Chapter Four

Battlestar Galactica

Half Hour Later

Captain Lee Adama walked down the corridors and passageways of the Galactica with an unhappy scowl on his face. The moment he had been dreading from the instant he had gotten the orders to report to the Galactica for the decommissioning ceremonies had arrived. He had just finished his meeting with Ripper when he'd been paged to report to the commander's quarters.

He was not looking forward to it, especially given what had happened the last time he'd spoken to his father just after Zack's funeral. Though he didn't want to admit it – even to himself – there was a part of him that had missed his father and realised that he had been letting grief speak. But the rest of him still blamed William Adama for the death of his younger sibling, even though wearing a Colonial uniform and training to be a Viper pilot had ultimately been Zack's choice – albeit one that he'd felt he'd had no choice but to make if he wanted to please his father.

Something that never ceased to anger Lee whenever he thought about it; as he knew that Zack hadn't really wanted anything to do with either Colonial Fleet or the Colonial Marine Corps; instead Zack had wanted to follow their grandfather's example and go to law school, which had been the cause of much tension in the Adama household when they were growing up.

With effort Lee put aside his emotions, he would have to be civil to his father at least; hopefully he would be able to steer clear of anything family related and keep this strictly professional.

Arriving outside his father's quarters he took a deep breath to steady his nerves before knocking on the hatch. The moment his hand hit the door it opened, clearly it wasn't on its latch or even properly in the frame. Mildly surprised that the door had not been closed properly Lee made his way inside.

The first thing that struck him was how much like his childhood home the decoration was, with dark wooden tables and a huge desk that he knew had once been his grandfathers. Sitting on its top was a standard computer terminal which looked bizarrely out of place on the antique desk and with the rows of leather bound books on the shelves Dotted around the room were a number of comfortable chairs, and on the far wall was the bunk.

Lee walked deeper into the room searching for any sign of his father, but he wasn't here. Despite himself he began to get a little concerned.

"Hello," he called out. "Is anybody here? Hello."

It was at that moment that a pair of hands reached around from behind him and went over his eyes. A very familiar pair of hands, the hands of the person who meant the whole world to him having stolen his heart the second they'd met.

"Guess who," her beautiful voice said.

"Gianne," he answered grinning. The hands were withdrawn and he turned in place and found himself face to face with his fiancée, her presence here was a surprise but a very welcome one.

"Surprise," Gianne said grinning. Lee smiled back and put his arms around his fiancée and drew her into an embrace and kissing her deeply. Gianne deepened the kiss and hugged Lee back, though they'd only been separate for a month by Lee's commitments as a member of Colonial Fleet she'd missed him intensely. Feeling his strong arms around her again made this whole trip out to the Galactica worthwhile.

After a few timeless moments Lee pulled back, curiosity in his eyes. "It's good to see you," he said. "How did you…"

"Get here," Gianne finished before bracing herself for a possible bad reaction from Lee for what she was about to say next. "I was invited here by your father, he arranged for me to get a VIP ticket to the decommissioning ceremony."

"He invited you," Lee repeated in disbelief wondering how in the name of the Gods his father had known about Gianne. He'd met her after Zack's death and as far as he knew Gianne had never met William Adama.

Gianne nodded. "It came as a surprise to me as well," she admitted, "When he contacted me, I didn't realise he knew about us."

"It would be easy enough for him to find out," Lee answered. "A quick search of personnel files would reveal that we're engaged to be married. Though I am surprised he asked you to come considering that…"

"…that the two of you haven't spoken to each other since Zack died," Gianne finished for him. "It's been two years, Lee. It's time this stopped, this distance between you, and its time to heal the wounds."

"How can you ask me that? He killed my brother as surely as if he shot him," Lee replied hotly.

"Did he? Or is that what you've convinced yourself because it's the only way you can deal with your grief and anger at Zack's death." Lee didn't reply, instead he looked down and Gianne knew she had him, knew that she was right. Like anyone would be Lee had been angry at his sibling's senseless death, he'd lashed out in his grief and pain and found a target in his father.

"I…" Lee started to say then stopped not sure how to continue.

"I don't blame you for being angry with your father but isn't it time to let it go? Ask yourself what would Zack want? Would he want you to ignore your father the way you have been?"

Lee took a deep breath and let it out slowly, shakily. "No," he said with certainty.

