Blood's Broth


(A vampire story)What name he went by this time she didn't know, nor how he looked. The beating of her forgotten heart telling her body her beloved was of age again. Now all she would have to do was find him…

Chapter 28

Time seemed to slow down around her. Everyday was longer, exhausting, and yet still filled her with joy. Every night she held her breath, watching him sleep and kept her eyes on the door… waiting. She would continue this day in and day out; her prayers, she hoped were being listened to and maybe even answered.

The family knew it too, time was running out. They invited her into their home, told her to stay by the hanyo's side while she could. She was so very thankful.

What hurt the most, deep in her dead heart, was he knew it too. The hanyo would try and joke about it; tried not to let the fact of his upcoming death prevent him from doing things. He would demand that she would still drink his blood, which she did only because he said to. The hanyo would often hope his blood still tasted good to her. She would look him in the eyes and smile, saying nothing could change it. But something had. Its sweet flavor had become violent on her tongue, burning her taste buds with every drop. The more she tasted it the less time she had with him. Naraku's poison was running its course throughout his veins, and there was nothing any doctor or vampire could do about it.

Inuyasha had remembered the last three lives his soul had lived; Eric Folhd from the sixteen hundreds, David Binner from the fifteen hundreds, and at last Benjamin Dockler, who had started it all, in the fourteen hundreds.

On some nights when the hanyo was fast asleep Kagome would sit outside his window and shed a few tears. The one time her beloved was able to live longer and he was going to be taken away quicker then the rest.

It lasted for years; the underline depression in the household became a little thicker. Old high school friends would come and visit Inuyasha, bring a little joy and exiting the home with tears. Many didn't want to believe.

At the age of twenty three, Inuyasha had pasted away. Kagome had seen his chest become still that night, his hold on her body loosen and her brother stand in front of the bedroom door. Time had stopped for her but her tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

That morning, when everyone saw her red eyed sitting at the kitchen table they didn't have to ask. Instead they just cried along with her – Sesshoumaru didn't shed a tear but instead expressed his sadness in other ways.

The house became still, the rooms were always quite. The hanyo's bedroom door stayed closed, his smell only brought tears to their eyes, but one remained inside. The vampire would often stay in his bed and breath in his scent until it was all gone; reminding herself he would come back.

As the years pasted, the pain, though it didn't vanish, became a little easier to deal with. Tears would still fall in remembrance but the days would continue. Another family member passed away, leaving more depression in their wake. The only human left in the family, started her own- having four children, three girls and one boy. They were half dog demon and her son looked so much like his dead uncle.

Kagome would often be forced to visit Rin and her family, the children loved her. Rin was becoming less of a friend and more of a mother toward the vampire, telling her it wasn't healthy to stay in the Takahashi house all the time, more so because she was the only female. Rin would also continue to scold her father and brother, making sure they didn't have Kagome doing everything over there like she was a maid. The vampire would often wave it off, insisting she didn't mind, she loved the company. Kagome would never make Rin happy by just agreeing with her so the human would then complain that it wasn't fair how they all still looked so young, completely changing the topic.

The kids grew up fast, no more were they baby's but already the youngest was hitting twenty. As more time passed it became known that Rin had cancer. The depression resurfaced; old memories of their brother and mother, wife and son, beloved and friend flashed before their eyes. But Rin too was visited by death at the aged of seventy-two.

'It's been forty-two years since Inuyasha's death, Kagome would think to herself, about fifty-eight more to go.'

Her stomach was empty and, as it normally would, rejected all human food to satisfy it. More time passed and her hunger became more painful, the offered blood she took from Inutaisho only came back up, but this she knew would happen too. Once her waiting period hit the middle, started to count down the days, months, and years till her next beloved was eighteen.

It seemed to the Takahashi males that one day the vampire was there in the house with them, and the next she was gone. Only a note was left telling them she wouldn't be home for dinner and that what she had made was in the refrigerator, theirs names written on their share. Kagome hadn't been home for some time now and her presence was greatly missed.

The house become even quieter, any sound made would bounce off the walls like the house itself was trying to bring the volume up. The two males stayed outside most of their days, only entering the large home for sleep. It had been like this for two years until a knocking came at the door in the middle of the night.

