Chapter 20: Epilogue

I held onto those last few weeks tighter then a little kid hangs onto its mother. Edward didn't like seeing me doing that. He felt that I would become depressed. He voiced his concern several times, but I dismissed them. I miss my human years, but not as much as my love for Edward.

As my gained control over my powers, I soon learned that I could copy other powers around me. Alice hated it. She wanted to be the one who saw stuff first. Rosalie and I seemed to get closer and closer everyday.

With my heightened eyesight, I enjoyed shopping. Alice was overjoyed by this, of course. Edward didn't mind, as long as he could come along also. He hated being separated. Very rarely were we couldn't hear each other's thoughts.

Alice grew tired of her brother always tagging along. Sometimes she got Jasper and Emmett to go with us, and distract him. I always felt bad when the boys had to come shopping with us. It wasn't very fun for them, especially when Edward was terrified to leave the store, let alone my side.

Eventually, Edward and I rarely left our little cabin. I loved it so much, I couldn't bear to leave it and move on. At first, Edward was a little concerned about the Quileute wolves deciding to start the war, but they didn't touch us at all. At my 'funeral' Jacob voiced his thoughts that Edward killed me, or any of the Cullen family, but they really thought I was dead.

I was a little disturbed with the thought, but I soon forgot it.

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