What a Couple of Drinks Can Cause

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Part 1: Speeches and Offerings

74 C.E.: Attha Estate 7:59 p.m.

Cagalli Yula Attha fidgeted nervously with her dark-red dress. She hated wearing dresses because one: she never liked the uncomfortable feeling it gave her, and two: she felt self-conscious and naked. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had picked out a strapless, red dress that had an opening on her left leg which closed up again just before reaching her thigh. And yes, she herself did pick out the dress. After all, she no longer needed help playing dress-up for a special event. Nope. She was nineteen now. No Mana needed anymore (well, as much anyways).

There was a knock at the door. "Cagalli,"--Kira called as he opened the door and stepped in—"Lacus and I are rea-" he stopped mid-sentence.

Cagalli noticed his abrupt end to his sentence and turned to look at him. "What?"

Kira shook his head and grinned. "Wow Cagalli, it never ceases to amaze me how you look like in a dress," he chuckled.

Cagalli frowned. "Shut it Kira Yamato. Or I'll murder you," she warned.

Kira returned the frown. "Can't you even take a compliment nicely?"

Cagalli snorted and looked away. "What did you want? Surely you didn't come here just to argue with me and my manners."

"No, I came here to tell you that Lacus and I are ready—are you?"

"Obviously," Cagalli retorted.

"Let's go then, before we're late," Kira opened the door open for her and followed her out of the room.

Lacus was standing out in the hallway, ready to leave. As soon as she saw Cagalli she stifled a gasp. "My Cagalli, you look beautiful!" she gaily complimented.

Cagalli looked away, trying to hide her blushing, and crossed her left hand over her chest (as if trying to cover herself). "Thank you Lacus," she mumbled.

Lacus smiled at her. Lacus had on a simple elegant, strap-on pink dress that—like Cagalli's—had an opening at the left side of her leg and closed before reaching her thigh.

"Well, shall we go now?" Kira asked as he opened to the front door of Cagalli's house.

Both females nodded and followed behind Kira's footsteps toward the awaiting limousine.

Banquet Hall, 8:18 p.m.

Cagalli resisted the urge to shield her golden eyes from the flashes of the photographers.

"There seems to be a lot of coverage," Kira noted.

"It can't be helped," Lacus replied," This is after all the celebration of the brand new treaty between the naturals and the coordinators."

"True," Kira agreed.

Cagalli may have resisted the urge of shielding her eyes, but she made no resistance to suppress her irritated sigh. This was going to be a long night, she thought dully. She looked back at Kira and Lacus.


"Shouldn't we be asking you that question Cagalli?"

She frowned. She seemed to be doing a lot of that tonight. "It's just a speech Kira. Why should I be worried?"

Kira sighed. "Whatever you say…Ms. Representative."

Cagalli rolled her eyes and stepped out of the limousine. She did a quick glance around and mentally noted that there would probably be loads of photos in the newspaper tomorrow. She could see it now; ORB's Representative—Ms. Attha—attends celebration of peace treaty between naturals and coordinators…Or something along the lines of that as the headline.

She glanced behind her shoulder to see Kira helping Lacus out of the limo. She couldn't help but feel a tad-bit envious of them. But she quickly brushed the feeling aside as she entered the Banquet Hall's doors.

There wasn't much liveliness in the room. Everyone was seated at their designated tables and they were idly chatting away. She glanced around at the decorations and assortments, they were all very elegant. The tables were arranged in a circular formation and the tabletops had a white cloth covering them with a vase of white lilies placed at the center. The silverware was neatly arranged in order as if they had been measured how far apart they should be from each other. And the ceiling had an elegant structure that looked like it was from the twentieth century.

But what caught Cagalli's eye was the open bar at the far corner. A grin crept on her lips as her eyes sparkled. Oh, she could already tell she was going to enjoy the party just fine.



"Let's get to our seats," Kira said.

"Oh, right," she followed him and took a seat beside Lacus.

As the minutes ticked by, more and more important politician figures arrived. The room became lively and then the celebration began.

An old man, about forty years of age with glasses, held up a glass and lightly tapped it with a fork. The room fell silent. "Thank you everyone for coming tonight to celebrate this special event. As you all know, we are still very much recovering from the immense and devastating blow of the Second War. And this alone is proof that we are willing to cooperate and begin a new chapter in a more secure and peaceful world," he smiled and glanced around.

"Before we proceed with dinner, I would like to invite the Representative of ORB to give her blessings and allure us with her moving, compassionate words," he looked at her table. "Would you mind, Ms. Attha?"

Cagalli smiled nervously. She cleared her throat as she stood up. Oh god…How to do this…How do I start….

"As you all know, I have made many mistakes in the past. I have without a doubt, failed the people of ORB one way or another, but, I promised, to myself and to others, that I would no longer be persuaded by what other people want or think I should do to run my own country," she looked around and spotted a certain navy-haired man standing in the doorway staring at her intently. She inhaled and looked away quickly, fighting the blush from appearing on her face.

"And that said, I vow, to everyone, and to myself, that I shall better myself as a leader and I will do my utmost to assure and secure a peaceful and non-discriminating future for everyone. Because, after all, we are all equal, whether we are a natural or a coordinator, we are the same no matter what. Thank you, and enjoy the party."

The room lit up with applauses. Cagalli exhaled as she sat down. She looked down knowing all to well who was heading over to their table.

"Thank you Ms. Attha, and now everyone, please, enjoy the food and the party," the man held his glass of wine up and sat down.

"That was a nice speech Cagalli," Kira commented.

She just shrugged. "It's what was on my mind."

"Kira, Lacus," they both looked up to see Athrun come towards them. Cagalli looked away.

"Athrun, you made it," Lacus stood up and hugged him.

"Sorry about that, there was a lot of traffic along the way," he gazed at Cagalli and forcefully tore his gaze away from her. "How have you all been?"

"Oh you know, living," Kira shrugged.

"Ah, so I see," Athrun grinned.

After he had gotten settled down, they all began to eat and converse on how they were doing after the end of the war. Athrun occasionally gazed at Cagalli, while she would meet his piercing eyes and look away.

"Well, I'm going to go get myself a drink," she stood up and looked at them. "Anyone want one?"

"No thanks Cagalli, I'm good," Kira said as he stood up.

"I'm fine Cagalli," Lacus said as she stood up also.

"I guess I'll go with you and get one," Athrun said as he was the last to stand up.

Cagalli concealed her nervousness and uncomfort. "Oh, well, alright then."

"Lacus and I will be dancing, so if you need us…" Kira grabbed Lacus' hand and led her to the center of the room where couples were already elegantly dancing.

"I'll know where to find you," Cagalli nodded in affirmation.

"Have fun you two," Lacus giggled as she looked over her shoulder at the two.

Great, this would be fun.

I decided to do this into a two-part one-shot because I still have a lot to write and I didn't want to cram it all in and bore you guys with it. So the second part shall be up soon. (ack! This doesn't sound like my writing-style at all!)