His arm was locked around her waist, effectively keeping her at his side until morning. She couldn't sleep- though that was nothing new. Insomnia was a way of life for her. She could never turn her brain off. It was rather inconveniant.

And the fact that she had an attractive man in her bed was not helping very much. From her position with her head against his chest she could breathe in his scent and hear his heartbeat. One of his hands tangled into her hair, holding her to him.

She realised that she didn't mind being restricted, not when it meant keeping close to him, which scared her more than anything else.

Because it meant she loved him. Really loved him, wanted to be with him, stay with him.

But that wasn't possible. He was a Prince with a wife and children at home. She was just a lover. He would go on, painfully soon, return to his real life and she would just be a thought in the back of his head. She would be a memory, his former mistress. Did he love her? He acted like he did. Did it matter? No, probably not. He would still have to go.

And that was only his reasons for ending their relationship. Because she knew it couldn't last on her end either. She had a cause, she lived a dangerous life. She was a rebel, a member of the Resistence. If she were ever captured she would be thrown in prison for the rest of her life. She'd seen things that no one wanted to see.

And soon, very soon she would have to comit one of those acts that turn people's blood cold. Murder- no, no don't think. Thinking makes it worse. If she didn't think she would be able to do it. If she did think she would go insane.

So she stopped. She listened to his deep breathing and tried to match it, hopeing it would lull her to sleep. Her hand slid to her stomach and she froze. No... no. That won't due. Could it be? Yes. She could be.

She nearly flung herself from the bed- how could it be that the normal relevation, the one most women go through is the one that terrefied her?

But she most have woken him up. "Elphie-Fae? Are you alright?"

"Hmm? Yes... Yes, I'm fine."

"Good." He kissed the top of her head. and was back to sleep.

She loved him. Damn it.