61. Subscribe

The Kurosaki family did not subscribe to the teachings of any particular religion, for Isshin was content to let the children (or at least Ichigo) make their own mistakes.

62. Idealistic

"Spare me your idealistic notions, King," the hollow snarled against his cheek, "I'm going to take over your body and that's the end of it - there is no such thing as truce!"

63. Resigned

At first his dad was inconsolable, but once he became resigned to the fact that he would get no grandchildren from Ichigo, he proceeded to give a very thorough and very scarring lecture on the importance of safe-sex.

64. Contravention

Always, Ichigo flouted the normal rules of life in everything he did, so in the end he wondered why falling love with his hollow side had shocked him so much.

65. Grandfather

Ichigo had never known a grandfather in his lifetime, as Isshin never even mentioned his own predecessors; perhaps that was why he was so disbelieving the first time when the King of Sereitei hugged tightly him and called him grandson.

66. Clears

Shiro clears the air between them with a kiss and a quick apology; Ichigo sniffs because he knows this will happen again and again - Shirosaki always tries to take control when Ichigo is in danger to prevent him from getting hurt, but Ichigo can protect himself well enough.

67. Bogs

Ichigo's eyes widen and his hands tighten around Zangetsu as he realizes that Shiro's voice is garbled in his head and bogged down with pain; the Espada just brags about his reishi suppression powers until Ichigo kills him out of frustration with his bare hands.

68. Position

"I don't think you're in a position to be making demands, King," Shiro whispers with a smirk, but then Ichigo pecks him on the lips and takes the opening shock creates to knee the hollow in the gut.

69. Damp

Ichigo feels odd to see Shiro standing there, head tilted towards the sky and locks damp from the rain of Ichigo's own sadness; strangely, the clouds lighten a bit when the hollow gives him a genuine smile.

70. Newest

As the newest Espada, Ichigo's placement among Aizen's ranks is met with heavy skepticism; when Ichigo cleaves Numero Dos' head from his body without Shirosaki's help those doubts were silenced.

71. Account

"Oh really, don't stop on our accounts," Rukia shoos him from behind the blushing Orihime's shield; Ichigo shrugs and goes back to beating the shit out of the little upstart shinigami who thought they could take on a captain.

72. Crew

"What a fine crew of merry men," Shiro comments on the Espada almost coming to blows over the table - Ichigo is hard-pressed to find space through his laughter to explain to Aizen what is so funny.

73. Foreigners

Ichigo has a bad feeling about the foreign blonde girls stalking him, and it doesn't help when he sees them carrying around some sort of 'Burichi' manga and wearing t-shirts with 'YAOI' printed on them.

74. Belonging

It was strange to think that the majority of hollows would go their entire existence without knowing rest or the absence of a hunger for souls…but Shiro could sleep within the walls of Hueco Mundo in this borrowed body, knowing that he belonged here and would never be alone.

75. Affair

Ichigo crinkled his nose at the white-cloth affair lying on his bed - the arrancar all seemed to have some sort of gay pride going on, but he refused to wear this newly-designed monstrosity that left almost nothing to the imagination; Shirosaki firmly agreed, stating that no arrancar would be staring at his king that way.

76. Censors

Sometimes Shiro's language made even Ichigo red around the ears, and he wished the hollow would censor his words a bit around his friends.

77. Sensibly

His son still didn't know he knew, but when Isshin found Ichigo passed out on the couch from exhaustion the third morning in a row, he sensibly put his foot down and told his dumbfounded son to let the district shinigami handle the hollows for a while.

78. Moment

It took but a moment for Ichigo's world to crash down around him when he awoke with blood on his hands to find that Shirosaki had killed them all.

79. Scare

"…You scared me," Ichigo admitted, nuzzling Shiro's white shihakusho, "for a minute there I thought you were going to let us die."

80. Dance

Yuzu stared incredulously as her Ichi-nii danced around the room in nothing but boxers to music only he could hear; then he spotted her and snapped, "What?!" and Yuzu stuttered, backing out with a blush.

81. Retrieving

Retrieve, retrieve…he was always going after his friends - Orihime, Rukia - because it was his fault they suffered in the first place.

82. Ribbon

Ichigo didn't mean to rip Uryuu's little project, but Shiro's maniacal laughter wasn't really helping with the embarrassment of buying lacy ribbon, especially with all those ladies staring at him.

83. Prize

After Masaki's death Ichigo dedicates himself to karate and wins prize after prize, but he never smiles because none of it will bring back the mother he let die.

84. Handle

The vizards taught the shinigami how to 'handle' his hollow, but it really meant subjugate and enslave him and his powers - some days Ichigo doesn't think he'll ever be able to make it up to Shiro.

85. Borrowing

The King often borrowed his power in those long days of the abyss, and the hollow swore when he was free he would borrow the King's soul.

86. Reductions

The only way Ichigo could keep awake in biology class was to theorize on thoughts of applying the reduction of electrons in reishi to powering up his shunpo - of course, he wasn't nearly smart enough to get anywhere and Shiro just laughed at his efforts.

87. Nostalgia

Every moment Ichigo slept was another when he was forced to remember his failures - Masaki, Orihime, the rest of his family and Rukia's betrayed eyes - until Shiro pulled him from the nightmare, wrenching at Ichigo's hair and assuring that he would never, ever let Urahara try to separate them again.

88. Stretched

There were times when Ichigo's opinion stretched in both directions, for the hollow was both the reason for his madness and his only anchor in the desolation his life had become.

89. Certain

"-how do you know for certain that this is love-" the hollow didn't get an answer to the unfinished question, too stunned by the King's kami-damned kiss.

90. Steal

Ichigo glares up at the First Captain, breaking his bindings in an instant - because Yamamoto is the one who ordered this, to have his other half stolen away, and his fury will not stop until all these captains - his adversaries - are dead.

A/n: I've taken the 'complete' tag down because it seems that everytime I get writer's block on my Harry Potter story- which is often - writing these sentences really helps. :D Please let me know what ideas you like, and I'll work on incorporating them into the coming ShiroIchigo epic. (Though that looks to be far off in the furture!)