Yoshi Soccer

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Well, here's the surprising thing - this fanfic originally existed probably a year ago, but I deleted it for some strange reasons. Either that, or, um...wait.




Yoshizilla: Okay, I wasn't just imagining things. I did delete it, but with good reasons. Anyway, here it is again, though I edited it, if you know what I mean. (wink, wink) Luckily, I have played a lot of the (very awesome) Mario Strikers Charged on the Nintendo Wii entertainment videogame home console system, and I pretty much know what to expect for this soccer-based fanfic. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some SOCCER!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! (throws confetti)

Disclaimer: Do people even care about me anymore?

Yoshizilla: In a sense, no.

Disclaimer: Okay, then. Then all of the Nintendo characters belong to Nintendo, and all of the fan-made characters in THIS fanfic and any other fanfic created by Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus are owned by Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus.


"And it's a good day for Team Bowser as King Bowser Koopa himself and his teammates wipe the floor with Team Link five to three! Only ten seconds are left on the clock!" Master Hand loudly announces as the audience cheers loudly, all of them perfectly fitted in the small, comfortable seats within the gigantic stadium.

Ganondorf grins as he uses Warlock kick to push Midna and Zelda off to the side, before passing the ball to mewtwo, who uses his Psychic ability to blast away Link and Roy. Mewtwo then closes his eyes, and the ball starts to emit a purple glow, before kicking the ball into the goal. Marth jumped into the air and caught the ball, before heading to the right and tossing the ball to Midna, who jumped up in between Ganondorf and Mewtwo. Bowser then ran towards Midna and burned her with his fiery breath, snatching the ball and charging it up, before kicking it from the right side into the goal, scoring another point. It was then that the ten seconds passed, and the horns were blown loudly, the audience cheering as Team Bowser all gave each other high fives and cheered with triumph while Team Link all looked down the ground with defeat and headed sulking out of the stadium.

"That's the game! Team Bowser wins with a score of six to three! What a stupendous match!" Master Hand announces, as he started doing flips in mid-air. "They now are the proud champions of the soccer tournament! Who will attempt to challenge the current champions, and will they become the new champions, or will they lose with pride?"


On the beautiful isle that is Yoshi Island, located within the many large land masses of Dinosaur Land, Yoshi and his good friends - Peppy Ankylosaurus, Dr. Hoshi, Birdo, and Chad the Charmander - are all watching the current soccer match in Yoshi's House. After the match ends, Yoshi turns to his friends.

"Dang, Team Bowser sure put a lot of effort in that match," Peppy admitted, biting into a delicious, crisp piece of lettuce, "I wonder if we'll be able to play like them."

Chad rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Errr, I don't know, guys. You think that us five would be able to put up a match against all of the other teams that would compete?" The red Charmander curiously asked.

Dr. Hoshi folded his arms, only nodding. "I bet. After all, we're pretty good at soccer, remember?" He glanced at Chad and winked.

Chad murmured. "Well..."

Birdo clamped her hands together. "Hey guys, since we're practicing soccer, let's enter the new cup!" She giggled, walking up to Yoshi and nudging him by the arm, "After all, there's nothing more fun or competitive like soccer."

Yoshi thought for a minute, rubbing his chin and tapping his right foot. "Hmmm..." He then snapped his fingers. "That's it! We'll enter the new soccer tournament a week from today, and then we'll be able to compete!" He looked at the others and told them, "Okay then, it's settled! You guys practice while I go tell Master Hand that I'm entering us." And with that, the green Yoshisaurus ran out of his house and jumped into the green warp pipe nearby, which lead back to Nintendo City.

Birdo, Chad the Charmander, Dr. Hoshi, and Peppy all looked at each other, smiled, nodded, and all ran out the house, heading towards the plains beyond Yoshi's House to practice their soccer skills.


Next Chapter: The Teams Form! Let the Soccer Matches Begin!