Bella's POV

I woke up, feeling hot breath on my neck…I was being kissed…My eyes flew open…

"Jake…what the hell are you doing in here! You have to leave….Edward will be back soon!"

"I wanted to be near you Bella. I wanted to hold you in my arms, to feel you against me." As he grabbed me

"Jake, stop! Please just stop!"

"I love you Bella. I'm having a hard time accepting that you have chose the leech, over me. But I'm trying to understand."

He was being so honest & open with me. I was having a hard time not falling for his charms. If I were being honest with myself, I would want to experience the love he had to offer.

I reached my arms out and brought him closer to me. I put my head against his chest and felt the heartbeat and the warmth. He pulled my chin up and kissed me deep with his mouth. I felt his hot breath in my mouth; I felt his warm tongue against my own. He pushed me up against the door…I was trapped.

This was wrong…. so wrong…I was forgetting myself. "Jake, we can't…we have to ….st-"But his kisses were so intense. I lost my thought…"Jake STOP!" I managed to say

"No, Bella. No! Hush…Hush. You're going to love this!"

Jake ripped my shirt open, bearing my body to him. I tried to push him off, but he wouldn't budge. He was tugging at my pants; he finally pushed me down to the ground pulling them off. I was kicking him, but he didn't seem to be fazed by it "Why are you struggling Bella. I love you"

"No Jake, please no. Help me!" I screamed out to no one. He put his one hand over my mouth; the other was tugging his own shorts off.

This was not good…not good at all…Jake looked wild…like he'd caught a scent and wasn't going to stop till he got it. He shoved his fingers in me, and I cried out in pain "You like that don't you?" As he did it over and over again I was sobbing uncontrollably at this point. "I'm gonna come inside of you where it's nice and warm…you'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Get off me Jake!" I managed to pull my knee up and hit him in the groin.

I ran for the window, I was desperate! I needed to get out of there, he grabbed me from behind." Help!" I yelled out again as he flung me to the bed. He had grabbed my leg and was positioning himself between my thighs. He was going to rape me…and there was nothing I could do to stop it. This was no longer my friend. This was a wild animal. He rubbed himself against me. I looked into his eyes begging him "Jake please, don't do this. I'm sick Jake, I hurt"

He looked at me…just looked at me…and plunged himself deep inside me. He kept pounding in and out of me, "Bella, I love you!" he kept saying "I'm taking you, I'm making you mine!" I lay frozen crying…this wasn't happening…

Finally an end appeared to be in sight as he told me he was cumming…he filled me, leaving his seed inside me. Jake fell on top of me panting…he looked at me "Bella, oh god what have I done!"

I just lay there in a catatonic state, I couldn't move. I was terrified. I just wanted to die.

"Let me die, please just let me die" was all I could manage

My door opened as I heard a hissing sound, I just kept my eyes closed not wanting to see him. "Bella, what has he done to you? Bella….?"

"I will kill you!" Edward ran at Jacob

"I gave her what she needed bloodsucker!"

I slowly got up…went to the bathroom…I had been violated…I needed to get clean…

I shut and locked the door…I wanted to do this alone…

I looked at myself in the mirror; I didn't like what I saw…I was damaged…no one would want me…I held my breath

I took the cool blade and ran it down my left arm…soon the door was being hit franticly from the outside…I knew it was Edward…"Bella, please stop!" he cried as I ran the blade down the right arm…I watched the life flow from my veins…I fell to the floor into a pool of my own blood…

Edward's POV

I saw my angel lying on the ground. The dog had attacked her…raped her. I was crazed

"Bella, what has he done to you Bella…?" She didn't respond she was catatonic

"I will kill you!"

"I gave her what she needed bloodsucker!" I lunged at him, as I heard his thoughts I saw her begging him to stop, she told him she was sick and in pain. But he did it anyway. He wanted her as his mate, and he took her…!

"Why, Jacob? How could you do this to her?" he didn't have a chance to respond. I noticed Bella, was no longer in the room, I smelled blood…her blood "No Bella!"

I banged on the bathroom door "Bella, please stop!" No, Bella…!" I broke the door down, as I saw her lying in a pool of her own blood.

"Jake, call 911!"

"What's…wron-…Oh Christ! Bells! What have I done?" Jacob sobbed