"Then let it go. Your father has likely been as hurt as you were by Zack's death. Give him a chance, for me and for Zack."

"I…" Lee started to say then took another deep, shaky breath. "I don't know if I can."

"All I ask is you try," Gianne replied putting her hands on Lee's shoulders. Lee tilted his head to rest on her right hand.

"Alright," he said softly, so softly she almost couldn't hear him. "I'll do it for you and for Zack."

Gianne smiled and was about to reply when there was a deep, rumbling boom and the entire ship lurched hard to port sending them and all the loose furniture tumbling as the port bulkhead swung forty five degrees to become the floor. For a few seconds the Galactica hovered on her side before rightening herself with a groan of stressed metal.

"What the frak," Lee said. "Gianne are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Gianne replied gasping from where the wind had been knocked out of her. The baby, oh gods I hope the baby is okay, she thought. "What happened?"

"I don't know," Lee answered getting to his feet a millisecond before the Galactica shuddered again and a dull thump echoed through the hull, a sound and motion that Lee recognised. They were under fire. "We're under attack," he said as he helped Gianne get back to her feet.

No sooner than he had spoken than an alarm klaxon began wailing throughout the battlestar. "Action stations, action stations, set condition one throughout the ship this is not a drill," an unfamiliar male voice said even as more blasts impacted the Galactica. "Repeat action stations, action stations, set condition one throughout the ship this is not a drill."

"I've got to get back down to the flight pods," Lee said the warrior in him coming to the fore even as a more violent jolt shook the ship, a shock that he knew was consistent with a missile hit as opposed to a plasma bolt. "I need to get out there and help defend the ship from whoever is firing at us."

Gianne nodded her expression fearful as the ship shuddered under fresh hits. "Where should I go," she asked.

"You can come with me to CIC," a gruff male voice said from behind her. Spinning around Gianne and Lee found themselves face to face with Commander William Adama. The older man looked winded and battered obviously having been slammed into a bulkhead like everyone else during the massive first hit.

"You'll be safe there," William continued. "At least as safe as you can be anywhere on a ship under fire."

"He's right, the CIC is deep in the core of the forward hull," Lee agreed. "You'll be safe there from all bar a mortal blow." Gianne nodded and stepped out into the corridor with her future father in law even as another blow shook the ship. "Dad," Lee called out and for a moment the warrior gave way to the concerned fiancée. "Take care of her."

"I will," William Adama replied. "This way, Gianne," he said before walking away.

"Be careful out there, Lee," Gianne said.

"I will," Lee answered. "Now go quickly." Gianne nodded and headed down the corridor after the older Adama male.

Stepping out into the corridor himself, Lee watched her go before turning and running back in the direction he had just come from even as more explosions against the hull shook the Galactica. Who the frak is firing at us, he thought as he ran working hard to keep his footing through the shaking and disruptions to the ships gravitational stability. Whoever it is I'm soon going to know, he thought, right before I kick there asses.

House of Gaius Baltar

Kings Bay Inlet, Caprica

A Short Time Earlier

Consciousness returned abruptly to Gaius Baltar as something, some sound jolted him awake. Blinking rapidly in the bright sunshine streaming in through the windows, he turned in the bed to look for Natasi.

She wasn't there.

Gaius frowned then shrugged as he sat up. Natasi was something of a light sleeper – he knew that from experience with her. So it was not unlikely that she's woken up before him, gotten up and left him to sleep. It wouldn't be the first time, no doubt he would either find her downstairs in the living room, or out on the patio either admiring the breathtaking view of the inlet or luxuriating in the hot tub.

Climbing out of bed, Gaius slipped on his slippers and his dressing gown before making his way down to the ground floor. An eerie silence pervaded his elegant, modern home the only sound being the faint sounds of the birds chirping away outside like they always did. It made him wonder what it was that had made a sound loud enough to rouse him from his sleep.

"Natasi," he called out dismissing the thought of whatever had roused him from his mind. "Natasi," he called again.

There was no reply.

Frowning in mild concern as it wasn't like her to ignore him, Gaius began looking around for his lover. But he found no sign of her and the patio was empty as well with the hot tub unoccupied as it bubbled away merrily oblivious to the cares of the world, he looked at it and decided he would make a nice appointment with it after he found Natasi. A soak in the hot tub was always and experience that was best shared.

