Contest entry for ComputerFreak101's contest.

Pairing: BakuraxRyou, Tendershipping.

It was raining outside.

He loved the rain. It made him feel alive and well. It made him feel as if, even if only for a moment, the heavens remembered he was there and was crying with him. As if the angels above, the ones who weren't devils in disguise, really did care for him.

He stared out the window, wishing he wasn't sick. He wanted to go dance in the rain. To jump the puddles he jumped whenever it rained. He sighed, staring out the window again. It was a nice window, with a nice view, to be sure, but it just wasn't the same as being out there. Especially with that annoying spot of bug innards from earlier that day when he killed a fly.

It wouldn't come off. He gave another melancholy sigh, and turned away from the window, pulling his blanket closer. A mug of tea sat on the coffee table, and he stared at it for a moment. Debating whether to drink it, he vaguely thought he should start using coasters. There were rings all over the glass surface.

A sound startled him from his reverie, and he looked up. His pther stood at the window now, staring outside much as he had been doing before. He smiled softly to himself. It was during rainstorms like this that his other was less aggressive, even kind. The spirit turned to the boy with a ghost of a smile on his lips.

"I like the rain, HikariAngel. Do you?"

"Yes Bakura. I love the rain."

He nodded slightly, turning back to the window.

"It's days like this that remind me of home..." he heard Bakura murmur quietly.

The two fell silent, the sound of the rain the only thing in the room. The spirit turned suddenly and pulled him from the couch, the covers falling away. And began to dance.

"Since we can't dance in the rain, this'll have to do," he said softly.

And Ryou smiled. He wished it rained more often.