Mission: Accomplished
A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Author: Marriella Bullet
Story Type: Action/Adventure/Drama AU
Primary Characters:
Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader
Secondary Characters: Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca
Setting: Post ESB
Summery: When the Alliance gets a new recruit, everyone notices a change in Luke and his hostility towards the new man. Secrets are lurking in the shadows; secrets that overshadow even Luke new knowledge of his parentage. When the new recruit gets assigned to the same mission as Luke and his friends, secrets are bound to spill out and confrontations will take place, everything will be revealed, and Luke has to keep his head if he plans to get through it all alive... and handle Vader at the same time.

Note: I'm making Luke eighteen in this story although I am well aware that in the actual trilogy, he's older than that after ESB.

Chapter One

Luke was tired, he didn't want to get up… but life at the base demanded it. He forced himself out of his bunk and rubbed his eyes sleepily. He shouldn't have stayed up so late last night but it had been so hard to leave. He had been hanging out with Wedge and Wes in the huge Alliance kitchen experimenting with different recipes for fun.

Luke walked to the bathroom and splashed water in his face, brushed his hand through his unruly hair a few times, then looked at himself. He shook his head. That person in the reflection didn't look like a hardened solider; what he saw was a boy, a kid… and somehow Vader's son.

Luke shook his head, trying to get those thoughts out of his head. He looked again, and saw himself in a more positive light. He had grown. His muscles were bigger than they had been before he joined the Alliance and he… well, he couldn't say that he was really that much taller. It wasn't fair. Why couldn't he inherit something good from his father? Like maybe his height.

Luke almost laughed. He was only eighteen, there was still time to grow. And until then, he would enjoy himself.

"Hey kid," Han said, coming up behind his friend, briefly throwing his arm around him as he came to a halt.

"Hey," Luke said, smiling. They had rescued Han from Boba Fett only three weeks ago. They had been lucky enough to run into the bounty hunter on some moon while they had been supplying the Falcon with new equipment. Han had been blind for a day or two afterwards, but now he was back to being his old self again. In fact he seemed to be in a good mood more often now.

"What's up?" Luke asked Han. He could tell that something was up.

"Well," Han said, good naturedly, "I heard, from a very reliable source, that there may be a new mission for us pretty soon."

This was always good news. The boys loved going on missions. Their record was perfect; every mission they were sent on was a success. The Alliance came to know them as very reliable with even more important missions now. And it was nice to go out, get some action, then come back home. They automatically thought of the Rebel Alliance as their home; they had been here so long, and everyone was so close, and everything was so familiar, it just felt like home.

"Really? Where to?" Luke asked eagerly.

"Not sure," Han said. "This is just a probability, but be ready for something."

Luke was about to say something when he heard someone call his name.

"Skywalker!" It was General Madine. For some reason Luke didn't like General Madine; what he didn't know was he was about to dislike the General a whole lot more.

Out of respect Luke turned around to see what the General wanted. "Yes sir."

"I want you to meet our new recruit. He will be helping you plan new strategies for your squadron." Madine turned around and allowed the man to step forward. Luke's eyes grew wide. "This is Janon Randle. Randle, meet Luke Skywalker."

Luke's glare turned to hate in an instant. Han noticed it.

Janon Randle laughed. "Luke! How good to see you! General, you don't have to introduce me, I already know this incredible young man."

"In that case, I'm sure you two will get along well. Later, gentlemen." Luke watched General Madine walk away. He couldn't stand to look back at Randle.

Luke felt Han nudge him. "Kid?"

Luke waited only one more second before angrily walking past Randle, leaving Han to deal with the man by himself.

There were few times when Han couldn't get his young friend… this was one of those times. Luke was normally open to meeting new recruits, especially ones he would be working with. But his reaction to meeting Janon Randle bothered him. Apparently they knew each other. What happened between those two to make Luke so hostile toward this man?

Han resolved to talk to Leia about this later.

Artoo beeped in his normal worried fashion when he saw his master's obvious elusive attitude. Luke had been like this for a week or two after Bespin, but for the past few weeks, Luke had shown no sign of going back to that… what had happened now?

Artoo beeped again.

"It's nothing, Artoo," Luke said from his perched position on his X-Wing. Artoo and Luke were fixing it up after their last space battle last week. There were just a few dents but it always bothered the two to see the X-Wing not look its best.

Artoo beeped something sarcastic.

"I'm not acting weird," Luke insisted. "I just didn't get enough sleep last night. You know how us teenagers can get when we don't get enough sleep."

Artoo beeped something as if to say, "Yes, unfortunately I do."

Suddenly, Luke looked up and saw the last person he wanted to see.

"Oh no, it's Randle," Luke said with obvious distaste.

Artoo whispered something about Luke hiding and Luke shook his head. "No way, I'm not afraid of him." Then lowering his voice, he added. "I hope."

Randle noticed Luke and waved at him as he began to come over to his side of the hanger. "Luke, I've been looking for you."

"No kidding," Luke mumbled as he continued to work on his ship.

"Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for everything and I hope we can put that all in the past and start over," he said with a friendly smile. A little too friendly for Randle.

"Do you think I'll actually believe that?" Luke said accusingly.

"I've changed, Luke. I'm not who I used to be."

Luke sighed, very annoyed. "As much as I'd like to believe that, I know that's not possible so why don't you just stay away from me, okay?"

Randle shook his head sadly. Luke just rolled his eyes at Randle's fake display of sadness.

"I just wish that you'd believe me."

To Luke's relief, Randle left and he let out a breath that he had been holding. He couldn't deny it, he was still worried and… maybe just a little scared of Randle. How could he not be?

Artoo whispered. Luke barely heard him. "No, I'm fine."

Luke tossed and turned in his bed, his arm came up and hit the wall. Nothing could wake him up. He began breathing hard, he cried out. Still he could not wake up…

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