Ginny Weasley-Potter loved her children.

Sometimes she wondered why she loved them so much.

I love James because he's cheerful and loyal and protective towards his siblings.

I love Albus because he's shy and modest and brave.

I love Lily because she's sweet and kind and smart.

But she realised that she loved them just because of what they were. Her children.

It was a kind of love that sometimes amazed her. It was so strong and powerful.

She thought that it could protect them forever.

'I feel the same' Hermione one Sunday told her at The Burrow 'I feel like nothing bad can ever happen to them. But then I think of your mother, or of Cedric Diggory's or Colin Creevey's... they lost their sons. It must be such a terrible grief'

'If something like that happened to my children... I think I would die' Ginny said shaking.

'No, you don't die' a voice said.

Ginny and Hermione turned their heads and saw Molly coming in the room.

'Mum...' Ginny said.

'You don't die. You just keep living day after day. But it's not really life anymore. You wake up, you cook, eat, sleep. But you don't laugh, you don't smile. You lose all your happiness and joy'

'And then?' Ginny asked wiping a tear away.

'And then one day you wake up, see the sun and smile. The following week you see something funny and feel the urge to laugh. You know that nothing will ever be the same. You know that you won't ever be the same. But life goes on. Fred would have wanted me, us, to go on, to live. So, that's what I try to do, day after day. I honour him living, laughing, being happy.'

Molly looked at the two women.

'You are the first generation of mothers that when doesn't find their children in their beds isn't scared that they have been kidnapped by Death Eaters. You are the first generation of mothers that is not scared to find the Dark Mark on their house coming back home. You are the first generation of mothers that is not afraid of losing their children any moment' Molly said.

'We're lucky' Ginny sighted.

'But the fact that you live a happy and peaceful life doesn't mean that you are less strong that mothers in war used to be. But you're so lucky that you will never have to use your love as a shield for your children'

'That's true... I don't have to do great things. I just stay with my kids, laugh, draw and joke, bake cakes and play Quidditch. I tell them fairy tales and I stay close to them when they're ill. Without sadness or fear'

'Yes, it's the same for me' Hermione said.

Molly looked at the two women smiling.

'You are both great mothers'

'I am not great. I told you. I don't do great things. I'm just... I'm just a mum' Ginny replied.

'All mothers are great, honey and you're great as well. You're great because you are a mother. And as a mother you have an extraordinary love towards your children. As a mother you have a power and a strength that has no equals in the world.'

'In the end it's all about love, isn't it?' Hermione asked 'It's love that makes us strong. It's love that makes us great'

'That's exactly what I meant.' Molly said.

In that moment the three women heard noises coming from the garden.

'What...' Hermione said.

'Mum! Mum!' a young boy yelled, running into the room.

'James! What are you doing in here? I thought you were at home' Ginny said, looking at her ten-year-old son.

'Dad took us here, he...'

In that moment Harry came into the room, followed by Lily and Albus.

'Sorry Gin, but they were getting bored at home...' he said smiling.

'Oh, no, I'm happy you are here' she said.

'Mum!' James shriecked 'Can we play Quidditch? Can we play Quidditch? Dad said that if you want to we can play all together!'

'Yes, why not?' Ginny replied beaming.

'Yes! Yes!' the three children screamed.

'Take the brooms, I'll come in a second' she said.

The three children ran outside and Harry followed them.

Ginny looked at her mother and Hermione.

'It seems that I have to go. Do you want to come, Hermione?'

'You know I hate Quidditch, Ginny. I'll just stay here with your mother' she answered smiling.


'Honey, are you kidding?' Molly said.

Ginny beamed and went towards the garden.

She was thinking of Ursula Diggory, whom she had met a couple of years before. She had looked into her eyes and had said: 'I miss Cedric every single day. I'm still so proud of my boy'.

She was thinking of Lily Potter. On Harry's bedtable there was a picture of him and his mother embracing him tightly. Every time Ginny looked at that she always remembered that Lily had given her life for her son. For Harry. For the man Ginny loved.

She was thinking of Jane Granger: Hermione had told her that she had never lost all her memory despite the perfect charm she had casted. 'A mother can never forget her daughter', Jane had said.

She was thinking of Petunia Dursley. Harry had got a letter from her a few years earlier. He had read it and thrown it away. Two hours after he had taken it again. 'In the end she was like my mother, you know' he told Ginny 'She just wanted to protect her child. In the wrong way, but she just tried to protect him'

She was thinking of Dora Lupin. Everytime Ginny saw little Teddy laughing she wanted to say: 'Your mother died so you could laugh and be happy Teddy, do you know that? She desperately wanted you to have a joyful and free life, even without her.'

She was thinking of Alice Longbottom. 'She doesn't recognise me, she doesn't know who I am' Neville had told her once 'But... I don't know... when she sees me she smiles. Maybe a tiny part of herself knows that I am her son'.

She was thinking of Andromeda Tonks. Once she had come to take Teddy after he hd spent the whole afternoon with James and Albus. She had seen the boy laughing and changing his hair colour to a bright pink and she had sighted: 'He's like his mother. He's like my daughter. He's like Nym... He's like Dora'.

She was thinking of Narcissa Malfoy. 'She saved my life' Harry said some days after the battle at the Burrow 'She betrayed Voldemort and her fellows. I still wonder why she did that'. Molly looked at him: 'Because she's a mother, Harry. Just like me or your mum'.

She was thinking of Julia Creevey. She had met her at Colin's funeral. 'I'm sorry, Mrs. Creevey. I knew Colin. We were friends' Ginny said. 'He was so brave...' the woman whispered. 'Yes, he was' Ginny replied crying. 'I've never really understood him...' the woman sighted. Ginny didn't know what to say. 'But I loved him. And he loved me back. It's the most important thing, isn't it?' the woman said looking at Ginny. 'Yes, it is' she replied.

She was thinking of Minerva McGonagall. She remembered when she had come to her wedding. Minerva had looked at Ginny and Harry and had said: 'I'm not a mother. I'm not your mother. But you are very much like chidren for me'. Ginny had smiled. Harry had looked at the old professor and had said in a low voice: 'Thank you, Professor. Thank you for... just for being there while everybody else wasn't'.

She was thinking of those mother's love. Their love, which was one of the most powerful forces in the world.

She was so immersed in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Harry getting off his broom and going towards her.

'Ginny, are you OK?' he asked.

'I... yes, everything is OK. I was just... thinking' she replied.

'What were you thinking about?'

Ginny looked at the three kids zooming in the sky and laughing happily chasing each other in the sunny afternoon.

'I'm thinking how much I love my children' she replied.

Harry beamed.

'Are you coming?' he said getting on his broom.

Ginny nodded.

'And just for us,' Harry screamed trying to imitate Lee Jordan's voice 'the incredible Ginny Potter, the winner of three British Quidditch Championships and...'

'Mum!' the three kids laughed happily seeing their mother getting on her broom.

Ginny beamed and flew towards them.


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