Blood's Broth

By: CagedRaven

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyahsa


(A vampire story)What name he went by this time she didn't know, nor how he looked. The beating of her forgotten heart telling her body her beloved was of age again. Now all she would have to do was find him…

Do you believe in love?

What if this human created feeling was the only thing you had to live for?

Chapter 1

It was almost midnight, though the lightning lit up the black sky. The air coming in through a window moved pink curtains around harshly in front of the glass. The hard wood floor, wet from the rain coming into the room.

This cold, wet room was just as dark as the sky outside. The only sounds coming in were from the outside storm. No one seemed to be in this room, it was empty besides the large circle shaped bed in the middle of the floor. The pink and purple blankets were huddled near the center in a bundled mess.

The sound of thunder cracked in the background a few seconds after the lightening flashed, lighting up the room. If not for the light that came and went someone might have missed the pale body hidden half under the sheets. An arm lay limply off the bedside; the gold charm bracelet seemed to glow against her ghostly pale skin, the person so pale one would think the body was dead. Abruptly, the body sat up. A bolt of lightening lit up the room again to show a woman in a black tank-top and blue shorts. Her hand flew up to her chest. Slowly she began to feel her heart beat again.

"My Darling… you've come back to me…" her English accent was light, only hearing it on some of her words.

Standing and walking out, the fair skined beauty walked to a lamp and clicked it on. Her long black hair shined in the artificial light, the only light her body could take. Sitting down in front of her vanity mirror (why she did it she didn't know, it's not like she could see herself anyway.) she played with her hair, humming a tune softly to herself. Noticing her skin was paler than a few years ago she only poked at her arm hoping that with her heart beating again her complexion would go back to a deeper tone. At least until she found her beloved. Then her heart would have served its purpose, stopping its beating as soon as she met her beloved again.

Her internal clock was calling to a different land. Her beloved was somewhere new.

What name he went by this time she didn't know, nor how he would look. The beating of her forgotten heart told her body her love was of age again. Every time she found him again he was always eighteen years old. Maybe that was because that was the age he had been when she first tasted his sweet blood, or maybe it was because the gods wanted to prolong her happiness as long as possible.

Brushing her hair over her shoulder she stood up and walked to the windowsill inside the dark bedroom. The storm seemed to be slowing down some and the clouds moved in the sky. A ray of moonlight lit up the wet roads and sidewalk.

"Oh my love, soon we will together again…"

Being pulled out of her thoughts, she walked over to her bed. Flopping onto the mattress, she felt under her pillow for her ringing black cellular phone. Pulling it out and reading the ID number she sighed and answered the call.

"Hello, Kagome here."

"Hey Kagome. Listen, Mel can't come in tonight and I know you stay up late and I know today was your night off but we really need help and-"

Cutting off the woman she knew as her boss kagome had to refuse, "I'm sorry, but I can't. I have to go out of town suddenly… and -"


"I don't know when I will be coming back. So I'm going to quiet."

There was silence on both ends. Kagome could hear all the noise in the twenty-four hour diner over the phone.

"Okay Kag. Just be here so you could pick up your check."


Clicking a button to turn off the call Kagome laid there for a little while longer before actually getting up. She had no plan of going to the diner tonight or any other night. Walking to the bathroom and turning on the water on warm, Kagome's honey brown eyes looked up, out the skylight at the black sky. 'Japan…'

"Happy birthday, Inuyasha!"

A surprised intake of air could be heard as all the lights came on. People came out from behind walls and furniture. The birthday 'boy' was now eighteen; he cursed under his breath as he glared daggers at his father behind him. He didn't want a birthday party. He just wanted his car and some money and a homemade cake from his mother; call it a day. But no, his mother hadthe audacity to call all of his friends and invent them over for a party.

"Father…" said the silver haired teen, his warning clear in his throat. He knew that it was his father that called them all over.

"Oh shut up, Inuyasha. Go and enjoy the party me and your mother made for you."

he said, pushing his son into his group of friends. Immediately his girlfriend clung to his arm; her long black hair swinging in her face. She pushed it out of her way before planting a small kiss on the amber eyed male's lips. Inutaisho only smirked as his wife came over.

"He wasn't too mad, was he?" her voice was soft but heard by her husband with his inhuman hearing.

"Izayoi, don't worry about it. He'll thank us later."

