The Kim Possible characters are owned by Disney: Shego, Kim, Ron, Rufus, Wade, Global Justice, and any other that has or will appear or be mentioned. The only original character are Sheila Go, The Corrupted Supreme One, Duane Tiamat, and Assistant Sherry

Everything was blackness around her; thick and inky, running across every surface, becoming every surface. Even her steps echoed as if treading across shallow puddles. There was no depth, no dimension to this room and all she could feel was an icy cold, stabbing across her body. She tried to shiver, try to bundle her arms over her chest to get warm but the coldness only grew stronger, as if growing inside her. She took another step and her foot sank into the inky blackness, slowly being swallowed by it. She tried to pull herself free but then her other leg began to sink, the black, thick tar that this place was made of was consuming her. As she was being eaten by it, the darkness took a new color; red, blood red. The smell of fresh blood stung her nose and with a finally pull, she was now surrounded fully by it. Deeper she sank, no air to breath, only the thick, warm blood to fill her lungs. She feared she would drown soon. Just as she felt ready to succumb to her bloody end, she began to fall and landed on dry, solid land.

Now she was in a room with substance but still as alien to her as the room of blackness and blood; a church. The pews were all vacant, not a clergyman or nun in sight. What little she did know about religion was enough to tell her that the stain glass windows and the cross depicting the death of Jesus Christ meant this was not a Jewish Synagogue. At the alter, an open coffin was laid as if a funeral was about to take place. Her mind told her to stay away from it but she walked toward it, compelled to it inexplicably. She was close enough to place her hand on it. It felt real enough; solid, strong, and built to last an afterlife. She took a breath and slowly looked into the coffin. The air escaped her faster than it did when she was drowning in the blood. Kim Possible was laying inside, her hands folded over her chest. That's what was in the coffin. "No... no..." Shego sighed, the sight overwhelming her.

Just as she spook, Kim's eyes sprang to life, her dead stare cutting through Shego worse than the inexplicable cold. "You killed me Shego, it's all your fault."

Shego reeled back, panic growing quickly inside her. "No... no! I didn't do anything! It was the bitch from the tube, the Supreme Corrupted...whatever!" she cried out.

She felt something stop her, something grabbing at her feet. She looked down and several decaying hands were bursting up from the floor, reaching and grasping for her. She yanked her legs free only to have more hands reach up and grab the other one. From the ground arose her assailants, Kim Possible, several Kim Possibles, all in different stages of decay, pawing at her, grabbing, trying to drag her into the ground. Shego ran, trying to escape those rotting hands. She found a door to the side and barged right in.

But the door lead to nothing, just black space and she was now falling. She screamed but made no sound as her body fell into the emptiness. Below her, something was coming up toward her, her own reflection. She crashed through something that shattered like glass only to fall toward another one. Again and again, her body smashed through the strange mirrors, the shattered pieces cutting through her outfit and her skin. Battered, cut, and bruised, she finally stopped falling, landing hard on a final mirror. She groaned, her body racked with pain as she pushed herself up at arm's length. Shego looked into her reflection but didn't see herself, but the Corrupted One, the same stark white, twisted version of her own self that killed Kim, mimicking every move she made. But soon it began to laugh, cackling at her, her clawed glove pointing right at her as she howled her evil laugh. Shego's eyes widen as the tip of her finger gathered a mass of black light.

Just before the energy blast was fired at her, she woke up, gagging out a scream. She looked frantically around, she was in a bed with wires and tubed attached to her. In her panicked state, she yanked out everything; her breathing mask, her feeding tube, the wires connected to her heart and respiratory monitor. She could hear alarms and sirens going off as she thrashed around the bed, destroying the equipment meant to keep her alive. Someone quickly rushed in, trying to restrain her. She fought, unsure who it was and what their intension might be. During the struggle, she caught sight of who she was fighting, locking her eyes to theirs. Though her eyes were blue and not green, Shego was so sure she was Kim Possible that she immediately stopped resisting. "Shego, you need to calm down," she said.

"No... not my fault... I'm sorry, I didn't... please..." Shego muttered hysterically. Her vision blurred, everything was spinning. The shock of the nightmare, disconnecting herself from the machines, and confronting who she thought was Kim Possible was too much for her mind and her body. She slipped back into unconsciousness and Mrs. Dr. Possible gently laid her back on her side.

A gathering of doctors, nurses, and medical assistants gathered at the door way but Dr. Possible politely waved them off and began reattaching Shego's monitors carefully back on her skin. "Rest Shego... you'll need all the strength you can get..."