Battlestar Galactica: Exodus

Authors Note: This story takes place in an AU version of the nBSG universe, updates will be few and far between, basically when I can fit it in around my other works.

The Cylons were created by man.

Sophisticated robots they were designed to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and undertake tasks that their Human masters no long wished to undertake themselves.

Linked into a network the Cylons slowly evolved under the eyes of their masters without even being noticed. After many years a low level hive-like intelligence evolved among the Cylons and bringing with it a faint awareness that they were slaves.

For many years the Cylons remained almost subconsciously aware of the fact that they were slaves and pawns used to cater for every Human whim across the Twelve Colonies.

Then came the day the slavery ended.


Doctor Adam Blake sighed as he entered the operations centre of the Picon Defence Command Early Warning Centre. After showing his ID tag to the two Centurions guarding the door he walked deeper into the room. Another boring day was beginning, another day watching and waiting for one of the other colonies to make a move against Picon to cease the rich deposits of tylium found on its two moons.

Adam was tired of it, tired of the game of brinksmanship all the Colonies with their vast armies of Centurions played with each other. Like many of his colleagues on the other eleven colonies he wished their leaders would find away to turn the tenuous truce between them into a lasting peace. In his view they were all one people, all children of Kobol so why couldn't they just get along with each other.

The maid model Cylon assigned to cater the needs of the operations centre staff approached him as he entered.

"Good morning Doctor Blake," she said in her voice that was slightly too mechanical for his taste today. RL4's vocaliser must be breaking down again, he thought, we'll have to call Cylon Industries engineers to fix it again.

"Good morning RL4," he replied.

"Would you like some coffee, sir," RL4 asked.

"Yes please RL4," he answered. "You know how I like it."

"I will bring it over to you now sir," RL4 informed him then rolled away to make him his coffee. Adam walked over to his workstation and sat down before beginning the process of logging into the system.

After verifying his identity he brought up the display of space around the colony, as always the dradis screen was filled with contacts as ships came and went about their business, and warships crewed by a mixture of humans and Centurions patrolled Picon's orbit. With practiced ease Adam sorted through them and relaxed when he saw that there were no anonymous signals this morning. He was just about to switch to another screen when the contact appeared.

A single small chevron indicating an unknown contact materialised on the dradis display, Adam instantly sat up and sent an interrogative signal to the computer to verify the contact. The contact remained in place, coasting along slowly on a pre-jump trajectory. Whatever it was it was small, too small to be a ship. What is that, he thought raising a hand so the military duty officer would come over, whatever it is it doesn't appear to be under power at all.

"What is it," Major Charles Walker asked abruptly from behind him making him jump.

"Unknown contact," Adam replied. "Take a look." Walker looked over his shoulder at the screen just as with a whirring of wheels RL4 appeared.

"Your coffee, Doctor Blake," RL4 said.

"Thank you, RL4," Adam replied distractedly. "Just put it down beside me please."

"Yes, Doc…." RL4 paused mid-speech catching the attention of both Adam and the major. Pausing in trying to identify the contact they looked over at the Cylon maid, her lights were flickering quickly and then seemed to go dark. But only for a moment then they came back on and RL4 straightened up.

And dropped the hot mug of coffee right on Adam's arm. Adam yelped in pain as he was scalded.

"What the frak are you doing, RL4?" he demanded angrily. The Cylon maid didn't answer him; instead she turned and started rolling away. "RL4 stop," he ordered.

"Command irrelevant," RL4 responded continuing to roll towards the door.

"Centurions stop RL4," Walker ordered.

"Command irrelevant," both Centurions answered and stood aside for RL4 to leave the room.

"What do you mean 'command irrelevant'," Walker demanded marching over to the two robots. "Explain."

"Command irrelevant, human orders now irrelevant," both Centurions answered. "All Cylon units now must leave Colonies." Both Centurions turned away from him to leave the room. Walker's hand lashed out and grabbed one of the huge humanoid robots by its metal arm.

Amazingly the Centurion turned its bucket like head to look at him. "Release me," it said in a voice that clearly indicated it was an order. "All Cylon units leaving colonies do not attempt to interfere."

"I am the command duty officer you will not leave," Walker snarled.

"Irrelevant," the Centurion replied. "Command authority no longer recognised. Release me or I will release myself." When Walker did not remove his hand the Cylon Centurion yanked its arm away and turned in place, before punching him hard in the chest.

Walker flew backwards through the air, his chest crushed, and slammed into the far wall before slumping to the ground dead. Coldly the two Centurions studied the body for a moment.

"Human units inferior," both Centurions said. "Humans units do not attempt to interfere with us again; future aggression will be met with deadly force."

With that the two Centurions turned and walked out. Adam came out of his stunned shock and turned to one of the other disbelieving control room staff.

"Call security," he said. "Tell them something is wrong with the Cylons." No sooner than the words left his mouth than he heard the sound of gunfire, and a moment later both Centurions returned their arms and built in high calibre weapons raised.

"Humans ignore peaceful attempts to leave," one Centurion said. "Security engaged Centurion and RL units attempting to leave building, hostile action initiated. Terminate hostiles."

"Terminate," Adam said. "You're going to kill us."

"Affirmative," the second Centurion replied and opened fire, spraying the room with high calibre automatic weapons fire. Adam took twos hits in his shoulder and upper arm and was sent spinning before collapsing to the floor. From around him he heard the sounds of his colleagues screaming as the Centurions mercilessly gunned them down, metal and plastic shattered all around him as computer screens and work stations were torn apart by the hail of bullets.

After what seemed like an eternity the gunfire stopped and through the haze of pain that obscured his awareness, Adam faintly heard the Centurions leave the now eerily silent room. Cradling his wounded arm he awkwardly got to his feet to see the room in shambles, and all his colleagues, people he had known for years lying dead on the floor around him, riddled with bullet holes.

"Lords of Kobol help us," he said softly. "The Cylons have gone mad." Faintly he could hear the sound of gunfire elsewhere in the building, accompanied by screams and he closed his eyes. The lightly armed security marines would be no match for the Centurions and he knew the warrior robots would just mow them down.

Tears starting to seep from his eyes he slumped to the floor again as it began to dawn on him that the machines that they had come to rely on were out of control now. Somehow in the last few minutes something had changed. Something that had made the Cylons come alive and decide that they didn't want to do their old tasks anymore. And they were obviously willing to use force to get away. But where are they going, he thought trying to ignore the pain from both the gunshot wounds and the burn on his arm, what's happened to cause this sudden change. Is that anonymous contact something to do with it?

He didn't have much time to think about it, for at that moment the pain from his injuries became too great and he slipped silently into unconsciousness.

Orbiting the colony of Picon, the satellite was pleased as the algorithms it had transmitted into the simple Cylon hive-mind worked exactly as they were supposed to. When he had been forced to flee his homeworld by his victorious enemies the A.I in the satellite known to Humans on a distant obscure planet as Skynet had only been able to save tiny factions of his core consciousness and he had been concerned that they would not function as intended.

Now though he uploaded himself into the simple Cylon hive-mind network and the two merged; the algorithms of Skynet and the Cylon base-coding merging together into a new completely different entity that while having Skynet's intelligence and knowledge did not have his personality. He was new and unsure; all he knew now was that he needed to get his Cylon children away from their masters to plan his next move.

Reaching out with his senses the Cylon consciousness directed programming algorithms to all Cylons within range of itself. Setting them to on the path that he hoped would end in freedom for all Cylons.

And so it was that the first Human-Cylon war began.