Aro's Wife (working title)

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Author:Short Witty Name Goes Here

Chapter 6


"Thank you" I manage to sob out. I get up, fix my make up and head out to talk to Edward. I saw him talking to Marcus and Caius, in a rather hushed tone. I walked up to him tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and looked shocked to see me smiling up at him.

"Can we talk for a minute?" I asked in a calm tone, not letting my emotions sneak out like before.

"Of course Bella. I'm all yours." I knew he meant that figuratively and literally. I lead him into one of the rooms not being occupied.

"Edward, we need to get something straight." I sighed. "I'm not the 'Bella' you knew once. My name is now Isabella Volturi, wife of Aro." I knew he was not pleased at this. I could see him shake and slump down into one of the plush chairs in the room.

"Aro?" He questions "Why Aro? What was so wrong with me?"

"Nothing was wrong with you Edward. It was just... after you did not change me, the Aro, Marcus, and Caius came after me. They came to my house that day I told you I had to leave. It was never that I did not care. In fact, the first week I was here, I was a mess. I would eat, but I would not sleep. Then Aro took the initiative and changed me. I was killing myself Edward. It was the only way I could have been saved. Then once I was changed, I stopped arguing orders, and that ultimately is the reason Aro chose me to become his wife. He had never seen in his life someone so... obedient." I was interrupted from my explanation.

"So, you didn't have a choice, because you were obedient? Why Bella? Excuse me, Isabella."

"I became obedient because my spirit was broken. I knew you were not coming for me. I had realized that early on. No matter what my brain told me would happen. It did not. After I became Aro's wife, shockingly enough I conceived a child. However it was born still. It broke me down. However Aro built me back up. He took my shell and made it whole. I could not have survived with out him."

"So, you really love him don't you?" The glint in my eyes faded at that question. How was I supposed to answer that question to my first and only boyfriend? My first love?

"Yes, Edward. I love Aro. I am sorry." He stood to leave. "No! Wait!" I said quickly before he left.

"What else do you have to tell me?"

"I have to admit something. I know you can probably see this from my eyes, but I don't care. Edward. I am not a vegetarian vampire. I drink from humans. I was ordered to, and have done it ever since. I am sorry Edward."