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Epilogue - Altering Destiny

Kim lazily tapped her nail gently against her teeth, trying to think of what to type next. It was good to be back in her dorm room in Vassar but she couldn't let everything that has happen in the past few weeks go undocumented. She was compelled to file it all away for future reference. Shego had snuck in while Kim was furrowing her brow and picked up the stack of papers she had printed earlier. "And what's this?" she asked with a curious smile. "Extra credit?"

Kim turned her chair toward Shego and held out her hand. "Work in progress, give it!"

Shego laughed and threw herself on the bed instead. "Now, now roomie, if we're going to share a room, that means we're sharing printer ink and that gives me the right to see if this is worth printing."

"Hey! You paid for half the rent and utilities, I paid for the printer ink."

"Don't care, still reading it."

Shego laughed, even though Kim pelted her with a Cuddle-Buddy she had perched atop her monitor. It had been two weeks since Kim's miraculous awakening and Shego was now her new roommate and, effective in the coming spring, her new classmate. Shego's degree in child development and her ability to pay all the expenses with funds stored in several secret bank accounts hidden all over the world from her villainy days made enrollment to Vassar's doctorate program easier than she imagined. "Fine, go ahead. But we're going to have to work on respecting people's privacy."

Shego rose one hand straight up and clapped her thumb against her other fingers. "Yak, yak, yak. Oh, this seems pretty interesting."

Item 1: The creature claiming to be a dictator Shego from an alternate future has been eliminated with no remains to be found. The PDV (Pan-Dimensional Vortex) Generator that brought her here was destroyed, along with the rest of the Okinawa facility. This is one villain I'm glad I'll never have to worry about again.

Item 2: According to Ron, Fukushima seems to have acquired some kind of power comparable to his own mystic monkey power. The source of this power allegedly comes from a being called "Tiger Fist". Though Ron defeated him in their confrontation, Fukushima is still at large and can strike at any moment. He'll more than likely make Ron his target if he does resurface.

Shego looked at Kim for a moment. "Yeah, he told me about that. Pretty low going after someone's family like that."

Kim nodded sadly. "I know... and my brothers were there, too. Ron said he was sorry he put his own thing before the mission but I told him that, given the choices, he made the right decision." Shego nodded in agreement and continued reading.

Item 3: Thanks to Tiamat and the future Shego, or the Corrupted One as I have labeled her, there are now two more individuals with "Go" powers. Zita Flores has obtained the ability to read minds, represented by a yellow glow that surrounds her head the harder she focuses. I, in a strange twist of fate, now posses the power to rejuvenate any injury. My powers manifest around my hands, the same way Shego's does, with an orange glow.

Item 3 side note- There seemed to have been some animosity from Felix Renton toward Shego. After my... resurrection, Felix lost his resolve to hate Shego and asked for her apology.

Shego stopped reading once again. "I didn't even know he hated me." Kim just rolled her eyes and Shego continued.

Item 4: Because of the recent events, Ron (against his parents wishes and my own) has temporary dropped out of community college to refocus himself on mystic monkey training. Sensei has agreed to help him by relocating Yori and her ninja squad, Team Eleven, to New York to setup a new base of operation and help Ron with his training. (Personal Note Have Wade keep Ron on strict surveillance during any "training" session with Yori)

Shego tried her best to muffle a laugh but Kim overheard her. "What's so funny?"

Shego waved her hand. "Nothing, it's nothing. Now quiet, I'm still reading."

Item 5: Possible side mission for later; DNAmy. The woman responsible for starting the chain of events that lead to all of this happening is reported missing from her home. The police report said they found large amounts of blood on the kitchen floor and some empty, unmarked vials as well. They also reported to have found what at first appeared to be bacon but forensics showed that it was Dr. Hall's flesh. I don't know what happened to her or where she is but I hope she's alright.

Shego shook her head. "That monster... she skinned her and for no reason..." she thought to herself.

Item 6: Dr. Vivian Porter promised to spend all her time on restoring Sherry's AI program from the hard drive she salvaged from the destroyed body. Because of the damage, she's worried that some of Sherry's code might have been irreparably damaged but has promised to keep us updated.

Item 7: Sheila and the rest of Team Go have resumed their standard operation in Go city. Sheila has admitted to a minor psychological break down because of the fight with the Corrupted One's clones but has assured us that seeing Shego restore them back to full health and watched me come back to life has inspired her to keep fighting the good fight. (Personal Note Sheila was... uncomfortably close during our talk. Not sure what to make of it right now...)

