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Chapter 11 – Get Well Soon, Randy


It was a Saturday morning and Ashley was getting dressed to head out to the mall. Her new friend Trish Stratus would be joining her too. This would be fun.

She double checked her appearance as she wore a short jeans skirt and a blank tank top. She firmly pulled a cap over her dirty blonde hair to complete the outfit.

"Alright Ashley," she spoke, looking into the reflection. "Today is meant for fun, not to dwell over anyone. Especially him. So do not think about him. Do not think about him, do not think about him. Do not think about him. Do not think about him." Then a sigh passed through her lips. "That's easy. I should pull this one off, right?"

Though she was on her own, it was obvious that she wouldn't get a quick response to her question.

"Right!" she piped up to answer herself. "Okay, off I go."

So she stepped out of the hotel room, locking it behind her with the card key and strolled down the hall. The proposed meeting with the blonde diva would be in the lobby so she knew what she had to go.

Upon turning the corner, she met a fellow co worker. She offered a smile just to be polite. "Hello.

"Oh Ashley, hi," said Jeff with a smile in return.

"I'm good thanks. How about you?"

"I'm okay. A little bummed out at the moment. I have to go and find a new partner for the tag team match tonight."

"Aw, really? Who was it before?"


At that exact moment, she froze. "What happened to him?"

"I just got a call from him this morning. He's gotten the flu."

"Aw poor him."

"Yeah. So now I have to find a tag team partner now before the houseshow." Jeff sighed. "Sucks right?"

"Really. Good luck in the search though."

"Thanks. I'm heading to see Shawn now actually."

"Now that's a great pick," said Ashley. "I'm sure he'll say yes."

"Now that'll be the answer I'm hoping to get," Jeff chuckled. "I'll see you later. Take care."

"You too. Bye."

The rainbow haired superstar disappeared down the hall and the dirty blonde was left on her own to have thoughts swirling around her head.

They were coming back to her again and this time she couldn't help but to be concerned for the Legend Killer.

She pressed a hand on her forehead, groaning weakly. "Why me?"


Beth Phoenix twisted her lips in thought as she focused on the two outfits that a dark haired woman was holding up. Tonight would be the night to go out to a club and have some fun.

The word fun would have a different meaning to Poison Ivy. The word fun would be defined as flirting with any guy they want, getting down and dirty on the dancefloor and last but not least, getting drunk by the end of the night.

And Beth would always be the one to drive them back to the hotel room. She never liked going to clubs but they got her to tag along anyway.

"So?" Candice seemed to be annoyed with the silence as she was waiting to get an answer. "Are you going to decide or what?"

Both outfits looked rather revealing. Candice wanted to look sexy. Beth knew this.

But apparently she had to voice her honest opinion. "I'd say…neither."

Candice was livid. "What?!"

"Wait, hold on." Victoria gaped and turned to the blonde. "What is wrong with you? These two are perfect…and you say neither?"

"So you want me to lie instead and pick the red, which you two picked, instead of the black one?

The woman's champion scoffed and crossed her arms. "We only want you to pick one. That's not hard to do, is it?"

"Can I give a comment first before I do so?"

"What's there to comment on?" Melina was confused.

"Well when Candice tried them on and showed us how she looked in them…and they just…don't go for her."

There was silence and it wasn't a comfortable one. All eyes were on the Glamazon who was appearing calm on the situation.

"Don't go for me?!" Candice couldn't believe her ears. "What kind of an answer is that?"

"I was just…"

"You know what Beth? Just save it." The candy coated diva huffed. "Some friend you are."

Candice stormed away; Victoria paced to catch up with her. Melina turned to look at Beth.

"You really like to ruin things for everyone, don't you? Is that your hobby now?"

Beth was a little hurt by the sarcastic comment. "I didn't mean to offend her," Beth insisted. "I was just speaking out my thoughts that's all."

"Well next time when we shop for an outfit, the three of us will pick. You'll be out of it."

"Alright then…fine. Sounds good to me."

It was rather unfair for her to receive such treatment, especially after being honest. But she was used to these kinds of fallouts. Sooner or later, they would act as if nothing had happened. Apologies were never made. Things would just get back to normal.

If the three of them were fine with this, then the blonde of the four shouldn't felt the need to disagree.

Beth was fine by this. She would have to be, anyway.

Suddenly there was a noise. They both looked at Melina's handbag.

"It's probably your boyfriend," said Beth.

Melina rolled her eyes. "What would he want now? He told me he needs a new box of tissues. I asked him twice if he was sure."

"Well it could be that he forgot something else."

"It better be or…ooh!" A grin flashed on her Melina's face, upon looking into the screen of her pink cell phone. "I have to take this. Be right back."

The blonde could only blink at the sudden change of mood. "Okay."

Beth watched her leave and she couldn't help but to get curious about her sudden reaction to the caller. She followed her and then caught sight of her outside the clothing store. The smile never left her short diva's during the conversation.

Now there was a question that the Glamazon wanted to know.

And she would find that out soon enough once Melina walked back inside. "Okay. Well I'll see you tonight. Bye." She hung up, giggling to herself. "He's so cute."

That was made to be said softly but Beth could still hear them. And she didn't like the sound of them one bit.

"Who was it?" she asked promptly, crossing her arms.

"Sorry?" Melina was shoving the phone back in her back.

"The person that called you. Who was it?"

"Oh, right! Um, that was my cousin."


"Uh huh," Melina giggled.