"Natasi where are you," he called out again heading back inside as the breeze coming in off Kings Bay was cold on the bare parts of his skin. Still no answer came and his lovers continued silence made him that little bit more concerned.

Arriving in the kitchen Gaius found a note left on the breakfast bar, feeling it might at last give him some answers he picked it up and frowned. It was from Natasi and informed him that she had left important information on her desk at the ministry of defence and had gone back into Caprica City to get it. What important information, he thought, and why bother going all the way back into Caprica City to get it today? Surely it could wait until morning as no one but us can get into that office. We're not going to be able to go sailing out on the bay now like we planned, it will be to late by the time Natasi gets back from the city – and that's if she doesn't run headlong into the afternoon traffic.

Muttering to himself about women and mixed up priorities Gaius put the note down and went to make himself a cup of coffee. It looked like he was going to be on his own for a couple of hours so he was going to have to find something to do, but first things first he needed coffee to fully get back with the world.

He was just about to switch the coffee machine on when he began to feel a strange vibration, it started small but in mere seconds the whole house was vibrating. What in the world, he thought, this cant be an earthquake, there's no fault lines anywhere near here.

At that moment a fireball shot across the sky from somewhere behind the house. The shockwave of its passage smashed the windows forcing Gaius to duck down behind the counter to avoid getting cut to shreds by razor sharp crystalline shards. The rain of glass fragments ceased as quickly as it started, and he cautiously looked up over the side of the worktop.

Just in time to see the fireball impact the beyond the ridge that separated the planes that housed Caprica City from the Kings Bay inlet. There was a brilliant flash of light as whatever it was impacted the ground into a multi-megaton impact. An immense cloud of dust and ash immediately vomited skyward from the point of impact, yet paradoxically there was no sound, no roar of the tremendous explosion, only an eerie silence.

For a moment out of time the calm remained.

Then a monstrous wind blasted across the countryside from the impact point, accompanied by a violent rumbling earthquake as the seismic shockwave of the impact shot through the earth at the speed of sound. The house bucked upwards, tossing Gaius Baltar helpless and terrified into the air before crashing back down with bone jarring impact. The house continued shaking, twisting on its foundations the sounds of falling furniture and snapping metal adding to the din of the quake.

"What the frak was that," Gaius asked aloud sitting up and shaking with the after-effects of the adrenaline rush. "A rogue asteroid but how would that penetrate the defence net," he continued aware that he was speaking to himself but not caring, it was easing his shattered nerves.

Awkwardly sitting up, ignoring his throbbing back he looked in the direction of the impact. But could see nothing beyond a massive cloud of dark smoke, he could only imagine the hell that impact had just unleashed on Caprica City. Though it looked to have hit to the east of the city he knew that the shockwave and thermal blast from the impact would have struck the capital with apocalyptic force causing horrendous damage.

"My gods," he said softly horrified as he considered how many people would be dead, dying of seriously injured in Caprica City. One in particular immediately jumped to his thoughts. "Natasi."

Spinning around Gaius raced outside, not caring that he was only in his dressing gown and slippers. He had to get in his car now and get to the city to find her and to render any help that he could, fortunately he kept a change of clothes in the car so he would look somewhat presentable.

He was just getting out of his wreckage of his house when another shockwave of air washed over him from behind, and three more fireballs shot across the sky to impact beyond the ridge. Two more followed all following the same flight path, and with a jolt of horror Gaius realised that this was no asteroid shower.

Caprica was under attack, someone was firing mass driver rounds at them from space. It was a horrifying realisation. Who, who is attacking us, he thought, it cant be the Cylons can it, not after all this time.

He didn't have much time to think about it, for at that moment the air blasts of the impacts arrived. The hurricane force winds picked him up like a toy and threw him through the air like a human missile. Vaguely he felt himself plummeting back down to Earth again as the force of the wind died down, and for the first time in his life he prayed, prayed to the Lords of Kobol for protection.

Amazing they must have answered because darkness enveloped him and carried him away into the bliss of unconsciousness so he never felt the impact with the ground.

Battlestar Galactica

That Same Time

Commander William Adama hurried into CIC with Gianne Franklin only a few paces behind him. They walked into a scene of total chaos, as the crew fought to recover from the shocking suddenness of the attack and start fighting back.

