AN: This is a continuation the last chapter of the Deathly Hallows (19 years later)

AN: This is a continuation the last chapter of the Deathly Hallows (19 years later).

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the characters (except ones I have made up e.g. Alicetra Malfoy) if I did I would be very very rich and about 20+ years older.

Harry Potter the next generation:

The Train

Albus and Rose made their way through the corridor past the full compartments, finally arriving at the last carriage. They looked though the windows of the doors in the compartments, noticing one with two blonde first years inside, a girl and boy.

'Can we sit in here? All the others are full.' Albus asked knocking on the door.

'Oh, certainly' the blonde girl said looking up from her daily prophet, though the boy did not stir just continued to stare out the window, 'I'm Alicetra and this is my brother Scorpius.'

'I'm Albus' He said holding out his arm and shaking Alicetra hand

'Rose, nice to meet you' she said smiling and shaking Alicetra's hand as well.

'Enchanted, I hope the feast doesn't take to long, I'm exhausted I almost missed the train!' the blonde girl said 'We were leaving by floo and I had left my wand on my bed so I run up to get it when I come back what do you know Mother and Father have already left without me!'

'We thought you had went already' the boy said sitting up and speaking for the first time in an aristocratic voice,' one minute you were there beside the fireplace waiting to leave and then the next you were gone.'

Alicetra dismissed her brother as though he had not said a thing and continued. 'Anyway, I ended up having to floo by myself to Mrs Partain's house. She is the women whose house we use to floo to as she lives 5 minutes form the station'

'Again we thought you had already left!'

'Shh... When I arrived she tells me that my parents had already left and the train was leaving in 4 minutes!' she said putting emphasis on the word minutes,' I ran at an almighty speed and we made it onto the platform to see Scorpius boarding.'

Scorpius sighed dramatically' mother apparated back to the house to look for you when we arrived at Mrs Partain's house she told me and father to head along to the station. Then she apparated on to 9 ¾ and told us you were on your way, 3 minutes later you run onto the platform sweating like a troll gasping for breath.

'Humph.' Alicetra turning from her brother arms crossed to face Albus,

'Well what and eventful morning you had,' Rose said smiling.

Rose was looking at Scorpius then remembered her dads conversation with Harry on the platform "That's little Scorpius then"

'Are you the Mafloys?'

'Yes' The boy said defensively then asking 'How did you know and why?'

Both the Malfoys now sat up straight and stone faced as if waiting to find out if they were friend or foe.

Taken back by there reaction Rose shuffled in her seat and swallowing a lump of fear in her throat 'Um nothing… My dad just pointed you out on the platform that's all'

'Oh…ok then 'Scorpius relaxed a little 'how did your dad know us anyway is a friend of our father or a colleague at the ministry?'

'Um I don't know but our dads do work at the ministry.' Rose replied.

'Cool' Scorpius said nodding his head then looking to his watch 'the trolley should be here soon.'

He was right a few seconds later a woman was pushing a trolley up the corridor full of liquorice wand, pumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes.

'Anything from the trolley we got every type of sweet you'd ever want.' The plump lady said smiling.

'Yes please could I have a pumpkin pasty and two liquorice wands? 'Rose asked pulling out her money from her purple purse.

'That will be a 3 knuts love.' The women smiled passing rose her sweets.

The other three ordered quickly and the women left. The four of them sat and ate their food that they purchased quietly.

'Anyone want a chocolate frog?' Albus asked biting of the head of the squirming chocolate creature.

'No thanks but what card did you get?' Rose asked looking over her book "Hogwarts a history"

'Um …It's Nicholas Flammel. I Got three of him already you can have him if you want.' Albus said passing the card to her.

'Thanks' Rose said smiling and giving him a hug.

'Want to know something funny?'Scopius said looking up from his sweets 'You know the headmaster before McGonagall was called Albus.'

'I know I was named after two Hogwarts headmasters Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape! My dad says they were the greatest men he ever knew.'

'Cool I'm named after an animal. What part of the ministry do your parents work in anyway?' Scorpius asked them both.

'My Dad works as an auror and my mums a healer at Mungos' Rose said proudly

'And you?' Alicetra asked poking a liquorice wand at Albus's leg

'My Dad's an auror too and my mum used to work in Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophe but quit when she had my sister Lily. So for the past 9 years she has been a stay home mum.'

'Cool our mother and father both work in department of Department of International Magical Cooperation.

'I'm bored.' Rose closed her book and sat up.

'You have not finished that book already?!' Albus looked at her shocked

'Yes!' she shot him a look then turning to the twin 'Do either of you play chess?'

'I do and I don't mean to be cocky but I'm fabulous!' Scorpius smirked then looked down to his watch. 'Well we should get changed now and that will give us then minutes to play.'

The boys let the girls get changed in the compartment while they went to the toilets

'You better watch playing my brother he is as he said fabulous at chess.'

'We'll I'm utterly amazing'

'Well, well, well who's cocky now?' Alicetra laughed

The boys returned a few minutes later the four of them dressed in there clean new Hogwarts robes, each with the H crest.

'So are we playing?'

'Of course' Rose smiled as she lifted out a white marble chess board form her chest and two sets of marble pieces.

'I've got my own pieces' Scorpius lifted out a set of black crystal pieces. His queen gleaming as he set it on the board.

The two set up there pieces and jumped into the came. Pure concentration showed on their faces. Albus watched the game interested for the first few minutes. On the other hand Alicetra flicked through a issue of witch weekly uninterested by the strategic game.

After about 15 minutes Rose stretched swiftly moving her bishop a small grin on her face.

'Checkmate!' The bishop lifted his long staff plunging forward shattering the king violently.

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