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I lay in my bed, letting the misery have me yet again, when I heard a close to silent tap on my window.

I look over and see something I never thought I'd never see again…a pale boy of 17 with bronze hair and honey eyes. And a face more beautiful than any other face in this world. Edward Cullen.

I didn't think about what I was doing. I ran over to the window and slammed it open. I ran into him and the force knocked us both to the ground. It didn't hurt. Even though Edward was as hard as stone he was forever my protector, he made sure it didn't hurt me.

I lay on top of him sobbing into his shirt "Edward, oh, Edward"

He put his arms around me and held me closely and said in a soothing voice "It's okay, my dear dear Bella, everything is okay. I'm here, everything's okay."

I continued to sob and sob while he gently stroked my hair. When I finally thought I could get a sentence out I stuttered "what… what...are you…you…" I couldn't get it out.

Right then a horrible thought came to me, he could just go. He was probably thinking something like I don't want to be with such a basket case

This just made me sob even harder, but still he patted my head and muttered reassuring words. His patience really was eternal.

After I finally stopped sobbing I sat up while he did so I was partly on his lap. He gently took both my hands in his and said "I am forever sorry. I tried but I can't, I just can't stay away from you, will you please, please take me back."

I couldn't comprehend what he was saying. I just couldn't. Every word he said went against those he said in the woods all those months ago. I couldn't say the words I wanted to say instead I just stared at my god like savior like an imbecile.

I couldn't understand why he looked like he was crying with no tears. All I could say was: "Why are you sad?"

He silently stood up and slowly walked away, he was leaving I had to stop him "EDWARD!"

He looked back at me with last hope in his eyes. I quickly stood up and ran to him and said into his cold hard "Stay, stay with me, stay with me forever."

He gently put his strong arms around me and said "Forever"

He picked me up and jumped up to my room and laid me on my bed with my head on my pillow.

"I'm dreaming right?" this was now a thought that accord to me, this had to be a dream. It just had to be, he said he never interfere with my life again and now he was here

"No, your not. I'm here and I love you"

My heart just about burst out of my chest when he said these words…I thought of about a thousand words to say back to him even though my mind went blank. Instead I kissed him, kissed him passionately, and I could swear I could hear his heart start up again. When our lips parted I whispered "I love you, too"

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