Lily Potter sat alone in the Gryffindor common room. It was rather late, the fire had long since died out, and the other students had gone to bed. For the past four years Lily had always sat in one spot in the common room - on a cushioned window ledge where she had a great view of the grounds. She stared out the window at the dark grounds below, thinking. She could always think here, and she needed to think now. She needed to know what to write to her parents, how to tell them. She looked down at the blank parchment in her hands, willing it to show her what to write. She knew that she would have to write this letter sooner or later, and was actually shocked that it wasn't sooner.

Neville Longbottom, her parent's good friend and her Herbology Professor, had pulled her aside after class today. He informed her that he knew her secret. The secret that she had been trying to hide since her first year at Hogwarts. The secret about her relationship with Scorpius Malfoy. Neville had told her that since he knew, it would only be so long before her brothers knew. When Albus found out, she knew that he would tell Rose, and then Rose would tell her parents, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, who would of course tell Lily's parents. When James found out, he would go straight to their parents and tell them, just like the good little Head Boy he was. Either way, her parents would find out.

Neville had advised her to write a letter to her parents and tell them herself. She nodded to him and was just about to turn and leave when he said, "Lily, you know that you are more like your parents than you know. They will support your decisions and love you no matter what." He walked over and hugged her. "They will be happy as long as you're happy." She smiled at him and turned to leave the greenhouse.

Lily looked down at the quill in her hand and smiled. She really liked this quill; Scorpius had gotten it for her for last Christmas. She felt a pang of guilt as she remembered lying to her father about who had given it to her. He asked where she had gotten such an expensive quill and she had said it was a gift from Alexis for Christmas. She hated lying to them, and now was her chance to stop.

She sighed, looking down at her quill again. She felt like she was always letting her parents down. She could never live up to her famous father or her perfect brothers. When James started school he was quickly his professors' favorite. He didn't get great grades – they were better than hers, though – he was just a big help, always going out of his way to help his professors. In her second year at Hogwarts he became a prefect and this year he was the head boy. Her parents were very proud of him when he got his head boy badge, but their Granmum Weasley was the proudest. She said that he was just like their Uncle Percy. Her Uncle George had laughed at this and she followed suit. Out of all of her uncles, her Uncle George was her favorite. James had taken the comment as a compliment, though, and said that he very much looked up to his Uncle Percy.

As for Albus, he was the brains of the family. Both Al and their cousin Rose were very smart. They were always together studying, and were best friends. When Al received his O.W.L. grades over the summer, Dad had said that he hadn't seen grades like that since Aunt Hermione's.

Lily wasn't a great student, and she wasn't anyone's favorite. She had gotten more detentions in her four years at Hogwarts than both of her brothers combined in there six and seven years there, most of which she had gotten sneaking around after hours to see Scorpius. There were only two things that she really prided herself in. The first of which was her Quidditch skills, as she was a pretty decent Quidditch player. She tried out in her second year and made the team. She played seeker like her father had, but was not as good as he was, though she had only lost the snitch once in her two and a half years of playing. The second thing she had always prided herself in was making friends. She always thought her friendly smile and outgoing personality were some of her best traits, and because of them she had never had any problem making friends or getting people to like her. That is part of the reason that she is here trying to write this letter. She had to have made friends, like always, with an unlikely person: Scorpius.

On September first four years ago she, like all of the other students at Hogwarts, was boarding the Hogwarts Express and trying to find a compartment. She was hoping to sit with Al and Rose, because Hugo was sick and wouldn't be attending school for another week, when he would have a private sorting. After all of their planning over the years about their first day at Hogwarts, she was now left all alone. She was finishing her goodbyes to her parents when she had turned around and saw that Albus was already gone. She finally found his compartment and saw it was already full with his and Rose's friends from the library (they were all bookworms). She really didn't want to listen about all of their lessons anyway. She was trying to find a different compartment then finally found one that looked empty. She pulled open the door and walked in. She was just about to put her trunk on the shelf next to one other trunk when she heard a voice that startled her. "You don't want to sit in here," said the calm voice. She turned around and saw Scorpius sitting unobtrusively in the corner. He was a tall boy with light grey eyes and blond hair, not as neat as she knew his father's was, but fell it more naturally.

"And why's that?" she asked.

He looked at her, almost shocked, and said, "Because you're Lily Potter."

She rolled her eyes. She hated that everyone always knows who she is, but with a famous father it's bound to happen. "Yeah, I know that, and?" she replied.

"Well don't you know who I am? I'm Scorpius Malfoy as in Draco Malfoy's son. You, being the daughter of Harry Potter, couldn't possibly want to sit with me," Scorpius said.

Lily couldn't help but notice the sad tone in his voice. "Well I do want to sit with you, if that's ok," she responded and smiled at him.

He stared at her for a moment; she had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Scorpius thought to himself of what his father would think of him sitting with her but he just couldn't say no to that smile, and he wouldn't mind someone to talk to. Then he exclaimed with a little excitement in his voice, "I don't mind at all." He stood up and helped her with her trunk.

They talked for most of the trip to Hogwarts, and Scorpius told her about the sorting. Her brothers had told her many things to scare her about the sorting, but now that Scorpius was telling her the truth she was very relaxed about it. In fact, she knew even then that he was telling her things he had never told anyone else. As Scorpius told Lily about his sorting he mentioned he had been just as nervous as she was then. He explained that his father wanted him in Slytherin. After all, every Malfoy to ever live was sorted into Slytherin and he was worried that he wasn't going to be. He told her that the Sorting Hat wanted to place him in Hufflepuff, but he had begged not to be placed there.

