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The boy didn't know who he loved, for he had many friends. Surely one of them loved him, right? But perhaps it was more of a friendly love, or a brotherly or sisterly love. After thinking about it for a very long time, the boy decided that none of his close friends could be the one to love him with all their heart.

After sitting around and cuddling for a while, Allen began to get nervous. There were only twelve days until the curse would fully take over his body. That wasn't a lot of time.

"Kanda," he whispered facing the teen.


"I want to find out more about the curse, can we go see that old man?" Allen asked.

"Are you sure it's ok for you to go out like this Allen?" Kanda asked stroking Allen's back in circles.

"I can behave. I'm not an animal. Not yet at least," he said looking downcast.

"Well then, I see no reason why we can't go."

"Really?" Allen said looking happily.

"Really, it's midday now, so I think we should be able to get there in time. Come on," Kanda said pulling Allen to his feet. "Linalee!" he called and the girl came back into the barn


"We're going to go see that old man again, are you coming?" Kanda asked.

"Yeah, I want to hear this too."

So t he three exorcist set off towards the edge of town where the old man lived. There was no real conversation going on between them, but it wasn't an awkward silence.

"Here we are," Kanda said as the ht came into view. Linalee raced ahead and knocked gently on the door.

"Hello? Is anyone home?" she asked.

"Depends on who they are and what they want," said an old, raspy voice.

"It's me," Kanda said. "I've brought my friends, the one who's been cursed, and my other comrade. May we come in?"

"Yes, I suppose you can," said that man as he opened the door. The three teenagers entered the hut and took different seats among the room. Kanda purposely put himself next to Allen.

"What can I do you for?" the man asked sitting down in an ancient chair.

"We'd like to know more about the curse. Where it came from, how it evolved, that sort of thing," Kanda said.

"Well, in the beginning it wasn't a curse. Just a sickness, a disease if you will," the old man said.

"What did it do?" Linalee asked.

"It caused the pituitary gland; you know the one in the back of your neck that releases hormones, to over produce. It really only effected men though."

"How was it spread?" Kanda asked.

"Through the air. Who ever had it would get a small cough that passed the germs along."

"How come it only affected the men?" Allen asked.

"Well, if a woman were to catch it, the amount of estrogen in her body would go up, but so would the amount of testosterone. Ultimately cancelling on another out. In men though, there was no estrogen to stop it. Now they were filled to the brim with hormones. This caused them to have shorter tempers, and an increased amount of hair growth," the man said.

"Then how did it become this horrible curse?" Linalee asked leaning forward.

"Well, the local doctors had been working on a cure for it for a while now. The disease wasn't life threatening, but it wasn't all that pleasant either. Anyways the treatment had finally been perfected and cases were coming in by the dozens. Men wanting their normal lives back. Well during this time a traveler came into our town. He was dressed very nicely and seemed like a bit of an aristocrat."

"Noah," The three exorcists said.

"Well, whatever he was we told him to stay away, that there wasn't enough medicine for everyone right then and he should steer clear of certain areas. Well the dammed bloke never listened. Claimed that no sickness could befall him. Turns out he was wrong. Eventually he came around and asked us for some medication, but we had run out just like we said we would. The man became infuriated saying that someone of his stature couldn't be sick at a time like this. Then his skin began to get darker and a row of crosses appeared on his head. His eyes also became this strange amber colour."

"Defiantly Noah."

"He had just finished claiming that he would kill everyone in the village until he was treated. But before he could lie a hand on a single person, his clothes tore off, revealing a bare body that was steadily being covered in hair. His finger nails became longer and sharper, as well as his teeth. He lashed out and killed one of the villagers." The man said with a sad expression on his face.

"Who was it?" Linalee asked.

"It was my wife. She was with child as well. Neither one of them made it."

"I'm sorry for your loss," Allen said knowing what it was like to have someone you loved killed in front of you.

"Thank you son. Well after that he bit someone else. Then the man, I believe you called him a Noah, fell to the ground and said something."

"What was it, what did he say?"

"He said 'Now this illness will travel through the workers of God, slowly killing them then using the shells of their bodies as a home until they can find another victim'."

"So from then on people have been attacked?" Kanda asked.

"Yes, occasionally someone wearing a coat like yours comes along and gets attacked. They are the only ones who have managed to break the curse."

"If they broke it, why is Allen infected?"

"Because they only broke it, they did not destroy it. Due to the illnesses nature to adapt it can live without a host for a small amount of time."

"Oh," Allen said.

"Is there anything else thing else you'd like to know?" the man asked.

"No, not right now thank you," Linalee said bowing as Kanda and Allen stood up and headed towards the door. "Thank you for your time."

"It was no trouble. Just make sure your friend makes it through this, okay?"

"We'll try our best sir," Linalee said and chased after Kanda and Allen. When the three of them were fully hidden by the trees Allen fell to the ground crying."

"I don't want to die!" he said burying his face into his hands.

"Baka, what makes you think you will die?" Kanda asked kneeling beside the boy.

"You said it yourself, I'm weak and useless."

"I also said that I loved you and that we'd fix this," Kanda said.

"No you didn't," Allen cried.

"Yes I did."

"No, you never told me you loved me!"

"Did I really need to say it? I thought that the whole 'kissing you until you were breathless' was enough!"

"Well it's not."

"Fine then. I love you. I. Love. You. I, Yu Kanda, love you, Allen Walker. Are you happy now?'

"You said my name…" Allen said as his tears stopped.

"Yes, I did. Was that a bad thing?"

"No, I liked it."

"Okay then."


"Yes Moyashi?"

"Say it again."

"Say what again?"

"My name."




"Pretty please?"


Linalee just stood behind them, giggling at the site in front of her.

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