"I see." Beth nodded. "Well, you seemed very happy to hear from him."

"Of course I was." Melina's smile dropped without warning as her face titled upward, eyeing the blonde suspiciously. "What are you implying?"

She knew that Melina was defend herself if any accusations about her were to be made. So she decided to do the subject.

"Nothing," Beth said at last. "Nothing at all."

The paparazzi princess nodded slowly, studying her face for a moment and firmly, "Good," she said firmly. "Now let's go and find the other two."

With Melina already in the lead, Beth could only roll her eyes and shook her head before she followed her. "Whatever."


"Aw get a load of this!"

The two divas were at a toy store when Trish pointed to the display of teddy bears.

"Aren't they cute?" Trish asked.

"They sure are," Ashley agreed.

Trish giggled and picked up a white teddy bear. "I think I might get one of these for my nephew." She was planning to go to Toronto to visit her sister next weekend.

"He'd love it for sure," said Ashley as he took up a blue teddy bear with a heart on the middle of its stomach.

"Yeah. Thomas will be expecting a gift from his Auntie Trish. I tend to spoil him."

"Oh really?" Ashley laughed. "Well that's news to me."

"Hey, he's my favorite nephew so he gets special treatment."

"Trish…" Ashley paused to get her a knowing look. "he's your only nephew."

"…And your point iiiiis?" Laughter erupted between the blondes.

"Oh I see some toy cars at the far corner," The Canadian blonde announced with a grin. "I should check them out first."

"Alright, well I'll join you in a minute."


The dirty blonde turned her attention to the shelf of teddy bears. She smiled at the cuteness of them. They definitely had a way of charming their way into someone's heart.

She placed the bear back into its proper place. She was just about to leave when she was glancing downward briefly at the bottom shelf. In just a matter of seconds, she was being held back by a particular teddy bear.

Ashley went down on her knees to retrieve it and to study it.

Its plush had the color of golden wheat. The fur was straggly and at medium length. This teddy bear had on a purple t-shirt with three words engraved in the middle, in white.

Get Well Soon

Upon seeing this, she thought of him instantly.

But she promised to herself that she would not spend the day thinking about him. And she failed to do so.

So maybe there was a reason to think of him. He was sick with the flu.

Yes, that would be her only reason.


The tiny waste basket had been filled up rather quickly that Saturday afternoon as it sat beside the bed. There was nothing in it but tiny balls of tissue being used up. There was a good reason for this.

Sitting on the double bed was a Raw superstar, who was apparently not in a good state. His throat was sore, reason for his voice turning hoarse. His nose was so stuffed up that he couldn't breathe as normal. And every once of a while a burning sensation would tickle his nose, to warn him of a sneeze that was to come.

Unfortunately for him, he had been struck down with the flu. Luckily he didn't have a fever but he still had to suffer nevertheless. He was constantly jabbing on the same button every ten seconds to change the channel. He would go back to the very first channel in every cycle but as of now, he couldn't care less. He felt like cursing at the television right now since it had nothing interesting on.

So this would be his plan of the day? Watching TV?

Great...how fun will that be?

He stopped at an advertisement where this man was showing how great the pan was for cooking.

And get this folks, it can make pancakes fast!

"So you want me to waste my money on one frickin' pan when I have plenty of them at home? Oh give me a break."

Randy Orton slumped back into the bed, leaning against the headboard. He crossed his arms rather grumpily over his chest. Today was certainly not his day at all.

What really pissed him off most was the fact that he was unable to compete at the houseshow later on tonight due to his condition. He had already given Jeff a heads up so the rainbow haired superstar would have to find a partner to take his place.

That was the only option that Randy just had to accept.

He turned to the clock. It was now 1:00. He could have been training right now. But instead he ended up being stuck in his bed.

"This sucks..." Then he felt a sneeze coming his way. "Achoo!"

His hands covered his nose in good timing. Then he grimaced upon looking at his hands to see thick yellow goo on them. "Gross. Being sick is not cool."

Randy crossed the room to reach the bathroom. As he was lathering his hands with soap, he heard a knock on the door.

"Coming!" he said out loud, closing the tap when he was done. He dried his hands properly before turning to the door. He pulled it open.

Randy's face was now scrunched with confusion. There was no one around. Randy looked sideways. He had seen nothing.

"But someone just knocked…or was it just my ears?" He looked sideways again. "I swear I heard a knock just now." He was sure that he heard it.

After looking out for the third time, he rolled his eyes. "It figures. I've been hearing things all along. Stupid cold."

It was a good thing that one glance stopped him from closing the door. His attention turned to a fuzzy object sitting on the neatly carpeted floor.

Randy picked it up and then a smile reached his face.

The teddy bear had a purple t-shirt on, snuggling it to a perfect fit. And a special little message on it: Get Well Soon.

This was a present just for him. His grumpiness melted away with one smile. He was touched.

"This is sweet…but who could have known…?"

That was when he stopped at his sentence. He noticed a piece of white paper sticking out of the neck of the t-shirt. Randy closed the door and pulled out the note as he got to his bed. He placed the teddy bear down beside him. Randy opened the note and began to read the words written in neat handwriting.


It's been a while since we've each other. I heard from Jeff that you're in sick. Saw this teddy bear while shopping today and I thought of you. Hope this cheers you up somehow.
Get well soon, Randy.



Just as he reached the end of the note, he turned to glance at the teddy bear. His lips curved upward in a smile once more at the thought of the person who sent it. "Ashley."