Team Mario vs. Team Waluigi

The Sand Tomb

Luigi, Peach, and Toad were all standing on one side of the sandy field within the sprawling desert, while gave them back intimidating looks. It was then that Mario arrived through a warp pipe, taking off his red cap and grinning as Waluigi suddenly jumped down and yelled, pathetically trying to scare Mario's teammates, but not being successful. Daisy, Bowser Jr., and Petey Piranha also teased Mario and his teammates, determined to beat them. The thwomps stomped the ground flat repeatedly as the soccer ball was tossed onto the sandy field, and the soccer match between Team Mario and Team Waluigi began.

Mario ran towards the soccer ball and kicked it, but Waluigi snatched it and then pushed aside Mario. He headed towards the left and then charged up the soccer ball, kicking it towards the Pianta goalie on Mario's side. The blue-colored Pianta grabbed the ball and chucked it towards Peach, who jumped into the air with the ball in between her legs and kicked it to the right towards Luigi, who snatched the ball and pushed Daisy aside, kicking the ball into the goal from the side. Ridley, however, prepared for this and caught the ball with his right hand, tossing it back onto the field, but Mario kicked the ball in from the air, scoring a point.

Waluigi fumed, and he kicked the ball into a shadow under a Thwomp. Toad ran towards the ball, but he was flattened by the Thwomp. Petey Piranha snatched the ball and fired brown, sticky goop at Luigi and Peach, covering them and causing them to stick. However, Mario tackled into the large piranha plant into a thwomp, and snatched the ball, jumping over Waluigi and kicking the ball into Ridley, damaging him. Mario then charged the ball up, but he was kicked from the ground by Daisy, who kicked the ball towards Mario's side, but it collided into a Thwomp going back upwards slowly. Toad returned to his normal form and kicked the ball from the right, with Ridley slashing at the ball and sending it back. Toad kicked the ball again, and it went in.

Waluigi pulled his mustache, and he then grabbed a long whip, snapping the ball upwards and then passing it to Daisy, who caused orange spikes to rise from the ground. Luigi and Toad went into the air as Daisy swerved to the right and avoided a slamming thwomp, running towards the Pianta. The Pianta blocked the ball from the right, but Petey Piranha spewed goop all over him, and Daisy pushed aside Mario into a Thwomp and charged the ball, kicking it from the left into the goal as the Pianta struggled to get out of the sticky goop.

Mario huddled with his fellow teammates, and they turned to face Waluigi and his teammates, who all laughed at them. Mario kicked the ball and headed towards Ridley, but Petey Piranha whacked him with his large left leaf. Bowser Jr. then whirled around in his green spiky shell and kicked the ball above Peach. Daisy snatched the ball and kicked it from the left into the Pianta, who blocked it. The Pianta then pushed Bowser Jr. down and tossed the ball onto the thwomp. All of the teammates on both teams looked up at dismay as the ball started to slowly moved towards the right, and it then fell off. Mario quickly grabbed the ball, but he was frozen by a blue, icy shell. Waluigi chuckled, and he grabbed the ball, creating several spiky purple thorns behind him. He then trapped himself in between the thorns, and charged the ball, kicking it through the thorns and right into the Pianta, knocking the mountain esq. goalie over and the ball going in.

Waluigi laughed and did his victory pose, pounding his chest with confidence as he taunted Mario's team. Mario snapped his fingers, and he kicked the ball towards a Thwomp, going behind it. Mario charged the ball, an luckily, Luigi blocked Daisy from ambushing the red-capped plumber while Peach tossed a banana peel at Petey Piranha, forcing him to slip. Mario then fully charged the ball and as the Thwomp slowly went up, kicked the ball and headed towards Ridley, who whacked it back with his long, purple tail. Toad ran towards the ball and kicked it from the air, scoring a point.

Mario grinned as Waluigi kicked the ball towards the right, with Bowser Jr. getting it and using his spiky shell to repel Peach. Bowser Jr. then jumped over Toad and charged up the ball behind a thwomp, but Daisy couldn't protect him as she was stomped on by Mario. Mario then slid into Bowser Jr. and kicked the ball back to Waluigi's side, with Luigi spinning around and knocking Petey Piranha and Waluigi down. Luigi then charged the ball, and kicked it from the right, but Ridley blocked the ball and sent it towards Daisy. Daisy formed orange spikes around her once again, but Peach jumped above the spikes and kicked Daisy in the butt, impaling her and kicking the ball above the orange spikes, with Mario jumping into the air and charging the ball with flames, kicking it into Ridley. Ridley screeched in pain as bright red-yellow-and-orange flames surrounded his purple body, with Luigi moving towards the right and kicking the ball into the goalie. The Lakitu blew the whistle, and Team Mario cheered and gave each other high fives while Team Waluigi grumbled and complained about their loss, the thwomps continuing to smash the desert ground with no care about the soccer game at all.

Score: Team Mario, 4; Team Waluigi, 2

Winner: Team Mario