Sly gets scarred


Sly was doomed. The scar was fucking big.

I had no idea what i was fucking with' said sly.

it was two hours before it happened.

"hey bitch-face, wanna go to the extreme fuckarium?" bently said.

I was fucking kidding you assholian retardalar." benlty said.

"sweet, im in!! fuckshittian, don't call me a fucking bitchface, you little salty shit. do we have intercourse with people there?"

"I needed to get fucking laid, but i was open to skate to," sly said.

"no, but we can rollerskate."

"Lets make a fuckass kicking vid!!" murry said.

"SHIT!!" mhuryu said.

they went their.

" I fucking thought he could do it. he couldn't jump and do a 182 into a fuckity fucker. he's such a bitch." Dr M said.

"sly try this move for the video.jump and do a 182 into a fuckity fucker." murry said.

"okay." sly said. he jumped and did the splitz and his cock came off. The scar was fucking big. his leg was bleeding.


"shit shit shit shit shit" bently said.


"the blood was 3 feet high."

"shut the fuck up dipcake!' murry said.

" I just fucking called 911. I knew sly was..." mury said.

the police arrested sly. he was put back together.

"the doctors said they coulnt find my cock. I tried to kill myself."

"three days later, sly was released. he was never the same. sly was not a guy anymore he had no cock,.






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