Izayoi looked into her husbands amber eyes with her gray. A small smile spread on her lips as she looked back over to her son. Inuyasha always seemed detached from the world; wanting nothing more than to be in someone else's world for a day or two. Izayoi only smiled bigger when she saw his friends pull him further into the 'party room'. Kikyo was still on his arm; Izayoi got the feeling the relationship was a little one sided but didn't say anything about it.

"Come on, let's go out. Sesshoumaru will be here to watch them." She said,

pulling her husband by his long sliver hair (and not from age) out the door.


It was bad enough that they threw him a party when he didn't want one but they had to invite Kouga. Inuyasha didn't really like him to much, he only had his number thanks to Kikyo's friend Ayame. Throughout most of the party Miroku, Inuyasha's best friend, had to pull the silver haired teen hanyo away from the raven haired bastard wolf demon. That is until Sesshoumaru kicked him out, explaining that loud ass was giving him a migraine. Their raven hair sister, Rin, only agreed.She both loved and hated being the middle child, she was somewhat of a mistake for both her patents, Izayoi and Takemaru, in their younger years. Rin hadn't seen her real father since she was sixteen. Now that she was twenty probably meant that she wouldn't see him for many more years.

"You know, I just realized that both your father and brother-"

"Half-brother." Inuyasha said. Miroku continued like he didn't hear anything.

"-Have long hair just like you, Inuyasha. I mean same color and all. And your sister has hair like your mother right? That's just so weird… Well then again you said she was your half too right? "

Deep blue eyes looked away from the sky outside of the window, turning to focus on the newly turned eighteen years old with confusion. Inuyasha seemed to be off in a different world since he arrived. Sipping on the beer someone had brought in without Inuyasha's parents finding out (Sesshoumaru just didn't care). Miroku pulled Inuyasha outside, away from the loud music and his clingy girlfriend.

The cool fall breeze blew his short black hair around; along with his deep purple shirt. Standing on the deck to clear his mind was something that Inuyasha loved to do, for he always felt like he was missing something. After ten years he started to just brush it off as nothing but him being paranoid. Today, though, was a different story. Whatever was on his mind was lost forever and he couldn't remember what the hell it was for the death of him.

He pulled his black shirt over his hips to try, unsuccessfully, to stop the wind from blowing the garment around. Forgetting about the shirt he put his chin in the palm of his hands and sighed.

"So, what's the matter with you today? You're supposed to be happy, it's your birthday."

And this was why he didn't want a party. He was getting really depressed lately. It was like, whatever he couldn't find (having no idea as to what it was to begin with) was making it worse. He really wanted to find whatever it was before this date, the day of his birth. But he had no idea why. And Kikyo wasn't helping…

"Nothing really. I was… I just didn't want a party this year." He said, taking his friends green bottle of beer. He drank down a few gulps before handing Miroku back two empty bottles with a "Thanks".

Sarcastically Miroku answered, "Your welcome." before putting the empty green beer bottles on a table inside.

"Well, I see I'm going to have to go soon. Sango looks pissed off about something…"

Looking over towards Miroku's girlfriend half heartedly, Inuyasha indeed saw something wrong. The woman was pointing in someone's face and looked like she was yelling at the top of her lungs to be heard over the music. Her long brown hair was lose and pushed behind her ears; her deep brown eyes had a touch of pink around them. Inuyasha guessed to go with her pink and black dress. Looking from her to his girlfriend, Kikyo, he smiled. Kikyo was a little more to herself and unlike Sango, Kikyo didn't get jealous easily. She knew Inuyasha liked her, he just didn't really know himself. He knew he had feeling for her, but the raven hair woman had to call the feeling a name, love. And Inuyasha didn't believe in that word. Love was a one word summary for all the feeling of lust and a strong physical attraction you had for one person. The only kind of love that he did believe in was one between families, a parent and their child.

Kikyo pulled Sango away from the person she was about to attack and started to dance with her. Their dresses almost matched but Kikyo's was red and Sango's was pink. Their feet were bare, as everyone's were, as the moved their hips to the beat of the pop/techno song.

"Well, when you blow out your candles and we will all have a piece of cake-"

"What candles? I'm too old for candles." again Miroku ignored him.

"I'm stealing you away and taking you out for your real birthday party." Before Inuyasha could question the teen standing next to him Sesshoumaru came down the stairs and walked over to him.

"They're back."

Inuyasha's silver dog ears on top of his head perked up as he cursed again, they were only gone for an hour.

"Oh shit, the beer!"

