It was a boring Tuesday at PPTH until Cameron stepped into the diagnostics department. Her hands were dirty and bloody, and traces of something black were smudged all over her clothes.

Wilson happened to be in House's office when she returned. As soon as Cameron stepped into his line of vision he shot out of the seat, and hurried over to her. House limped after him at a less frenzied pace.

All House knew was that Cameron had gone out running after a phone call that morning. He had since been patiently waiting for her to come back so he could badger her into telling him what had happened.

"Really, I'm fine." He heard her tell Wilson as he stepped out of his office. Thank god Wilson was there to get the whole story out of her. Now he didn't have to worry about showing concern, and he'd still get all the details.

Foreman and Chase, who had been reading medical journals, had also made their way closer.

Cameron looked at the group of guys standing around her and grinned. "So all it takes to get four handsome men waiting for my every word, is to have my apartment building catch fire?"

"How bad is it?" Foreman asked.

"What? What happened?" Chase said at the same time as Foreman.

House rolled his eyes at the both of them, and snarked "What, did you leave your curling iron on, or something?"

"Are you sure you're ok?" Chase asked, putting a hand on her arm in a protective gesture, totally ignoring House.

"Actually, I was very lucky. It was the apartment above mine that got torched. My idiot neghbour forgot to turn off the stove after making breakfast. My apartment just has smoke and water damage that will take a few days to fix. Well, that and my cat smells like an overcooked roast."

House couldn't help the grin that tugged at his lips at that crack. Sometimes, Cameron could be incredibly amusing without realizing it.

Wilson gripped her wrist lightly and inspected her arm. "Let me look at these cuts for you."

Chase walked over to a set of shelves in the corner of the room and retrieved the first aid kit. Before he could open it however, House grabbed it from his hands.

"Let the expert handle this." He said in his best superior voice.

Just because he didn't want to comfort her or anything didn't mean he wanted the wombat's hands on her.

"So the fur ball did this?" He asked as he poured a little antiseptic liquid on a cloth.

"Yeah, he was scared. Poor thing."

"Why am I not surprised you have a cat?" House drawled, rolling his eyes.

"Do you need a place to stay?" Foreman asked before Cameron could answer House. Not that his statement needed an answer, anyway.

"I was just going to find a hotel, or something."

"What? Come on, you can stay with me." Chase offered.

"Or me." Foreman chimed in.

"Thanks you guys, but you both live in one bedroom apartments, with tiny couches. I couldn't put you out like that."

"You can stay with me." Wilson said, a little uncertainly. "Believe me, I speak from experience when I tell you the hotels around here all have hard mattresses. And I have the extra bedroom..."

"Wilson, I couldn't possibly..." Cameron started.

"Nonsense. You can be my coffee slave in return."

"Well, Tom would have to come too."

"Boyfriend?" House grunted, not looking up from a pretty nasty cut on her inner forearm. His brows furrowed in thought. Could it be that Cameron had a boyfriend, and hadn't told anyone?

"My cat, you dolt. He's really quiet," She said this time to Wilson. "He hates new places and new people so he'll probably live under my bed for the entire time."

"Thats fine." He assured her.

"Ow!" Cameron glared balefully at House when she felt a particularly nasty sting.

"Baby." He countered.

"Thanks, House." Cameron said, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"You're all done, anyway. Remember to put Neosporin on it tonight and you might live." He avoided eye contact with her. For some reason he was actually relieved that he had gotten it wrong, and it was just a cat. Tempory insanity, obviously.

With a final eye roll for House, Cameron turned to Wilson, and put a hand on his arm. "Thanks, Wilson. Really. This is a life saver."

"Don't mention it. So just come by my office later and I'll give you my address and a spare key. I'm late for an appointment, so I have to run."

Cameron headed down to the woman's locker room for a shower. The smell of smoke hung around her and it was making her sick to her stomach.

Thankfully she kept an extra set of clothes in her locker just in case, so when she clocked in for clinic duty that afternoon she no longer reeked of smoke in a pair of jeans and a peasant blouse.

A little after five, she made her escape and took the elevator up to the fourth floor. The diagnostics department was dark and empty by now and she continued over to Wilson's office.

He stood with his back to her, returning some books to the shelves behind his desk when she came in.

"Hey." Cameron said, suddenly feeling shy. She had rarely seen Wilson out of a work setting, and the thought of staying with him seemed a little awkward.

"Hi. All done?" Wilson smiled warmly at her, and Cameron felt more at ease.

"Yeah, with no patient it's pretty slow."

"I'm ready to head out. Why don't you just ride with me? No need to take both cars, really."

"Sure. I just need to swing by my neighbors first, get the cat and some clothes."

