"Mommy?" A little girl cried out to her mother. Small innocent cerulean eyes that belonged to a young blond girl, looked deeper into her house. Red stains were everywhere and the place looked thrashed, the small girl noticed, as she walked around the house. "Daddy?" Her throat tightened as she went deeper into the house. Finally, she stopped upon a door. The door that led to her parents' room. The door that had no sign of red stains anywhere. She tightened her grip on her small teddy bear, and reached one hand out to turn the knob of the door.

She opened the door, and noticed nothing was wrong with it. She saw two bodies on her parents' bed, and assuming that her parents were still sleeping, she allowed a smile to grace upon her face. She walked towards the bed, and went to her mother's side, and climbed onto the bed. Once she was on top of her mother's supposedly stomach, she pulled onto the blanket, in hope to scare her mother. But was she saw instead, had scared her. Scarred her for life. It was...her mother...her headless mother.

She held the teddy bear close to herself, as she opened her mouth, screaming in anguish and horror at the scene in front of her. Not only had she seen her mother's headless body when she pulled down the blanket, but she had also pulled down the blanket that was covering her father's side, only to faint at the scene of her father, mouth open and eyes wide. But that wasn't what made her faint, it was the part that his mouth was open, but was missing the tongue, and his eyes were wide, but they were missing the most important part of the eyes, and it the eyes themselves.

She shot straight up, eyes widened with fear, and sweat falling down from her forehead. It had been years since it had happened, and it has been years since she had not seen that dream, so why was it coming back now?

She got up from bed, and went straight to the washroom. As she got into the washroom, she turned on the shower and started to strip down. Once she was finished, she stepped into the shower, feeling the cold water run by her once, before it changed into a warm temperature.

'Maybe its because I'm starting high school today. But then again, what would my starting school have anything to do with this dream? Could it be a sign of something happening? Or could it be just a nightmare, that wants me to never forget that scene?' She thought to herself.

She turned off her shower, and took a towel to wrap around herself. She went into her room and changed into a white blouse, a black necktie, a red blazer with school crest, which she tied around her waist and black trousers. Basically, a normal uniform clothing for a high school student.

She took a hairbrush, and brushed through her hair, then when she was finished she'd shake her hair a few times, so it would seem as though she had not brush her hair at all.

She went out to her front door, wore her socks and shoes, and left after saying goodbye to her parents'. As she went to school, she passed by her mailbox, that was blue in colour, with the words UZUMAKI written on it, in orange.

Hehehe...I decided to write a story, because I got bored...hopefully I'll continue this one soon!