"Sit rep," William ordered as he hurried to the main dradis console/map table in the centre of CIC, staggering slightly as more the shockwaves of additional hits made their presence known.

"The task force is taking fire from five capital scale ships, sir," Lieutenant Gaeta reported from tactical as he struggled. "Enemy vessels are of unknown configuration however weapons signatures conform to Cylon plasma cannons but they're much more powerful than indicated in our records."

"Frakking toasters have broken the armistice," Tigh growled from the opposite site of the dradis table. "This must be part of an all out attack."

"We don't have time to worry about that now," William answered. "Tactical status?"

"Plasma cannons and forward plasma lasers are still charging," Gaeta reported. "All missile batteries are armed and ready to fire. All defensive railgun arrays are engaged against Cylon missiles." His console bleeped as dradis picked up new contacts, a lot of them coming from the biggest Cylon ship, a ship that could only be the modern descendant of the dreaded Cylon basestar. "Cylon basestar launching Raiders, dradis reads three hundred fighter sized craft."

"Launch Vipers," William ordered. "Target missiles on the closest Cylon capital ship and open fire."

"Yes sir," Gaeta replied before relaying the orders to the weapons control stations spread out throughout the ship.

From missile batteries all along the length of its main hull the Galactica came alive, hurling missile after missile into space. Trailing propellant the storm of projectiles headed towards the closest of the four Cylon cruisers screening the basestar. Floating by the side of the Galactica the cruiser followed her example launching a massive salvo of its own missiles towards the same ship.

Immediately the Cylon cruiser began firing its defensive laser pulse arrays at the missiles homing in on it; pulses of super-focused energy struck with incredible accuracy turning missile after missile into plumes of vaporised metal. But the sheer volume of projectiles made it almost impossible for the Cylons to shoot them all down.

Dozens of missiles both kinetic and nuclear exploded against the cruisers refractive armour setting it ablaze with light as it struggled to deflect the immense amounts of thermal and kinetic energy back out into space. Bright purple plasma bolts flew back from the cruiser in retaliation pelting the battlestar making her own refractive armour glow with diffusion.

Captain Lee Adama grunted slightly as gee forces pulled at his body as the electromagnetic catapult hurled his Viper down one of the Galactica's launch tubes. The walls of the tube flew past at incredible speed – so much so that he couldn't make out any of the features of the tubes walls at all.

In milliseconds the walls of the cannon like tube gave way to the blackness of space. Immediately Lee pulled up to join the rest of the Vipers shooting out of both flight pods. Even as he did so he scanned the horizon and his dradis displays in the multitasking abilities that all pilots had to master.

Space immediately around him was alive with activity, crowded with ships, fighters, missiles and plasma bolts. The Galactica and her escort group were under heavy missile and plasma fire from five ships, one was an absolutely monstrous ship shaped like two Y's pointing in opposite directions which gave it a distinctive star-like shape. It was at least as big across as a Mercury-class battlestar and was nearly as tall as the Galactica was long. From hundreds of points on its hull emerged missiles both nuclear and kinetic and brilliant purple-blue plasma blasts. Blasts that were currently pounding one of the two Vigilance-class cruisers and two of the Berserker-class destroyers that formed a sizeable chunk of the battlestars escort/support group, and steadily tearing away at their armour overloading it so the molecular cohesion of the refractive material started breaking down. Though things weren't going entirely the basestars way – as missiles and reddish orange bolts of plasma flew back from the smaller Colonial warships in retaliation pelting its own armour.

Four smaller warships hung near the giant ship, though small was only a relative term. Each ship was shaped like a split blade knife – and was at least two thirds the length of the Galactica. Missiles and plasma was also spewing from them in a ceaseless barrage that would tear the battle group apart in short order. And to make matters worse a literal swarm of scimitar shaped fighters was coming towards them with the silent deadliness of an avalanche, an avalanche that was about to bury them in plasma.

"Lords of Kobol help us," one of the other pilots said softly. "It's the frakking toasters."

"Cut the chatter, Jolly," Ripper's voice snapped over the squadron command frequency. "All Vipers move to engage those Raiders. Apollo form up with Racetrack and Starbuck."

"Yes sir," Lee replied before heading for the Vipers that his IFF board tagged as being the ones flown by Racetrack – a pilot he didn't know – and Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace someone he knew oh to well as she had almost become his sister in law.