In a mad rush he pushed his bottle into Sesshoumaru's empty hand and turned off the music and everyone stopped what they were doing hearing the keys on the other side of the door. Everyone scrabbled to pick up empty bottles and hide them behind the television and other places around the room. Some poured the drink into cups and put the bottles in bags; others hid them behind their backs. When the door opened the music was playing again and everyone was 'partying' while trying to hide their bottles.

"Sesshoumaru, you bought beer?" looking down in his hand, he saw the green bottle that Inuyasha had made him hold before turning off the music. He glared at his half brother.

"And this is why I despise you."


Waving to the leaving crowd Inuyasha closed his front door after throwing out all the empty bottles. Luckily his parents didn't find most of them and Sesshoumaru took the blame, though Inutaisho wasn't an idiot and followed his nose. They all had been drinking from the bottles; he just didn't tell his raven haired wife.

Kikyo left with Sango, Miroku telling her he wanted to take Inuyasha out with just the 'guys,' the guys being himself, Inuyasha, Bankotsu and Jakotsu. Though seeing as how Jankotsu was gay and had a crush on Inuyasha (letting the whole world know it) Miroku joked saying it was a guy and one 'girl' night out.

Bankotsu was in Inuyasha's physical education class and being one of Inuyasha's biggest rival. His long black hair was in a braid, ending at his lower back. His eyes were so dark they looked just as black as his hair. He wore a white shirt with an orange sweater and blue denim jeans and black shoes.

Jakotsu wore a light purple sweater with a dark purple tank-top underneath along with dark denim jean pants that clung to his legs along with a pair of white shoes. His shoulder length black hair was tied into a pony tail on top of his head and he wore a shade of red lip stick on his lips that went nicely with his slightly tanned skin.

Before they could pull Inuyasha out of the house, Inuyasha told them bluntly he didn't want to go anywhere.

"What? Come on!" Inuyasha only shook his head and yawned. Sitting down on one of the black leather sofa's in the living room.

"Look, I'm just tired. How about next week?" Leaning his head into the palm of his hand again with his eyes closed, not wanting to look at any of them.

Joking, Bankotsu said, "What you can't hold your beer?"

Jakotsu laughed, sitting next to Inuyasha while he poked at the hanyo's cheek, mockingly repeating what Bankotsu said.

Before anything could happen, Miroku sighed and said it was okay, knowing that his friend seemed to have a lot on his mind. What the details were exactly, he didn't know.

"Come on, let's go," Miroku said as he walked out the room and slipped on his shoes. Walking them all out Inuyasha said his thanks, again half heartily and closed the door. He walked up his wooden stairs to the landing his room was on. Inuyasha yawned again while opening his door. He fell face first into the nicely made bed after closing his room off to the rest of the house. He thought about the wish he made on the candles his mother wanted him to blow out like a five year old.

"Make a wish Inuyasha!" The picture she took was of him glaring at them all. Looking down at the number's one and eight on the bakery made cake he sighed. Bending over and blowing them out just to shut up the crowd that thought it was 'cute'. Walking away the cake to cut pieces Inutaisho asked his son,

"So what'd you wish for?"

"My sanity."

His father thought he was joking, slapping him over the shoulder so hard that Inuyasha dropped his drink. Inuyasha wouldn't be surprised if it bruised. Opening his amber eyes and looking out the window next to his bed Inuyasha gazed at the pearl in the sky. The moonlight shone brightly, making the sky look as if it was painted a deep midnight blue. The stars couldn't be seen thanks to all the lights in the streets and building that were on. Closing his eyes lazily while his ears fell slowly he cleared his mind of unwanted thinking, as he lay in his dark, quiet sanctuary, waiting for sleep to claim him; a melody playing softly in his ears.

Kagome heard the sound of a phone ringing as she waited for someone at the other end to pick up. Her blinds were closed, a little bit of the suns rays came in through gaps of the fabric (making sure she stayed far away from the light).

This was her fourth time calling the number today. Giving up on the fourth ring she hung up and walked to her closet; looking through all of her shirts for the perfect one. Her eyes landed on a dark green shirt; her beloved had told her once he loved the colors of nature on her. Smiling to herself she threw off the white tank-top she had on and pulled the forest-green shirt over her head. Walking past her full length mirror and going by how she felt in the clothing. Of course her gray and pink pajama pants didn't go with the shirt but it fit her nice at least. Well, besides the arms being a little to long for her. But it was hard trying to pick out clothes when you didn't know how it would look on you. Looking at her hand again, Kagome poked at her flesh. Her complexion was starting to get more color in it. Hearing her flat and empty stomach growl at her, Kagome patted it. Sighing, she looked for pants next.

