Behind These Steel Bars

By Yori Hayashi

Couples: Kyou and Tohru, maybe some more later on…

Summary: Akito hates Tohru, and Tohru loves Kyou… Now, we just need to figure out how Akito can make Tohru suffer. Rated T for angst and stuff that kids wouldn't want to read… Not dirty stuff.

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-ALERT!!- There is one spoiler from book seventeen. Stop reading now if you have not read that book, and you do not want to know the spoiler. If you do know what it is, or do not care, go on ahead. –ALERT!!-


It was starting to get cold. That told everyone at the Sohma house that winter was just around the corner, and that they needed to start getting ready for the New Year's banquet that they held for the Juunishi and Akito every year. Most of the Juunishi attended.

All except for the poor cat. He would just have to spend that time with Tohru.

Akito cringed as she threw a painted stone into the air. Tohru. That name made her want to pull her hair out. That awful girl- who did she think she was!? Did she really think that Akito's family could accept an outsider like her? Did Tohru think that she could save the Juunishi- to help them escape Akito? No, she could not. The Juunishi belonged to Akito. Tohru had no right to interfere as she was.

Akito caught the painted stone as gravity took effect on it, causing it to fall back to Earth. It made a "pat" sound as it hit her palm. Akito started to hear other noises coming from her room. Akito listened carefully through her outside door to make sure that no unwanted intruders were in there. She heard them gossiping loudly. The house cleaners… she thought.

"No… Nakamura-san, don't lie!" Giggled one of the servants. Akito rolled her eyes. Don't they have anything better to do?

"Trust me," Nakamura said, "I am telling the truth! That Tohru girl really said that!"

Akito shifted so that she could hear more clearly. She had to hear about Tohru. The information might be crucial- the maids know everything, after all. Putting her ear as close to the paper door as she could without it falling in, she became very alert for the news.

"She can't really feel that way- not about that awful monster!" assumed the younger one. Akito's eyes opened wide- what could they mean by that?! Did Tohru have feelings for the cat monster? Is that what Nakamura was telling her young friend? Akito's blood boiled. No- Tohru couldn't have him! If she loves him, she'll regret it all in the end- the poisonous head of the family would make sure of that.

"I heard her talking with Isuzu Sohma-san." Nakamura said, folding a sheet on Akito's futon. "She wants to break the curse, and all for the monster kid."

"She just pities him, I'm sure."

"That must be it. You're right… But you know, I think she might…"

Their voices were drowned out as they left Akito's room to move on to other work. Akito sat outside the door, unmoving, even though she knew that the maids were finished with their gossip. They probably would not want Akito to have overheard. They knew that if she did, she would have another mood swing. Everyone knew about Akito's mood swings. Even Tohru did. Tohru Honda and Kyou Sohma… Akito smirked slightly and tossed the stone into the air once more. Akito had just figured out what to do. She knew how to make Tohru suffer what she deserved. Akito would not make anyone drive Tohru out of that home, and she would not force anyone to erase Tohru's memory. After she was done, Tohru would beg for all that.

Akito laughed as she caught the stone once more.

Prologue end!

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