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Chapter Five

Han, Luke and Leia jumped into the room expectantly. The two people in the room turned in surprise, putting a sudden end to the conversation they'd been having. Leia's reaction was one of shock and disgust. Han's was of anger and fear. Luke's was of horror and surprise, yet somehow he knew something like this would happen.

Leia yelled, "Vader!"

"Randle," Luke said knowingly.

Out of surprise, Randle exclaimed, "Luke!"

Vader turned to examine the way his son and Randle glared at each other, then said to Randle, "You know Luke?"

"How do you know Luke?" Randle said, forgetting for a second who he was talking to.

"I knew this would happen," Luke said, looking up at the ceiling.

"I wish I knew what was happening," Han said in confusion.

"Everyone, quiet!" Leia exclaimed. "What's going on?"

Vader hadn't expected his son to be here. He also hadn't expected him to apparently know Randle. There was something between those two that he wasn't sure that he liked.

"Randle's an Imperial," Luke said to his friends in an "I told you so" tone. "I told you we couldn't trust him."

Randle clapped his hands together in mock pride. "I have to hand it to you Luke, you're not the stupid kid you used to be."

Luke could feel his temper rising fast. He was caught in a very bad situation here. Randle and Vader here at the same time. Nowhere to run. The truth was going to come out. He shook his head. How could this happen to him now?

"Unfortunately," Randle continued. "you inherited your mother's stubbornness. If you hadn't avoided me at the base you would have figured this all out sooner." Randle laughed. Luke hated that laugh. "Yes… just like your stubborn mother."

Luke knew that loosing his temper in front of Vader was dangerous but Randle had gone too far.

"Okay, do you wanna start something?" Luke said, taking a few steps toward Randle.

As soon as Randle had started talking about Luke's mother, Vader had been all ears. Now with Luke standing up to defend her, he couldn't help but wonder how these two knew each other.

Randle threw away his fake cover and also revealed his anger. "Oh it started the day you tried to turn me in."

"I'd had enough of your stupid, fake threats!"

By this time Randle and Luke were right in front of each other. Randle's voice was low when he spoke. "You know not all the threats were fake… since your mother ended up getting killed."

In a split second, Randle found a lightsaber at his throat. Surprisingly it wasn't Luke's.

"If you say one more word without my permission, you will be dead before you finish the sentence," Vader said. His voice was dangerous. Everyone in the room was quiet. "Luke," Vader said, turning to his son. His voice was softer. "What is this man to you?"

Luke glanced back at his friends who were watching expectantly. Beneath Randle's fear, Luke could tell he was wondering what Luke was going to say. Vader waited, almost patiently.

Luke took a deep breath to brace himself and closed his eyes. "He's my stepfather."

"What?" Han and Leia exclaimed at once.

Vader's legs almost gave out when he heard this. How could Luke have a stepfather? Padme died long before she could have married anyone else. And yet both Luke and Randle had been talking about her like they knew her well. He had so many questions. He needed answers!

"Why do you hate him?" Vader asked.

Luke couldn't believe he was telling everyone this but he couldn't hide it any longer. "He abused me, okay?" Luke turned and began walking around the room as he spoke. "He abused me and threatened to kill my mother if I told anyone! Is everyone happy now?"

Vader pushed Randle into the wall extremely hard. "You did what?"

"Lord Vader, I don't understand!" Randle said in a pleading tone Luke had never heard from him before.

"That is my son!"

Randle's eyes grew wide as he realized how dangerous his situation had become. Working as a spy for the Empire had turned out to be not a very clever career choice.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" Leia said walking toward them. "Luke's Vader's son, and Randle's stepson!?"

"Yes, that's been established," Luke said, finding a place to sit.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Leia asked, putting an arm around Luke.

"Yeah, we coulda helped out," Han said.

"I just wanted to forget about it, you know?" Luke said. "But I don't think any of us need to worry about Randle."

They all looked to where Randle was trying to get away from Vader. It was obvious that Vader was going to kill him.

"I think we'd better go before Vader had time to deal with us," Han said.

Luke looked up and thought for a second. "Yeah let's go."

By the time Vader had finished giving Randle the very painful death he deserved, Luke, Han, and Leia were nowhere to be seen.

It had been Han's idea to go back to where they had left Marina and Dilan. They had to see if they'd gotten any leads on the data yet. It was essential to get off the ship as soon as possible.

Marina and Dilan came out just as they were coming through the door. They both looked excited. They guessed that meant that they had found the data. They were right.

"Hey we were just about to look for you guys," Dilan said. "We found the data!"

"Good, let's get out of here," Leia said.

Just as they were about to start back to the ships, Marina commented, "Where's Randle?"

Han and Leia stopped in their tracks but Luke answered quickly. "Turns out he was an Imperial spy."

"Really?" Dilan said. "He seemed like such a nice guy."

"Yeah, you gotta look out for the nice guys," Han said, giving a playful glance to Leia. She smiled.

"Guys, Vader's still on the ship. I say we need to get going," Luke said.

"Vader?" Dilan exclaimed. "Dang, this had been one busy day."

"Let's com the other groups and tell them to come back and take off as soon as possible," Leia said before they started running.

"Chewie! Start up the Falcon; we need to get outta here!" Han yelled as they came into the hanger bay. Every second they were still on the ship, the apprehension grew. Everyone felt that if they turned around, Vader would appear with an army of stormtroopers behind him.

One of the other groups had already taken off. The only other group was right behind them. Everyone was accounted for as far as they could tell. Excluding Randle of course.

One they were in space again, everyone let out their stressed out breaths.

"We made it," Leia said happily.

"Yeah," Luke said, slightly out of breath. "Mission accomplished, you guys."

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