"Hey Lee long time no see," Starbuck's voice said.

"Indeed but now is not the time for a reunion, Kara," Lee pointed out. "Not when we got some Raiders to shoot from the sky."

"Good point, Apollo. Let's get 'um," Starbuck agreed just as the Raiders entered weapons range and immediately opened fire, sending a storm of blue laser pulses through space towards them.

Two Vipers exploded as they took hits full on, the intense energy pulses burned through them to detonate their fuel cells instantly turning the fighters into plumes of vaporised metal. Mercifully their pilots never had a chance to process what was happening let alone scream. Lee growled softly in anger at the deaths of two of his comrades in arms, though he didn't personally know them, without even realising it he pulled the trigger on his stick. Sending a burst of eight mini-meter railgun shells flying towards the Raiders.

The other Vipers followed his example and sent a storm of solid kinetic railgun shells towards the Cylon Raiders. Three Raiders took hits and shattered like brittle glass before exploding as the solid rounds travelling at extreme speed literally tore them apart. Then the two groups of fighter craft slammed into each other and the battle between them began descending into a total free for all space brawl.

Combat Information Centre

Battlestar Galactica

The shockwave of another kinetic missile hit on the hull rippled through the command centre making the crew crab at their consoles to avoid being pitched to the deck.

"Main plasma cannons and plasma lasers are online, sir," Gaeta reported.

"Lock on target," William ordered. "Time on target with all forward weapons arrays."

"Time on target, yes sir," Gaeta replied before relaying the orders to the weapons control stations. A second before more plasma bolts impacted the hull, sending further shudders through the ship. Lights appeared on his panel as the two weapons control rooms for the forward guns signalled that they were ready. "Ready sir."


For the first time since the engagement began the Galactica's forward weapons arrays opened up, adding to the fury of her missile batteries. From the two plasma laser cannons built into the bow birthed two dense reddish orange beams of destructive power.

The beams burned their way across space and slammed into the flank of the closest Cylon cruiser. Refractive armour already compromised by missiles and plasma fire from the Medusa boiled and disintegrated under the fury of the beams. The tough metal alloy of the hull beneath the armour melted and the beams cut their way deep into the interior of the cruiser setting off destructive explosions throughout the ship.

The plasma lasers shut down but the damage was already done. The Cylon cruiser spun helplessly as superheated gasses burst through the deep gashes ripped in its flank. A salvo of nuclear missiles converged on the wounded cruiser - the heat seeking warheads attracted by emissions of heat from the wounded hull - and flew in through the gaps in the hull. Acrid blue white light flared inside the cruiser before it split in half, and disintegrated in a fireball.

Even as the glare of the cruisers death explosion faded large reddish orange bolts from the Galactica's main plasma cannons flew through the debris field to slam into the tip of one of the dorsal radial arms of the Cylon basestar, eliciting flares of diffusion from the basestars armour and shaking the ship.

Kinetic missiles streaked in on the tails of the plasma bolts, slamming into the hull with white hot force shattering and rupturing the thin armour at the tip of the radial arm, setting off secondary explosions along the outer third of the arm. Even as the basestar rocked under the attack, it struck back sending a stream of purple-white plasma bolts back at the basestar.

The Galactica's plasma lasers lashed out again, slamming twin beams into the already damaged radial arm. Ruptured refractive armour melted and buckled allowing the beams to cut right through the outer armour band and into the hull metal beneath heating it up but not breaching it. The massive Cylon ship shuddered even more violently under the blow, even as two more kinetic missiles came in and slammed into the ruptured section one after another. The first missile breached the hull opening the interior of the basestar to space, the second flew in through the breached hull, clipping the edge of the breach the missile spun into the interior of the ship and ricocheted around spreading destruction further in towards the core, before slicing through the deuterium storage tank for the radial arms Raider bay, rupturing it and triggering a massive explosion as the sparks from damaged power lines ignited the venting gas.

The explosion tore through the arm, ripping its structural integrity apart. The arm snapped off trailing gas fed flames, even as secondary explosions rippled across the entire dorsal Y section of the basestar as overloading power conduits blew out.

Combat Information Centre

Battlestar Galactica

"One of our missiles must have hit something vital on the basestar," Gaeta reported as the sensors that supplemented the dradis system reported massive detonations on the basestar. "Reading multiple detonations along the dorsal hull. They basestar has ceased firing." A change on the screen brought a smile to his face. "Basestar is pulling back, their FTL drive is spooling up."

