Lie To Me

Chapter 1.

You Say The Sweetest Things

Robin Hood amied his flamed-arrow at the big red circle 10 feet away. The arrow hit straight in the middle and Robin smiled.

Djaq patted him on the back "Well done, Hood".

Will walked past, sharpeneing his knife, "Yeah, good shot".

Robin looked up to the sky. His thoughts drifted to Marian...

Marian looked to the sky, her thoughts drifted to Robin...

A sharp knock at the door broke her from her chain of thoughts.

"Come in" Marian said.

Gisbourne and The Sheriff entered, carrying a scroll.

Marian rolled her eyes "What is it that i've done now?".

The Sheriff grinned evily, and handed Gisbourne the scroll. "Read" he instructed.

Gisbourne took the scroll and opened it. He read:

"Dear Marian, we have witnesses willing to stand up in a court of law and admit to seeing you dicuss with Robin Hood and his merry band. The penalty would be death, but i am willing to reconsider if you never see Robin Hood again and accept my hand in marriage. If you refuse this generous offer, you will be hanged".

Marian sat on her bed, smiling. "You do not scare me, Sheriff".

The Sheriff took the scroll from Gisbourne. "Oh, look Guy, you missed a bit. If you refuse this generous offer, you will be hanged...Or instead, we will hang your dear dying dead father and make you watch!".

Marian jumped up. "No, you can't!".

"Oh, I can" The Sheriff said merrily "See, your father once stole from me, and good-guy-that-I-am, I let it pass. Even so, that is punishable by death, so...tick-tock-tick-tock, will it be orphaned-Marian...Or Lady Marian..?".

Marian stood straight "If I accept your offer, you'll give my father the best medical care?".

The Sheriff nodded "And, the best room with his own servants...".

"I accept" Marian whispered. Those two little words had changed her life forever.

"Excellent, send out flyers and announcents and make sure that Little Red Riding Robin Hood hears..." The Sheriff grinned once more and walked out.

"You agree to this?" Marian asked Gisbourne coldly.

"Marian, I had no choice, he would of killed your father anyway..." Gisbourne replied. "This way he gets to live-".

"While my life is over!" Marian interrupted. "Just go, before i change my mind and send for Robin and his merry little band".

Gisbourne sighed hopelessly, turned and walked out, slamming the door shut behind him.

Marian slumped to the ground and silently cried.

Gisbourne and The Sheriff watched as Marian climbed on the horse and saddled up.

"Remember Marian" The Sheriff warned her. "Tell Hood the news, that it is of your own free will and then dash, he's to make no further contact with you or your father will pay the price".

"I get the message" Marian growled lowly. "Understand this, no guards or black knights are to follow, If you do, I shall know and set off this pistol to warn Robin, get-it?".

The Sheriff nodded "No followers, we know".

Marian kicked the back of the horse with her heel gently and the horse sped off into the dark town and through the forrest.

Gisbourne turned to The Sheriff. "Not that I wish her any harm...but what is the point of keeping Lady Marian alive? What do you gain?".

The Sheriff smiled. "Oh Gisbourne, you must know, Hood loves her, and knowing that he'll never have her, that you have her...It'll be like someone ripping out his heart and stomping on it, and better-yet, I'll love every minute of it".

The Sheriff looked to the sky. "I think this is one of my greatest plans ever, now come along, Lady Marian will be back soon, after a tearful goodbye to Lover-Boy". His laugh ehcoed through the dark night and Gisbourne involuntary shivered.

Marian rode through the forrest, tears falling down. She would have to tell Robin...

Shaking her head voilently, she wished those thoughts away. She was getting closer, Robin's camp was just up ahead.

Marian was now riding gentler through the forrest. She took out her pistol and fired it once. The horse whined but quickly calmed down.

No sooner had she put her pistol away, Robin, Little John, Will, Much, Allan and Djaq came running out with weapons.

"Marian!" Robin whispered, smiling.

"Put your weapon away, Robin" Marian told him "You shall not need it now".

Robin sensed the coldness of her tone. "What wrong?".

Marian sucked in a breath, showing no emotion. "I have decided to...marry Guy".

"What!?" Robin nearly yelled.

Little John looked around, for signs of an ambush, Much was doing the same and Will was staring intently at Robin. Allan and Djaq had raised their weapons again.

"Marian...-why?" Robin asked.

"I have come to my senses" Marian replied "And realised, I do not want to die young...or become an outlaw".

Robin shook his head "No, you...- They're making you, aren't you? They've said they're gonnah kill your father if you don't agree, i know you, better than you know yourself".

Marian raised her eyebrow. This would really hurt her more than it him. But..she had save his life, she had to destroy his love for her... "Oh really? Did you know that i really have fell in love with Guy? And that we spent a night together...alone in his chambers and that i can't stop thinking about him, or that i love him so much, it hurts to breathe...".

She knew she was talking about Robin. But all she could see were tears of pain and hurt fall from Robin's eyes.

"I am sorry, Robin" Marian added, showing the first sound of emotion. "One day, you'll understand...". She kicked the horse softly, and it turned around and sped off.

Robin watched her ride off into the night.

"C'mon". Djaq urshered the others away and let Robin have some space.

Robin sank to the ground and continued to cry.

Marian returned to the castle, an hour later. She walked up to her room and entered. She thought right there and then she would die, but to her dismay, her heart didn't burst and her tears didn't contain poison.

She climbed into her bed, knowing that her commitment was final.

She would keep to her word...Til death.