A/N: Ron's thoughts, probably 5th year. I know it's short. Deal with it :) R&R

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I must be the only man on the face of the planet who's actually found love at the age of fifteen. Not just a teenage crush, but true love. When I look at her, I honestly believe that I'm going to end up marrying her. Because in all honesty, I don't know who else I could ever be with. She's completely perfect. She's bloody brilliant, and much prettier than she thinks she is. And she drives me crazy like no one else can. They say that only fools rush into love. I suppose I'm a fool then. Come to think of it, it's not really even rushing in at all. I've known her for four years, and have grown to love even her most annoying quirks. Maybe someday, I will get the courage up to tell her all of this. Then we can kiss, I can propose, we can get married, and have our two beautiful children. Yes, I have already decided all of this, and it will happen. I might be pretty thick, but I'm sure about one thing. I'm going to marry this girl.

A/N: That was short, and written simply because I haven't written a fan fic in awhile. I might add on to this story with a few more short RxHr drabbles. Just for the sake of writing my favorite ship 3