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Fairy Tales

Contrary to popular belief, Jess likes fairy tales. Being such an avid reader, how could have he avoided such classics from Aesop and the Grimm brothers. However, liking fairy tales and believing in them were completely opposite things.

It didn't take long for real life to strip Jess of all his ideals. Magic didn't seem at all like a cure when every wish upon a star was never answered and he was left with a drunk mother, an absent father, and, too many times, not enough food to keep his stomach from growling late at night.

Jess is highly irrated by the fact that Stars Hollow was a town that could have just stepped out of a fairy tale (or a chick-flick). But the fact that he, the rebellious, abdondoned, misunderstood boy had taken the unofficial role of Cindrella was what really got to him.

Midnight had come too soon.

It was an unrefuted fact that Rory Gilmore was the princess of Stars Hollow. It took Jess only the moment meeting her to understand why. She was that fairy tale kind of beautiful. One of those princesses without a castle, but was fair as she was kind. All she wanted was the top of the world, and no one would be able to stop her from making her dreams come true.

Girls like that road away with their true love on white horses into the sunset at the end of there stories. The got 'happily ever afters.' Unfortunately, Jess didn't fit the knight in shining armor job description.

To the town he was the dragon, the one who had stolen the princess away from her rightful love to his dark and deceptive lair to eat her. But to Rory, he was never a dragon.

It's quite unusual when the girl is the one with the sword and the guy is the damesl in distress. Even as a disturbing image that might be, especially on Jess's part, he knows its true.

Jess wasn't a hero. Heroes never run away. Heroes were couragous. Heroes faced their problems. Heroes fought for the person they loved. Jess wasn't a hero.

As much as he'd like to pretend that he had rescued Repunzel from the tower himself when he had repremanded her about dropping out of Yale, he knows all he did was point out that it wasn't like her to stay cooped up in a tower like that, especially beause he knew she wasn't fond of heights, and she found her own way down.

He never pegged her for playing the role of the witch before. But in real life, even the purest of ladies fall from their pedistools sometimes. He just didn't like to see or admit how badly the fall had damaged her.

The Subsect almost classifies itself as a modern day fairy tale, in Jess's mind at least. It didn't have knights, castles, or kings. But it was about two people fighting for love when all the odds where against them, but this wasn't an occurance where love conquered all.

In fact, at one time he had had half a mind to begin the tale with "Once upon a time." However, "Once upon a time" give people the impression the tale will end with a "happily ever after." That didn't happened in his case. He didn't think it ever would.

Despite all his inhibitions, she taught him to belief in fairy tales again.

Jess doesn't mind the fact that Rory is a princess; he just hates the fact that he isn't the prince.