Digital Obsession

People own Jake 2.0. None of which are me.

Author's Notes
It's taken me three years to get off my lazy butt and write this idea, but here is the first part. The story is based on the 'Seven Days' episode Parker(dot)com which, coincidently, guest starred Keegan Connor Tracy.



Dr. Susan Erikson sighed in frustration from her place next to the filing cabinet. Grabbing a three-hole punch from her desk she banged it against the nearby vent. After the third hit the room was filled with blissful silence. Releasing a breath Susan grabbed the next file from the bankers box on the floor and turned back to the cabinet.


Susan nearly growled as she stood up and started kicking the vent. "I can't believe this! Three billion for research and they can't even fix a stupid duct!" With one final kick she stood straight and blew a straying hair from her face.

Then, suddenly, the noise was gone and she stared at it, confusion flitting across her features. So preoccupied with it she jumped as the door to the office opened.

If the young man who walked in noticed anything he didn't show it. He just casually tossed his leather jacket on a nearby chair and placed another bankers box on the desk. "Here's the last of the hard copies Susy."

Susan gave him a mock glare, confusion lost in the familiar ritual. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

"One hundred and twelve." The man said with smirk. "But who's counting right?"

Susan tried not to smile at him. It would spoil the game. Instead she said in her most serious, you're in big trouble mister, voice. "Right."

He just chuckled as he turned to leave.

"Darin." Susan called as he reached the door. "Did you talk to maintenance about the duct?"

He shook his head. "Nah, they've been giving me the run-around all week. Why?"

"Well, it seems to have just stop for no reason."

"You can't be your best when you're upset Susan." They both jumped as the computerized female voice filled the room.

The pair looked at each other for a moment before turning and heading into large main room of the lab. There were several workstations spread throughout, the primary two resting on a large desk in the centre. The back wall was dominated with a large screen in the middle and six smaller screens on either side. Below was a series of clear doors showing the large computer banks built flush into the wall.

"It's important that you enjoy a tranquil work environment."

"You fixed it Claire?" Susan asked as she reached the centre workstations.

"Just a minor reconfiguring of the duct dampers. It will also conserve sixty-eight point four kilowatts of–"

"No details needed." She paused a moment, preoccupied with the data on her screen before adding. "Thank you Claire."

"Yah, thanks." Darin added. "It was starting to get really annoying."

"My pleasure. Quite simple really." Claire told them in its monotone computerized voice. As Dr. Erikson's hands moved towards the keyboard Claire said. "Please don't adjust anything Susan. It will all make sense in a minute."

"Looks like we've been told." Darin quipped.