Ok, I was watching the Alvin and the Chipmunks Halloween movie and there was a song about how Alvin and Simon had to watch their brother become a werewolf.

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--Old Farmhouse, Greece--

Allen was hunched down near the floor, almost on all fours. He stared at Kanda growling, barring his teeth. His right hand making a swiping motion at Kanda's face whenever he got too close. The moonlight was bouncing off his white hair in an eerie fashion.

"Allen, what are you doing?" Linalee asked as she watched her friend growl at Kanda, who seemed shocked at the moment. The white haired boy was known for being nice, not for randomly attacking teammates.

Allen just turned his attention to Linalee. Pegging her as the weaker of the two he lunged at her. Kanda tackled him before he could reach Linalee. He grabbed Allen's arms and held them behind his back to prevent him from swiping with his new found claws.

"Kanda, what happened? I get separated when the Akuma attack and come back to find Allen acting like a dog."

"After you got separated we managed to get away. We were running through the woods when all of a sudden this big wolf jumps out. It wasn't an Akuma because Allen's eye didn't activate, but it still attacked us. Allen innovated his arm to block his body and the wolf bit it. The wolf actually managed to break through Allen's arm. Naturally Allen screamed and threw the wolf off. He broke out into this weird sweat and when the moon came out he just snapped. It took a lot of time to haul him back here." At this point Allen had stopped struggling and settled on growling low and dangerously under Kanda.

"So how long was he all crouched down? It's almost dawn."

"He spent the first half of the night…howling. Like a wolf. The he crawled into the corner for a while and was shaking. I didn't know what was going on so I decided to stay away. Then he just turned and started swiping and growling. That's when you came in."

"It'll be dawn in a few moments. We'll tie him up and head out after then." The two stared at each other in silence. Wait, silence? The looked down. Allen had once again broken out in a cold sweat and his body was twitching under Kanda's weight. Suddenly he went limp. Kanda slowly got off and stared at him. Allen's eyes slowly began to open and Kanda pulled Mugen out and placed it against his throat incase he got aggressive. The light from the rising sun bounced off the blade. When Allen opened his eyes noticed Kanda looming over him, and the sword at his throat.

"Kanda, why are you trying to kill me in my sleep? Isn't that a little low?" he asked.

"I was just making sure you didn't attack me," Kanda answered surveying the boy.

"Why would I attack you?" Allen scratched his cheek in confusing. "Ouch," he said when he cut himself. "How did my nails get so long? And sharp for that matter?"

"You don't remember?" Kanda asked.

"Remember what?"

"Answer me this first. What is the last thing you can recall from last night?"

"Linalee got separated from us, and we had to fight off the giant mass of Akuma. Then we were walking through the woods to the old farmhouse we had been in earlier. Then a wolf came out. I tried to defend myself, but it bit my arm. Then I screamed and threw it off me and passed out. Next thing I know you're standing over me asking me questions," Allen said.

Kanda turned to Linalee. "He doesn't remember anything apparently."

"Remember what?" Allen asked.

"Maybe its better this way," Linalee said not answering Allen's question.

"What happened when I was passed out?" Allen asked getting nervous. His friends were attacking very weird. Normally they had no problem telling him something, especially if it evolved the mission. Why were they keeping secret all of a sudden?

"Do you want to know Allen?" Kanda asked using Allen's given name instead of his nickname. "Do you want to know what information we're keeping from you? Are you that desperate for answers?"

"Yes, why won't you tell me?"

"Because," Linalee said. "It might not be the best thing for you too know. We're just trying to figure out how you'll take it."

"Tell me and find out then." Allen was scared. They were acting so weird.

"Have you ever heard of lycanthropos?" Linalee asked.

"Yeah, that's what people in Greece call werewolves."

"What do you know about werewolves?" Linalee asked.

"A werewolf is a person who shape shifts into a wolf, after being placed under a curse. They transformation with the appearance of the full moon. Scientists say that a werewolf can be killed if shot by a silver bullet. A werewolf allegedly can also be killed by complete destruction of heart or brain; silver isn't necessary." Allen said remembering a book he had read on the subject. "Why?"

"You pretty much gave the most common known explanation. The truth is that they are forced to transform on a full moon, but can do it any other night if they have too. Research has also shown that the curse can be reversed. The victim doesn't always have to be shot by a bullet. As long as it's before the first full transformation," Linalee said.

"Ok, that's nice to know. Now can you tell me why I needed to know that?" Allen asked.

"The nights before the full transformation a new werewolf gets incredibly angry and often doesn't remember what happened," Linalee said. Allen started getting incredibly nervous, the palms of his hands beginning to sweat.

"And what does this have to do with me?" he asked struggling to keep his voice calm.

"This is your last chance to back away Moyashi," Kanda said.

"I want to know what happened." Allen said with a firm voice.

"Because last night you were bitten by a wolf, possible a werewolf. Last night, you tried to kill me Allen," Kanda said looking straight at the boy.

Allen's eyes widened, then he passed out. Kanda and Linalee watched over his body until he woke up again.

"Hey guys," he said smiling. "It's nice to see you returned safely Linalee. I passed out last night so I don't really remember what happened."

Kanda and Linalee looked at him. He had forgotten everything they had told him. Maybe this was so he wouldn't fight the curse.

"Allen," Linalee said trying out a theory. "You were bitten by a wolf last night, when you passed out you attacked Kanda. There's a chance you might be a werewolf."

Again Allen's body slumped forward with no warning. Then moments later he woke up again. "Linalee, your back!" he said.

It was no use. Allen would forget whenever they told him he was a werewolf. How could they save someone from a curse, when the person didn't even know about it?

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