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Naruto's POV

"Well, well well, if it isn't the new boy." A voice called out, as the bell rung for lunch. I turned. It was a girl with pink hair and bright green eyes. Wow, that's strange, never thought I would see something like that.

"You look like such a freak with that smile of yours. I mean seriously, who do you think you are, some sort of celebrity?"

I just rolled my eyes and walked away, no use staying there anyways. It's way too boring for me anyways. Plus, I have to go watch that Uchiha kid, in case something happens to him, I can protect him, though I doubt he'll need it. He glares at me all the time. Hell, had I no been used to it, I would've been scared the shit out of my pants, but I am, so I'm not. It's pretty boring here. Nothing much to do.

The cafeteria...lets just say that their meals aren't really edible. They're like moving lumps or something. That's not even scary. The scary part was that the students were actually eating it. Ugh, that's just disgusting. Now...to find somewhere to sit.

"HEY YOU! NEW KID!C'MERE!" I turned my head. A boy with brown spiked up hair, and three tattooed triangles on each cheek called out to me, and grinned. I sighed inwardly and walked towards his table. I hope I live pass this.

"Hi!" I bellowed and grinned.

"Well? Watcha staring at? Sit down!" He pulled me down to the seat next to him. Ow...my painful bum. "So..." He started.

"So...?" I said.

He rolled his eyes. "What's your name, stupid."

My eye twitched. Stupid? Oh, he's asking for it. "Oh, my name's Uzumaki Naruto! What about yours, Dog-Breath." I made sure to say it capitalized. Wouldn't want him to think it was important.

"DOG-BREATH?! You little...!" His eyes were blazing fire at me. Oh, it's kinda like cyclops!

"K-Kiba...!" A stuttering broke in. Kiba quickly sat down and grinned as though he did nothing wrong.

"Wow, how obediently. Just like a dog!" I couldn't help but add in. He turned to face me and glared. I gave him an innocent smile, and turned to face the other.

"So, what's your name?" I asked the other. It was a girl, with lavender coloured eyes, and bluish purple hair.

She blushed slightly. "I-it's H-Hyuuga H-Hinata." She stuttered out, tripping over words.

"Well, my name's Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you Hinata-chan!"I said with a grin. I added the -chan to be nice.

It only made her blush more and look down, and I think it made Kiba angry at me, seeing as how he's trying to glare a hole at my head. I spinned around and gave him a smile, one which he only returned half-heartedly, and with a pout towards Hinata.

"Don't flirt with my girl, man." He spat out.

Oh...so that's the reason why he was so angry at me.

"Don't worry. I don't swing that way." I said casually.

His eyes seem to widen for a few moments, and I realized what I said. For gods sake, I just remembered that I'm a guy right now, and I just told him that...oh shit.

"Okay...well don't worry about it. I don't mind if you're gay." I twitched. Oh well, whatever makes him happy.

"Oh, and why not?" I wonder, really, why doesn't he mind? Most people would run out right now, just being in the same room as a homosexual person, nevertheless the same table, not that I really am, but he doesn't need to know that.

He gave me a grin. "I'm a little bi myself, you see." He whispered to me.

"Oh really? Then who's the significant other, besides Hinata-chan?" I asked him, and said it a little louder then he liked.

"It's not just me, Hinata does too, so she doesn't mind at all. You see that table over there?" He pointed to the one in the far end. I gave him a nod. "That table's for the 'popular' people." He started. "You see the one with the shades?" I looked over at the table, and saw a guy wearing a high collared shirt, with shades on, and had black shaggy hair.

"Yeah, that him?" I looked back at Kiba. He nodded, and so did Hinata. I guess she heard us too. "Then why don't you guys go ask him if he wanted to join you guys?"

He smacked his forehead. "Are you stupid?!" He started whispering again. "He's one of the popular people, he won't just get up and get with us! He has a reputation, for god's sake. People with a reputation, especially the popular ones, will never get together with us, the 'losers'. By the way, what category did you get placed in." He asked out of the blue.

"Apparently I got placed in the 'freaks' section, for having a loud mouth and smiling a lot." I gave him a shrug. He sweat-dropped. Guess he couldn't believe either.

I looked around, trying to find my target. Found him too, but apparently, he's in the 'popular' table. Great, if he's in the popular section and I'm in the freak section, how far is that from each other? Man, at this rate, I'll never get close enough to protect him.

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