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Summary: Eddi Williansome is an average teenager. Well if you consider a average teenager a book worm. Eddi is most interested in a series called Maximum Ride right now. What would happen if she wished on a star that she was Max Ride? Will her world turn upside down????

This is going to be the intro...so it will be short but the others will be wayyy longer


Eddi POV

I stared at the overhead, trying to make it disappear or something so our teacher would give us free reading time again. I looked down into my lap at the current book I was reading, Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. I glanced back up at the teacher to see her still jotting stuff on the overhead. I smiled softly and opened the book to my bookmark. I took my bookmark out and started reading. I guess I was so busy consitrating on ter Borcht interrogating the flock I didn't hear the teacher call my name or walking up to my desk with her hand out.

"Eddi, will I have to call your mom again? Honestly, you need to stop reading in class," my teacher remarked in her pure english accent. My head shot up as I finally noticed her. The kids around me snickered. Why in heck did god give me this life?

I sourly handed my book to her and she said, "You may pick it up after school."

I sighed and jotted down the rest of the notes.

WISH UPON A STAR(this is a line thing)

I looked up from my homework to gaze out at the window. How beautiful it must be to fly in a clear night sky. Being able to fly with the ones you love, knowing no one can touch you.

A shooting star whipped across the stars and I closed my eyes. I wish I was Maximum Ride and I had Fang and the flock to hold me up, I thought to myself.

I looked down at my homework and tried solving a 2-step equation. I was in the middle of it when my world went black.


I looked up from my post at the dark night sky. There was a million stars up there and I could get a clear view out of all the people in the world.

A shooting star made it's way across the sky. I wish I could have normal life, without the school and erasers, I wished silently to myself.

I glanced around at the flock and my world went black.

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