you think that I don't want to see You-Know-Who gone for good? Do you think that I'm happy here, aware that you are out there exposed to Merlin knows what danger? But I have to stay here. For my children. It's the most important thing now' she answered, keeping her tone low, so her sons in the other room couldn't hear her.

When Gideon and Fabian died she cried for a whole day. Then, she stopped thinking about them. For her children.

Because her children had always been more important than anything else. Each of them. She even loved their flaws. She loved them even the times when a small part of her wanted to smash a pan on their heads. She loved Bill even when he decided to marry Fleur. She loved Charlie with his weirdnesses and his insane love for dragons. She had loved Percy every single day he had been away from his family. She loved the twins even when she found them pulling a prank. She loved Ron when he disappeared after Bill's wedding. She loved Ginny even when she saw her in the Room of Requirment during the Battle of Hogwarts.

And for all the years after that battle she had wondered if it had been a good idea to join the Order during the second war. She wondered why that time she had decided that there was something more important than her children.

Fred, dead. Her family devasted. All because of her.

Two years after the war, Bill had a daughter.

'Victoire means victory in French. We named her after our victory on Voldemort' Bill proudly said.

Molly, of course, cried of happiness. And jumped. And cheered. And held Victoire in her arms as much Fleur allowed her to.

But then she thought that Victoire would have never met Fred. She would have just known that once there had been two uncle George, and probably it would have been difficult for her to believe.

Then, one day, Molly finally found her peace.

It happened the day Ginny had her first son.

While everybody was celebrating, she found herself alone in her kitchen with George.

'Sometimes I wonder if it's my fault. I mean, it was me who decided to join the Order. I exposed you all to terrible risks. It was... irresponsible, from me. If I hadn't done that, Fred would still be alive.'

To her wonder, George laughed. So many years after Fred's death, he laughed almost as much as he used to when his twin was alive. But he never, never laughed referring to Fred. Never.

But he laughed.

'What did you want to do, mum? To keep us in here? To shut the windows and the door? To pretend that nothing was happening outside?'

Molly looked at her son, without knowing what to answer.

'We would have fought anyway, mum. With or without your consent. Think of Ron, of Ginny. You didn't want them to fight, but they did it.'

George looked in her eyes.

'Mum, it was not your fault. It was nobody's fault. Fred was brave. During that battle he knew he could have died and he accepted the risk.'

Molly didn't answer.

'You did a great job, mum. You raised a hero.'

'I raised seven heroes then' she said, with tears in her eyes.

George laughed.

'You are a hero youself, mum. You're not a simple mum. You're a... super mum. Yes, that's what you are. A super mother.'

And unlike the first time they had told her something like that, she nodded.

Molly Weasley was a super mother.