"Soon. Very soon this feeling of emptiness will go away, in both my stomach and heart…"

She was so lost in thought, as she always seemed to be, that when the cell phone rang she jump and knock over almost all her pants onto her head. Moaning while pushing the heavy material away she crawled over to her bed and picked up the phone,


"Kagome… I saw you called a few times. I'm sorry I wasn't here to take your call." A soft lovely male voice filled her ear.

Souta Higurashi, really from Japan, came to the U.S. ten years ago to be a pediatric doctor. He was the only human who knew of Kagome being a vampire. The other humans thought she was just another demon, seeing as when she passed a mirror no reflection was seen.

But unlike her, demon vampires were able to walk in the sun and drink anyone's blood they wanted. Plus they didn't live as long as she had. Because they were demon born these groups of vampire's, Kagome liked to call her cousins, lived all around the world and didn't have to worry about all the things she had to. The whole clan helped her out whenever she asked for it, having the human feeling of pity for her. One named Tsukuyomaru of the Hyakki bats had even asked her to join him and his family, his daughter, Shiori, being a half breed, her mother human. She politely refused his offer and continued to live alone. If it wasn't for her father she still would have been human…she would have been dead a long time ago.

Kagome trusted Souta with her secret; plus if he did tell anyone who would believe it. The way he found out always made Kagome laugh thinking back to that day after all it was only a month ago.




"Is there a doctor here?"

Screams could be heard coming from everywhere as they all crowded around a body on the floor. Her long black hair tied in a lose pony tail at the neap of her neck was wet from the water she was holding on her tray. Her co-workers laid her on her back and tried to wake her up while some customers whipped out their cellular phones and others panicked. Luckily, or unluckily, Souta was there. He asked for a cold compress to cool her down, placing it on her forehead as he stated that he only worked with children.

"She seems to be dehydrated." he said while testing her pale skin by pulling on it slightly to see how far it would move away from her muscle. "Has anyone seen her drink or eat in the last twenty four hours?"

Her co-workers thought back to the last meal they saw her eat, none coming to mind.

"Uh… I did, just a few hours ago." a woman said with short blonde hair with strands of black dyed. A tag on her small chest reading 'Mel'.

"Then why is she dehydrated?" Souta asked aloud. 'She doesn't look bulimic…' he checked her breathing which was a little shallow, then her pulse, not finding it, he checked her neck right after. There was nothing there either. Telling everyone to be quite, he focused on any noise in her chest cavity. His ears were met with silence. Demon or not her heart should not have stopped!

"Is she going to be okay?" someone asked as he sat up and heard the sounds of sirens signaling that help was on the way. Unbuttoning her shirt, ignoring the sounds of gasps, both from embarrassment and worry, coming from behind him, he placed his hands over each other right under her breasts. Pushing down to try and get her heart pumping again.

"I really don't know…" he said out of breath as he still pumped her heart.

Opening her eyes slowly a few moments later, Kagome looked around at all the faces looking down on her with worry in their eyes. Slower then normal for both human and demon, her heart started to beat on its own again. The raven haired man stopped but never took his hands away. His breathing was a little strained from the adrenalin rush of trying to keep a person alive.

"Back away please; make room!" two paramedics came into the diner holding a box and a gurney that were the same orange color.

Feeling warmth on her pale skin she saw a man with short black hair and big brown eyes looking down at her. Next to him was with another man and a woman. They were saying something but Kagome couldn't hear them; just as slowly as they opened her eyes closed again.

"Hey, hey stay awake!" Souta shouted as he tapped her cheek.

"Damn, she's out again." his brown eyes widen when he realized that he didn't feel her heart beat under his palm anymore. Cursing under his breathe he started to pump her heart once more.

"Listen, we need to get her to the hospital, immediately."


He was surprised that she had no family and that even without a pulse she was breathing and the machine said she had brain activity(Doctor's from all over the world were coming to see her, all deciding she must have been some kind of demon ). But what surprised him the most was that she had managed to get out of her hospital room over the next few nights. The hospital had called police to help find her outside while they looked inside the facility. But no one saw her anywhere; so you can image how freaked out he was when he saw her in front of his apartment door at the dead of midnight.