It was a strange sound to their ears having not heard it for some time. When they opened it they were greeted by familiar eyes.

"Hello again," She smiled; kicking off her shoes as she entered after Inutaisho waved her in. "It's been a long time."

"Kagome, how have you been? Where have you been?" He asked, hugging her tightly.

"I went to America," Her smile grew larger, her eyes dancing as she looked over her shoulder out the front door. "Are you coming in?"

Inutaisho wrinkled his eyes as he let go of her and faced the front door then looked back to the female. She nodded at his questioning expression.

In walked a young, full blooded demon. He was beautiful; his eyes were a smoky gray and his nose was small. His uneven hair was made up different colors; white faded into blonde and then brown. He was dressed in dark wash jeans, a black trench coat and the boots he removed.

"This is Ace Patterson, I found him in Florida - along with his sister, Mia."

Inutaisho didn't see her at first; she had been standing behind her taller brother. It was hard to realize that they were related. They were such opposites in looks. Ace was loud in color and was about six feet in height were as Mia was dull and around five four. Mia's eyes were a dark brown; her hair was gray and faded into black. She wore a pink peacoat – perhaps to brighten her appearance – and judging by her tights a dress underneath it. Her brown flats sat besides her brother's boots and their eyes roamed around the entry way.

"Just incase you're wondering why they're both here it's because they share the same soul." Inutaisho turned his eyes back to Kagome in shock. "Yes, I had that same face, but it's true. They were conjoined twins at the hip when they were younger. Science is something isn't it; Mia had to get prosthetics legs but it doesn't even seem like it, right?" She sighed.

Inutaisho nodded.

"What kind of demon's are you?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"Bird," the female answered – even her voice lacked something they were expecting. "Or our type, to be clearer, Birds of paradise."

"Your family moved to America, then?" Inutaisho asked.

"Yes," Ace said, his voice sounded as if he was singing. "They originally came from Indonesia."

His eyes were still roaming the place and soon his feet were taking him pass the other males and about the living room. Mia apologized and followed after him.

"It's a little strange for me," Kagome said in a low voice so only Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru could hear. "I can drink both their blood, they were both able to hear my song when the moon was out, but only Ace can remember the past. I think that's why he's walking around the house, his remembering Inuyasha's past only now."

"Wasn't Inuyasha eighteen when he first started to remember?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"Each time is different, besides that it took me so long to find him – them- this time; a year and a half."

"You've only known him for a short time then." Inutaisho said.

"Yes, but when I told him I could show him his old family and old house he wanted to leave for it immediately. Mia didn't want to be left out so she came along with us. They're all they have as family; they only knew their mother and she left them once they turned eighteen."

They all watched in silence as Ace looked at every picture he passed and Mia followed his moves. After a moment Inutaisho broke the silence,

"This may seem like a awkward question to ask but I know you were romantically involved Inuyasha, most likely with the others before him too, so who do sleep with or is it both?"

Kagome blushed, caught off guard by his inquiring. "Just Ace, Mia and I are just really good friends, is all."

Inutaisho chuckled, "Really?" She could tell he was thinking something.

"You're just a pervert." Kagome muttered.

Holding a picture frame in his left hand, Ace smiled at the six faces smiling back at him. He remembered them, two were the males standing near Kagome, two human females he recognized as his past life's mother and sister, and then Kagome with the hanyo he had once been, Inuyasha.

"What are you looking at, Ace?" Mia asked.

"Old family photos."

The End

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-The new reincarnation of Inuyasha and how his soul was spilt into two bodies.

If you remember I had made another one of his past lives a twin but she wasn't able to drink the other's blood. Well, now she finds her beloved has yet another twin but they were conjoined thus meaning they had shared they're body at one point in time. Though they share the same blood they did not share the same brain.

-why Ace is prettier than Mia?

Sexual dimorphism is the systematic difference in form between individuals of different sex in the same species. Examples include color, size, and the presence or absence of parts of the body used in courtship displays or fights, such as ornamental feathers, horns, antlers or tusks.

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