Shego again tried to muffle her laugh but failed to do so and laughed aloud. Kim slammed her hand on the desk. "Seriously, what is so funny?!"

Shego tried to cover her mouth and shook her head. "N-nothing, honest."

Item 8: Global Justice, once an organization that stood for justice and protecting the people, has now turned against us. I couldn't believe it when I first heard it but, I guess I have to face facts and accept it. I left a video message for Dr. Director Betty on how I felt about the change, it seemed like the right thing to do, considering how closely I used to work with GJ in the past. The only future plans I have concerning GJ is simply watch my back and never forget that what I do, what we all do, is for the good of the world.

Item 9: Dr. Renton and my dad are back to their normal routine now. Since they were invited by Global Justice and only did what was asked of them, I doubt they'll have anything to worry about in the near future. Just as a precaution, we've secured both their phone lines and wireless networks specifically against the kind of surveillance technology used by Global Justice.

Item 10: It's official, Dr. Drakken really has gone straight. I've had my doubts since I heard about it the first time but I guess I can't keep holding on to the past. He's selling himself off as a scientific consultant for mechanical engineering, chemistry, robotics. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt but when I start hearing that his costumers are caught making some mind control mouthwash or a killer robot jackrabbit, it's back to jail for him.

Shego folded the top part of the papers downward to lock her eyes on Kim. "If you don't trust Drakken to be one hundred percent clean, how can you trust that I am?"

Kim tuned her head slightly toward Shego and smirked. "Well, with you as my roommate, I can keep a closer eye on you until I'm certain." Shego shook her head, knowing that Kim was simply teasing her and continued.

Item 11: The one thing Global Justice was trying to prevent during all of this was the worldwide economic panic that would've occurred if TiamaCorp suddenly went belly up for no apparent reason. Although they were able to secretly transfer all rights and assets of the company to Smarty Mart International, the destruction of the Okinawa facility made the transaction somewhat difficult. For now, the explosion is being treated as an act of corporate sabotage on the part of Duane Tiamat in an attempt to sour the "hostile takeover" of his company. I got to admit, the way they've spun is really quite impressive and it's a good way to explain Tiamat's jail sentence to the public.

Item 12: Shego, for years, has been my archrival and one of the fiercest villains I've ever faced. But now, she's a member of Team Possible. It's weird, it feels just like when the Attitudinator turned her to Miss Go except without her being completely nice. But even so, it just feels more natural this way, it really does feel like having an older sister. I love having her around as my roommate, not just a partner and, though I know she'll never admit it, I know she feels the same way. She's still rough around the edges and she totally destroyed her battle suit her first time out but if I can could do for her what I did for Ron-

Shego put the papers down and slid off the bed. "Love being here with you too, Kimmie, but I'm keeping my rough edges."

Kim laughed. "Hey, can't blame me for trying." Shego couldn't help but chuckle at Kim's response. Kim turned back to her monitor screen, trying to think of what else to include in her summary. "I think that's it. Shego, do you think that report is missing anything?"

Shego pondered for a moment. "Well, how about why you and Zita didn't get a nice yellow and orange tan when you got your powers?" she asked. "When we got our powers, me and my brothers all had the epidermal dye job."

"Actually, I had that same conversation with Wade after I stopped freaking about my hands glowing orange and suddenly turning into a one girl rehab center. He thinks that because you all received your powers when the meteor first crashed, it might just be some side effect caused by cosmic radiation," Kim explained.

Shego let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. "Figures it be something like that. Oh well, orange skin would look just plain silly anyway, it's not as elegant as green," Shego quipped with a smug grin.

"Ha-Ha, whatever you- hey! I just remembered what I'm missing; what happened to Duane Tiamat?"

The question let out a spark of realization in Shego. "Oh, right, little Duane, almost forgot about him. Actually, before Betty went all Dr. Dictator on us, Drakken actually made a pretty good suggestion on where Tiamat should be holed up."

Kim looked up at Shego and cautiously raised an eyebrow. "Where exactly?"