When she saw him she only smiled as he opened the door.

"Come on,"

She flashing him a smile again as she walked through the doorway. The raven hair woman had fallen asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow on his bed. He woke her up a few hours later. He was going to call the hospital to let them know she was with him now and he was going to bring her back. When she stopped him she told him everything, spilling out all her secrets to who she really was, to a person she didn't know.

Of course, at first he thought she was just insane and needed to go to the 'happy farm' instead of the hospital.

"I'm sorry,"

"About-"He never got to finish his two worded question. She had bit the jugular vein of his neck and he could feel himself slipping into unconsciousness. Kagome laid his limp body back on the bed they had been sitting on and had taken a few gulps of his bitter blood. She stopped when she felt it all coming back up, sitting in her throat like it refused to be swallowed. Sitting back up on the heels of her feet, Kagome tried to keep his blood down in her empty stomach to get rid of the hunger in her belly but couldn't. Her body refused to hold any blood that wasn't her beloved's anymore.


Waking up with a sharp pain in his neck, Souta tried to move his body to the sound he heard. Sitting up slowly, seeing lights that blinded his vision, he fell back into the bed. He Winced at the pain still coming from his neck again. His whole body felt like a ton of bricks. Moving his hand over his face he stopped when he felt a patch of gauzes, or something, over the spot on his neck that hurt. Trying to sit up again he heard a woman's voice,

"You should lie down for a little while longer. Even though my damned body can't take in your blood I still took a lot from you."

Kagome stood in the doorway of the room with her arms crossed over her chest and her black silk hair dripping onto one of his white button down shirts. The strap of her red bra could be seen through the now wet material; letting him now she made herself at home.

"What'd you do to me?" He asked, bending his head forward into the palm of his hands. 'Damn this lightheadedness…'

"I told you, I passed out because it's been a little more than a hundred years since I drank my beloved's blood." Kagome repeated as she sat on his white carpet floor, a few red drops seen from her vomiting. Looking out the window at the moon filled sky Kagome wished she was able to see the stars like so many years ago. When she looked back at the man sitting on the edge of the bed looking, at her with what she guessed was fear.

"Does that mean that I'm going to be like you?" it came out as a whisper but Kagome heard it. It made her feel horrible about herself the way he phrased it. She knew she was inhuman, but deep within her non-beating heart she always felt she was human. Or maybe she just wished to be one so badly for so long that she tried to ignore her real fate, to live until to the end of time off of someone else's blood.

"No, you will not be like me. This is not a movie, nor a story; this is my life." She said; pausing before she continued to make sure he was listening.

"Plus only demon born vampires can make others into vampires if they wanted to… the person in question would have to drink the demon's blood himself." She trailed off like she forgot he was there.

"Before I met my beloved at the age of seventeen I had to eat others blood. My father would usually give me the blood of animals he had killed for the supper that evening. But the first time I tasted human blood, my mother's actually, it was bitter but it kept me full longer. She never turned into a vampire. Then again I took too much of her blood and she died. Needless to say my father hated me from then on. He even sold me off. But I guess that was the best thing he could ever do for me…" Kagome looked past him when she spoke about her past.


Since that day they talked to each other regularly and become something close to a younger brother Kagome never had. Souta didn't like the fact that she stressed 'younger' even though she was the one that looked the youngest.

When she went back to work a few weeks later they all fumed about doctors calling them to see where she was or might have been. Trying to forces food down her throat, she ate just to make them happy as they stayed on top of Kagome's shoulders, watching her every move. Eating enough of it held her growling stomach at bay sometimes.

A month has passed since those days…


End Flashback


"Kagome?" Souta asked, bringing her out of her thoughts with his voice.

"Oh, sorry; I was thinking about the past."

"Wow, you still space out a lot, huh?"

Clearing her throat while trying to completely ignore his remark, she continued with her reasons for calling.

"I called you because I need to get to Japan within the next two weeks. My problem with the sun and timing it being a little harder than I would have liked." She heard him grunt in agreement and continued with her idea but was cut off when he spoke next.

"Sorry Kagome, but I can't go with you. I have to stay here in the city for a while. But if you need a place to stay let me know. You could stay with my mother."

"Doesn't your family live on a shine?" Kagome sighed into the receiver.

"Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot that you might not be able to walk on sacred ground…"

"I can not. It would burn my flesh to the bone. I tried once before… a long, long time ago." Kagome walked back over to her closet and pulled down her pale pink suitcase. 'I might as well start packing…'

"Don't worry about it, Souta. I'll figure something out."

Hanging up from the man on the other line Kagome dialed another number. Waiting for the person to pick up Kagome threw the clothes she knew she would want to bring with her in the suitcase. 'I'll fold them up later.'

The person on the other picked up. Kagome smiled before continuing her second call. She would need to get some sleep soon if she was going to leave by tonight.

Amber eyes opened lazily, as their owner looked over the moonlit room as if trying to remember where he was. His dream was so real… and wet. Getting up off his stomach to sit on the heels of his feet; Inuyasha looked out at the full moon still in the sky while trying, unsuccessfully, to ignore the mess in between his thighs.

Deciding to maybe take a cold shower he got up and grabbed a clean set of clothes from the basket still on the floor. Hopefully, if he was lucky, everyone would be asleep and stay asleep. Closing the bathroom door behind himself, Inuyasha looked up at the skylight, more out of habit then admiring the night sky, and walked over to the shower to turn the water on.


A woman that looked familiar… She had long silk black hair and these big honey brown eyes. Was it Kikyo? Water was running down the woman's pale skin, washing off the vanilla scented soap suds. Where he was, he didn't know. But wherever it was he had a prefect view to her bathing. He was tired and his body felt a little heavy; a feeling of satisfaction washing over him. A feeling he knew all to well. Looking down he saw he was nude, his sex hard again and the sheets a bundled mess. He knew this woman wasn't human, the way she made him, and his demon blood, submit to her. But he wanted her again. He wanted her to be in control once more.

The sound of the running water had stopped while he was in a different mind.


No it wasn't Kikyo. This woman in front of him was just that, a woman. When she spoke a faint accent floated on her words, he just couldn't put his finger on where. Or maybe he didn't care.

God he could all but feel her wet naked body fall onto his own. Her wet pale thigh rubbing his manhood; he moaned at the friction she was causing accidentally. She kissed him lightly on his lips before going south and that's when he lost it.

Man, he wished it was real… Kikyo or not.


"Inuyasha, sleep well?"

The hanyo blushed at his brother's words, almost dropping the plate of pancakes and bacon his mother had just giving to him. Inutaisho started to laugh. Shit, of course Sesshoumaru and father would be up to smell my arousal.

"Oh, just shut the hell up Sesshoumaru." He dared not say the same thing to his father.

Rin seeing the oldest of her brother's smirk knew that the reaction he got out of Inuyasha was the one he wanted. But still she was confused.

"What's he talking about?" Rin asked while placing a bite of her own chocolate pancakes in her mouth.

Izayoi only shrugged sitting down across from her husband who was trying to stop himself from chuckling by drinking his coffee. Inuyasha ignored his family while he ate but still had a tint of pink in his cheeks.

The rest of the breakfast went by without mentioning Inuyasha's night and Inuyasha offered to wash the dishes having no school this day. Sesshoumaru said he would dry. They stood in silence besides the sound of running water; Inuyasha rolled up his selves passing Sesshoumaru a dish to dry and put away.

"So, what was your dream about?" Sesshoumaru laughed out.

Inuyasha threw a clean glass at his half brothers head which shattered, Sesshoumaru didn't even flinch.

"God, just shut the fuck up Sesshoumaru!" Izayoi walked into the room looking at the floor and trying to see how many they had broken this time.

"Inuyasha, that's the fourth one this month." she picked up one of the larger pieces of the glass, examining it.

"Sorry." Inuyasha whispered out, his mother only smiled walking over to turn off the water. Sesshoumaru smirked over the rim of his cup of coffee.

"What was it this time?" before Inuyasha could say anything Sesshoumaru spoke,

"I only asked of his dream."

"I bet it was dirty!" Rin said, coming out of nowhere from behind a wall. Inuyasha's blush only deepened when Rin hit the nail right on the head.

The only thoughts coming into his mind was making all their lives as miserable as they made his. Why had they seemed to care so much? He felt like he was on stand waiting for a judge to proclaim him guilty. Inuyasha only tried to find something else to say in his library of lies besides his dream vixen when his father walked in,

"Oh, so this is where you all are. I was just asking-" the silver hair dog demon looked at his younger son standing in the middle of the kitchen; he seemed to be thinking really hard. "Uh, Inuyasha what's-"

"Nothing, nothing is wrong." Inuyasha said suddenly. "It was just a dream, okay. Nothing but a dream, Je veux dire que nous tous avons des rêves que c'est juste que la mine était une petite vraie, affaire! La fille n'était pas même vraie ! Obtenir au-dessus de elle. Je ne vois pas même pourquoi votre tout intéressé de toute façon. Et Sesshoumaru, vous allez voyez un rétrécissement!"

