Yo, Takashi is sleepy again.

Nap Time :)

Haruhi sighed as the walked down the corridor. She had been putting up with those annoying twins poking and prodding her all day and now she had a full afternoon of hosting to go to! And its not as if they give me anytime to study, she thought.

Haruhi opened the door to the third music room, only to find it empty.

'Great' she muttered. They had been pestering her all day about this afternoon, and they didn't even show up!

Haruhi smiled then headed for the door, if they weren't going to show up she could at least use this opportunity to study.

Right as she was turning the doorknob she heard a groan coming over from the couch.

'What the…'

A head of black hair had appeared over the top of the couch.

'Senpai, is that you?' Haruhi asked as she began walking round the front of the couch.

And there was Mori; he was sitting on the couch with a blanket half draped over him and a confused expression on his face as he scratched his head. It was then Haruhi began to realise exactly how cute he looked right now, Haruhi had never seen him so relaxed before, and it was… well, adorable!

Haruhi blushed. I shouldn't be thinking such thoughts about Senpai like that, its not as if I like him or anything, Haruhi thought.

Mori turned his head up to Haruhi and smiled. 'Call me Takashi, Haru-chan'

Haruhi blanched, Mo… Takashi was being strange, she had only ever seen him smile a few times, and it was just making her face redder and redder.

'O-ok … umm, what exactly are you doing here by yourself? Where's Huni?' Huni and Mori were always in each others company, they were usually fighting when they weren't together… hey… fighting, that's an idea, Haruhi thought.

'Are you fighting?'

'Uh, well' Takashi started 'I don't know what I'm doing here… where is Huni?'

Takashi then proceeded to smile again; he had stood up and was moving closer to Haruhi. By the time he had stopped, Haruhi had become painfully aware of exactly how close they were, she could see the tiny hairs that were slowly growing on his chin, and his mouth… was getting closer!

'You're really beautiful, you know that' Takashi murmured as he placed his mouth on hers, he then proceeded to lick the top of her lip asking for entrance which was gladly granted. Their tongues caressed each others mouths and Haruhi could swear that his hand was travelling up her chest when it clicked.

Haruhi gently pulled her mouth of Takashi's. 'Takashi, your still sleepy aren't you…'

Takashi laughed. 'You know what, I think I am' he said as he pulled Haruhi closer to him'

'Well… are you going to take a nap?'

Takashi smiled again and picked Haruhi up bridle style, which got a small yelp from her.

'Only if you sleep with me'


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