"So, the Sorting Hat said, 'As you wish,' and placed me in Slytherin." Scorpius finished.

"I don't get it. Why would you choose to be a Slytherin?" Lily questioned him.

Scorpius had an answer ready for her. "What would you family think if you weren't in Gryffindor?" Lily immediately understood why Scorpius would choose to be a Slytherin.

He went on to tell her he was a third year. She asked about his friends but he didn't seem to want to talk about them, and after a while of talking with him she realized he didn't seem to have many friends at all. She knew that a person who was a Hufflepuff at heart would have a hard time making friends in Slytherin. She had started to tell him about her family and Hugo when he mentioned that her brothers wouldn't be too happy about her being in here with him. He explained that not a lot of people liked him, because of who his father was and even more so because of who his granddad was. She felt a connection with Scorpius. She was known for her father too, although she was well liked and he was hated because of it. It pained her to know this.

It had just gotten dark outside when James stormed in the compartment and yelled, "Lily, what are you doing in here with him?" He pointed at Scorpius as he raised his voice.

Lily stood up and faced her brother. He was quite a bit taller than she was but she stood her ground against him. "I will sit with whomever I please, and you won't stop me," she shouted back.

"You want to bet?" he yelled at her, and with that he grabbed her arm in one hand and her trunk in the other and pulled her out of the room.

"You just wait until I learn to hex better. You'll be sorry," she had told him. He made her sit in his compartment the rest of the ride there, and then escorted her to the boats before getting on a carriage to the castle.

About a week later she was in the Great Hall eating dinner and telling Hugo all about her first week. She introduced him to her new friend, Alexis, and told him about all of their classes. She was in the middle of telling Hugo about Scorpius when she saw Scorpius leaving the Great Hall alone. She told Hugo and Lexy that she would see them later, then ran after him. She caught up to him in the Entrance Hall, and asked him to join her for a walk. While they were walking she apologized for the way that James had acted. She told him that she really thought that he was nice and that she wanted to be his friend. He told her that they couldn't be friends because her brothers wouldn't let them. That was when they decided to be friends in secret.

Ever since then the two of them would send notes to each other and sneak around the castle to meet each other. Many times they ended up with detention for breaking school rules, but didn't usually mind very much, because it was just more time to spend together. They would use the Room of Requirement a lot to meet each other; her father had told her about it and where to find it. Every now and then Hugo and Lexy would come along too. When Hugo and Lexy had learned of their friendship they accepted it automatically; they both trusted Lily and her judgment.

Everything was going great, he was one of her very best friends and then the last day of school last year, her third year, changed everything. She had gone to meet him to say goodbye, and to give him a gift. Her Uncle George had sent it to her just the other day with a note saying,

Hey Lily,

How's my little apprentice in training? I just came up with this and

I need someone to try it out for me. I thought that you could

find someone to use them with. They are enchanted notebooks.

When you write in one of them it shows up in the other book,

and vice versa. I thought it would be a good way for friends

to keep in touch over the summer. Use it wisely and pick a good

friend. I expect a full report on how they work.

See ya,

Uncle George

P.S. Oh and one more thing, don't tell your mum about

the books, I don't think she'd like the idea of

you using an enchanted book after what happened in her

second year at Hogwarts.

She knew exactly who she was going to give the other book to. When she had given it to Scorpius and told him what it was, he was so happy that he kissed her. They both had stood there for a few minuets, faces bright red, until she had excused herself and left the room. She just hadn't known what to say. They had always just been friends, but when he kissed her she had felt something she had never felt before. A few days into the summer she opened her book to find Scorpius' messy writing inside. It said:


About the kiss, I don't know why I did it, but I'm not sorry I

did. I can't stop thinking about it. I don't how you feel about

it, though, and it's driving me mad. I need to know, do you

feel the same? Will you be my girlfriend?

Your friend, and maybe more?


All she had written back was, Of course I do. Over the summer their friendship had grown to much more through writing in their books. She had written to her Uncle George telling him that he was her favorite uncle and that the notebooks had worked great. On September first of her fourth year, as soon as she had boarded the train, she left her trunk with Hugo and Lexy and went to find Scorpius. When she found him in his compartment she pulled the door and curtain closed. He jumped up when he saw her, then pulled her in for a deep kiss.

Her fourth year was the hardest yet to hide their relationship. When they saw each other in the hallways between classes they were always tempted to hold hands and sneak into empty classrooms for a moment alone. They had both known it was just a matter of time before they had to tell their parents. She had told him what Professor Longbottom had said, and he agreed to write to his parents as well.

Lily took a deep breath; if Scorpius can write his parents, so could she. After all, she was supposed to be brave, she was a Gryffindor. She lifted he quill and stared to write.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I have something I need to tell you. I have a boyfriend.

I really, really like him and I know he feels the same way about me.

I have been friends with him for a long time, since my first

year actually. You guys are always telling us to be open minded

and try to be friends with all kinds of people. I know who his father

is, and I don't care about that. He is nothing like his father.

He is very kind-hearted. My boyfriend is Scorpius Malfoy.

I love you guys,