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Emmett's POV

"Who can tell me what the passage I just read means?" Professor Dummer asked our class. I rolled my eyes; I could tell her but why ruin the fun of listening to the humans babble

I was incredibly bored seeing as Rosalie's phone died today during lunch so I couldn't text her. I was about to text Jasper and Edward when I caught part of a conversation concerning my wife's outfit today.

"Damn, man did you see that Hale girls' outfit today? She looks smoking hott!"

"Yea dude, she always smoking hott but damn! That skirt!!" I had to swallow a growl. "And her shirt! Damn, Cullen is one lucky bastard!" I had to agree there; I'm the luckiest man alive, or dead or whatever.

"Yea man, I would give anything for a chance to tap that."

Don't kill the human don't kill the human. Think of Rose and the family. Don't kill the human. I was about to excuse my self from class when I got a text from Edward.

Emmett, do we need 2 skip 6th period & go huntin?

I quickly replied.

No y? Less then twenty seconds later I had an answer.

Cuz I was scanning thots & cot urs. Which was don't kill the human over & over

O. no. there was just a cuple of guys talking bout roses outfit. N 'tappin' that.

I heard Edward laugh from across the room. I growled so low only he could hear it.

Sorry Emmett. I kno its not funny. I didn't reply.

"Mr. Cullen! Could you perhaps tell us the reason why Lady Macbeth kept washing her hands?" Professor Dummer asked.

"Uh, me or my brother ma'am?" I politely asked.

"How about you." She smiled. I could tell she didn't think I've read this far. If only she knew.

"Yes, ma'am."

Fin Chapter

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