"You know, you must have wasted a lot of money while running that company. Did you buy your supplies in bulk? You'd be surprised how many people just fritter money away by not buying in bulk. Usually they don't buy in bulk because they think what they need doesn't come in bulk, which, I can tell you, is not true! See, I keep getting the Smarty Mart newsletter every month and you'd be surprised what you can buy in bulk and save so much money, oh it's unbelievable! Swivel chairs, waste baskets, urinals, conference tables, honest to god, conference table five pack, you save thirty-five percent! Now I'm just shooting off things you'd probably need in a big corporate office but there's a lot you can do to cut back on expenses all over. You can use generic machinery oil mixed with Smarty Mart brand salad oil and it works just as good as the top name brand industrial lubricant but you save hundreds over the course of twenty years! Oh, oh, and recycled soy paper, environmentally friendly and one-tenth of a penny cheaper for every thousand pages than the regular stuff!"

It had been three days since being sent to prison, three days since Duane Tiamat has begun serving his fifty year sentence for the trumped up charges against him, and, worse than anything else, three days since he has meet his new cell mate, Frugal Lucre. Duane turned to the bars of his cell and pounded his fists against them. "Guard! Guard! I'm ready to talk, I'm ready to name my board of directors! I'm ready to list every invention I've ever stole! I'm even ready to admit that I killed a bunch of people and...uh... ate them! Just please... GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!"

Kim and Shego were almost doubled over in laughter. The thought of Duane in a small room with Lucre was probably the funniest and most fitting punishment Kim could've imagined for Tiamat. "Oh wow, that's great! I'll be sure to add that one then," she said, wiping a tear forming in her eye from laughing so hard. "I just wish I knew what to name this file."

Shego calmed her hysterical laugh to a calm chuckle and gave Kim's dilemma some thought. She slowly pulled out of her pocket a strip of photos from one of the picture booths in the mall. On it were several shots of her and Kim from about a week ago, the last photo on the strip was a near perfect recreation of the photo she had carried in her jumpsuit until it was destroyed in Okinawa. Shego smiled warmly to herself. "I know it won't make sense... but how about you save it as... 'Altered Destiny'."

The End

or... is it?

Yori and Ron stared at each other with fire in their eyes, both trying to overpower the other as their fighting staves grinded against one another. On the rooftop, the twilight hour painted the skyline with an eerie and beauty mix of day and night. Sweat poured down both their faces, each breath was labored with fatigue and exhaustion. Yori slowly smiled. "I think that is enough for today, Ron-san. Perhaps we should retire to our rooms."

Ron nodded and the two backed away from one another and bowed respectfully. They placed the staves back on a weapon rack and headed for the elevator. Once they were inside and they passed about two floors, Ron suddenly pressed the emergency stop button. "Yori... I need to talk to you," he said."

Yori looked at him, a bit confused that he wanted to talk in an elevator between floors. "What is wrong, Ron-san? We could have spoken on the roof or perhaps in the hall."

Ron shook his head. "No. I know Kim, she has Wade watching us as subtly as he can. But this elevator is a solid aluminum box, really old design, no place to put a camera discreetly."

She slowly tilted her head to the side, unsure what to make of Ron's rambling. "Why would be spied upon?"

Turning to her, Ron slowly held on to both of Yori's arms. "Yori... back in Global Justice... in my bed... when I couldn't move..."

The reminder of that moment filled Yori quickly with shame about what she did. "Stoppable-san... I..."

"Please... let me finish. You see... the problem is... I do love you Yori... not just physically or anything stupid like that. I love you with every part of my soul... with every part of my being. But the problem is... I felt the same way with Kim, I FEEL the same way with Kim, I don't think I can ever stop loving Kim."

Yori nodded, trying not to let herself seem affected by his admission of undying love to Possible. "I... understand Stoppable-san, it was your destiny-"

Ron shook his head once more. "No... it... when Kim came back, I thought it was a sign. A sign to go back to her, a sign that our love was meant to be. But... I also thought... it was a sign telling me not to feel so guilty... I don't know..."

"Stoppable-san... what exactly is it that you are trying to say?"

Ron looked Yori in the eye. "I guess... all I'm trying to say... trying to ask you... is don't hate me for this," he finally said. He locked his lips with her's, just as she did with his that day. And just as before, the affection was returned as Yori wrapped her arms around him as he wrapped his around her waist, pulling one another deeper into this forbidden pleasure. The two prolonged their passionate kiss, wild and hungry, a kiss that could only be shared by warriors in love. With Kim, it was magic, but with Yori, it was savage. Both so filled with love, love so pure only a true idiot would feel it for two different women. "I love them both... but I know I'll end up hurting one of them. Oh man...I've really gotten myself into a real sitch..."