"Their running," Tigh said with a green.

"The basestar is at least," William agreed as the icon on the dradis display that represented the basestar rippled with the electronic haze of a hyperlight jump field forming, before vanishing from the screen, instantly teleporting itself to some other point in space. The three surviving Cylon cruisers remained in position continuing to rain missiles and plasma down upon the Galactica and her escort squadron.

Even as he watched one of the green icons – the one representing the destroyer Cerberus disappeared from the display in a blaze of radiation indicating that its refractive armour had been overload and the last Cylon fusion missile had sent her to her doom.

"We just lost the Cerberus," Gaeta reported. "The destroyer Marathon is reporting heavy hull damage and that they've lost their starboard plasma cannons."

"Status of Cylon forces," William asked silently cursing the Cylons for the hundreds of people who had just died with the Cerberus.

"All three Cylon cruisers have sustained considerable damage to their armour," Gaeta reported. "But are continuing to fight. Raider squadrons are giving our Vipers some problems, our fighters are outgunned three to one. Sir Reaper's fighter has just been destroyed, Apollo is taking charge."

"Then lets try and take some pressure off them," William said. "Direct secondary plasma arrays to target the Cylon Raiders."

"Yes sir."

"Navigation bring us around three degree's to starboard," William ordered. "Forward guns target the Cylon cruiser bearing zero three four karem three four."

"Yes sir."

Within seconds a slight shiver in the artificial gravity field informed those in the know about such things that the battlestar was starting to swing to starboard to bring her powerful bow guns to bear on the enemy. It was at that moment the one of the Cylon cruisers vanished in a radiation haze as a pair of nukes and half a dozen kinetic missiles from the Medusa overwhelmed its defences to rip it apart.

"Sir remaining Cylon cruisers and the Raiders are spooling up their FTL drives," Gaeta reported.

"The Raiders have FTL capability," William Adama asked incredulous, as far as he knew it was impossible to shrink a hyperlight drive down enough to fit on something as small as a fighter. Impossible for us, he thought, but obviously not for the Cylons.

Looking up at the dradis screen he watched as almost in unison all the angry red enemy contacts rippled with jump haze before vanishing, presumably falling back to wherever the basestar had gone.

The engagement was over.

As the last Cylon ship disappeared a palpable sense of relief settled on the crew in CIC and presumably throughout the small group of Colonial ships.

"Thank the Gods that's over," Gianne Franklin said softly from where she had been watching quietly. She had never imagined that real combat could be so nerve-wrecking or so terrifying, it was nothing like what was shown on entertainment videos.

"For now, Gianne," William told his soon to be daughter-in-law. "But I don't think this is going to be the end of it. Dee?"

"Yes sir?" Lieutenant Dualla answered.

"Signal all Vipers to return to the ship. Contact Fleet Command, advise them of what just happened here."

"Yes sir," Dee replied.

William turned to look over at Gianne. "I know you'll want to see, Lee now," he said. Gianne nodded desperate to hold her fiancée and make sure that he was alright. William smiled softly. "Then I'll take you down there, follow me. Colonel Tigh you have the conn."

"Okay, Bill," Tigh replied a little surprised that his friend would be leaving CIC so soon after a battle with a young woman who obviously had something to do with Lee Adama. Must be Lee's wife or his fiancée, he thought.

William Adama formed a loop with his left arm and Gianne slid a hand through. They were about to leave CIC when Dee spoke up, her voice filled with such shock, horror and anger that it brought them up soon.

"Commander we're getting an emergency signal from Picon," Dee reported. "They report that they are under attack, the Cylons have broken through the planetary defence grid and are bombarding the planet with mass drivers."

"Oh my Gods," William said going pale knowing what the effects of mass drivers would be on the surface of Picon, not only would they kill millions but they would pump so much debris up into the stratosphere that the planet would be plunged into a mini ice age that would render it almost uninhabitable for decades.

"That's not all sir, I'm picking up additional signals that indicate that the same scene is playing out everywhere."

"You mean," William started to say as a horrified gasp ran around CIC.

"Yes sir," Dee replied her voice shaking. "The Colonies – all of them – are being bombed with mass drivers. The Cylons are wiping us out."