As the hanyo walked out to the deck everyone looked confusedly at one another.

"Was that French?" Rin asked looking at Sesshoumaru; who looked just as confused as their parents.

"I think so…"


Completely oblivious to what language he had just spoken, Inuyasha leaned against the railing of their deck and sighed. 'Did I just tell them about the girl? Great, now they're going to know what I didn't want anyone to know.' His mind went to an old western gadget that people used to force teen males to wear. 'God, it sounded painful.' A ring with spokes so that every time the male thought of something that made him get hard… well like he said before, it sounded very ,very painful.

'Why did I start thinking about that anyway…? These feeling are very natural for an eighteen year old half demon, right.' Inuyasha hung his head after a few minutes of trying to convince himself. 'Man, I can't believe I'm still a virgin… What the hell am I waiting for?' yelling, his inner voice continued on, swearing to no one in general that by this year he would have slept with some girl.

Kikyo repeated over and over again that she wasn't ready, her mother would kill her if she became pregnant even worst would be with a demon. If it wasn't for Kikyo's 'waiting for the right moment' he would have done it already. Every time Miroku took him out he knew it was to get laid, but whenever he was with any other woman that wasn't Kikyo he felt weird, like he was doing something behind her back, which he would be doing. Miroku would tease him saying things like "It's your dog blood. You only feel loyal to one person."

How Miroku could get on his nerves sometimes. 'Wait let me rephrase that, most of the time.' The wind played with his hair, annoying his ears that only flicked to try and remove the hair on it.

Inuyasha's eyes only moved to the side, smelling his father coming out onto the deck to join him. He sighed again knowing that his father was probably going to have 'the talk' with him again. Though when a demon told the tale it wasn't birds and bees; this story was blunt and straight to the point. Having sex here and there, finding 'the one', mating, having a few pups and the end, well until one of you die anyway.

His father stood beside him for a moment before speaking. "Inuyasha,"

'Here we go…'

"When did you learn French?"

The question went over Inuyasha's head until he pulled his eyes from the city and looked at his father with his own confused stare.

"I mean, I know that you have an English class." the dog demon said seeing his son's confusion, "But you aren't really passing that class; so for you to just come out of nowhere and start talking in French,"

"I don't know French." The statement stopped Inutaisho in mid-sentence. "And you're right, I am failing English." Again his eyes looked up into the sky. 'Is tonight the new moon?'

"You must be joking. You were yelling your unknown vocabulary at us a mile a minute." he laughed out.

Inuyasha only repeated himself, "I don't know French." When the hanyo saw his father open his mouth again he cut him off, "Tonight's the night of the new moon, right?"

Inutaisho scowled at his son but shook his head. Inuyasha, relived, sighed in happiness. How he hated the night of the new moon. The one night when the night sky was dark and the one night when Inuyasha turned human.

Again something Sesshoumaru joked about all the time, always succeeding in getting under the hanyo's skin and knowing he couldn't do anything about it. Feeling his father's hand on the back of his head Inuyasha looked over,

"It's next week."

"Thank you," Kagome said passing the last of her bags to a female vampire demon. Smiling, the demon pushed back a lock of purple hair waving her hand, "not at all, Kagome. Tsukuyomaru is just glad you're seeing things his way."

Kagome fallowed her up the few stairs into the private jet the demon vampire lord had sent for her. Kagome looked up at the half moon illuminating the sky,


Okay everyone just so you know I had used a translator for the French so I am not sure if it's completely correct. If not please let me know how to fix it. Plus the next line shows what Inuyasha had said,

"I mean we all have dreams it's just that mine was a little real, big deal! The girl wasn't even real! Get over it. I don't even see why you're all interested anyway. And Sesshoumaru, you go see a shrink!"

Yes everyone I made Kagome the vampire. Only because in all the stories I've every read they always seem to let the male play the vampire role. I love 'out of the box' things so I played Kagome (our main famale character) as the old undead being! Hopefully you will like reading it as much I as I liked writing it.

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