"Of course." Wilson switched the lights off, and they headed down to the car park.

A few minutes later, they were at Cameron's building. Sooty water was everywhere and there were still a few fireman milling around.

Wilson waited in the car as Cameron made her way to an apartment on the ground floor. An elderly woman opened the door with a warm smile for Cameron, and she disappeared inside.

Wilson's brow furrowed in thought as he contemplated the situation he was in now. A woman he had always found extremely attractive would be living in his apartment. House knew he had sometimes thought about asking her out. Well, until he had received a death glare for mentioning that he might have, the day before House had taken her out on a date. Wilson didn't really know how things were between House and Cameron after Stacy returned. All he could do was hope House wouldn't make inappropriate suggestions in front of Cameron, and make things awkward.

A car door opening snapped him out of his thoughts, and Cameron put a pet holder and a duffel bag in the back seat.

"Sorry it took so long, Tom wouldn't budge from under her couch." Cameron said apologetically as she slid into the front seat.

"It's fine. So what do you think about take out tonight?"

"I think that's the best idea I've heard today." Cameron said smiling.

Wilson had to look away as he headed back out of the parking lot. Thinking about how beautiful Cameron was when she smiled wouldn't lead to anything good.

They stopped at a pet store, and then Ning's for Chinese food before heading to Wilson's townhouse. Wilson showed her the guest room, before going to get plates and wine glasses. Cameron threw her duffel bag on the bed, and decided to think about everything later. Right now food called.

She let Tom out of his carrier, and he wasted no time in scurrying under the bed.

After putting his makeshift litter box in the corner of the bathroom, Cameron brushed her hair and washed her hands quickly. When she came back into the living room, Wilson had spread out the cartons of food on the coffee table and was flipping through the TV stations, trying to find something to watch.

He finally settled on a rerun of a Bond movie, and Cameron started heaping food on their plates, making sure they each got a little of everything.

The meal was mostly silent, but it was a comfortable silence. They had managed to eat almost all the food by the time the movie ended and were comfortably slumped into opposite corners of Wilson's couch.

"I wouldn't have pictured you for a Bond type." Wilson remarked lightly, as the credits rolled.

"That was GoldenEye! It's practically a classic." Cameron grinned at him. "Plus, Pierce Brosnan is really hot in a tux."

Wilson laughed then, pushing himself up into a seated position. "Figures. Girls always go for the accents." He shook his head in mock sorrow, making Cameron laugh.

While putting away the left over food and putting the dirty cutlery in the dishwasher, they continued to chat easily. When the kitchen was clean, Wilson settled down in an easy chair in the living room while Cameron put all the clothes she had brought with her in the washing machine, hoping that would be enough to get the lingering smell of smoke out of them.

It was almost midnight and Cameron was about to get ready for bed when she realized her dilemma. Nothing to sleep in. She couldn't sleep naked, because she had to leave the door ajar so Tom could get to the bathroom when he decided to come out of hiding. That left asking Wilson for a shirt to sleep in.

She walked quietly to the living room and was about to ask Wilson for the shirt, but stopped and smiled instead at the sight that greeted her. Wilson had loosened his tie, and the top two buttons of his shirt, looking adorably rumpled. His grip on the book he was reading had loosened and his head was nodding forward as he had fallen asleep.



She tiptoed towards him, squatting next to the chair. She said his name again, a little louder and shook his shoulder gently.

Wilson started awake, dropping the book he was reading.

"Wha- Cam?" He blinked a few times before his brown eyes focused on her.

"I took pity on you and woke you up so you could get to bed. Better for your neck than a chair."


Wilson got up and made sure the door was locked and shut off the lights in the kitchen and hall.

He was in the hall heading towards his bedroom when Cameron got up the nerve to ask him.

"Uh, Wilson? Do you think there's a shirt around here that I could borrow? All my clothes are still in the dryer, and..."

"Of course! I have a drawer full of old shirts I barely wear anymore." He disappeared into his room, and Cameron could hear the distant sounds of dresser drawers opening and closing.

"This should fit you okay." He said, handing her a grey t-shirt that had 'Columbia' on the front. "My lucky shirt. I wore it almost my entire senior year of med school."

"This doesn't look like it would fit you, what did you do, shrink it in the wash?" Cameron said when she noticed how small the shirt seemed.

"Allison Cameron, are you calling me fat?" Wilson drawled, raising an eyebrow at her.

"No!" She laughed. "I mean, your chest is pretty broad, and the...muscles..." As soon as she uttered the word 'muscles' Cameron face flushed in embarrassment. Wilson just raised his eyebrow even higher and grinned at her.

"Right. I'll just...thanks, goodnight." Cameron retreated into her room wishing the floor would open up and swallow her.