summary: It's the first day of Haruno Sakura's junior year in high school. She was recently living in the western side of Konoha, enjoying her old friends and her old life. Until her father got a new job on the eastern side of town. Now she had to start all over again, memorizing new routes, getting used to the new environment, making new friends, and possibly new enemies. She didn't know she would meet one particular raven-haired teenager along the way, none other than : Uchiha Sasuke! Will they feel the magic or get irritated by one another?
pairings: SasuSaku ; NaruHina ; NejiTen ; ShikaIno
inspiration: I've always wanted to do one of those preppy high school fanfics, based off of one of my favorite novel series :)
type: alternate universe ; major OOC-ness!
disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto ; Establishments / Brand-Name things / Etc. © Their respectful owners
First fanfic! Sweetness. Flames : not welcome. Yeah, and sry its one of those high school fics where they fall in love and then fluff and drama drama and shit. Plot is undecided ; story speaks for itself.

& never a dull moment

C h a p t e r 1 : E n c o u n t e r


(Month: August)






Sakura grunted in an unladylike way, the way she would never do in public, as she shifted in her oh, so comfortable queen-sized bed. She pulled off her pink sleeping mask which was laced with black, and tried to take a quick glance at her silver-plated alarm clock, only to find it smashed and broken. 'Great, just great…' she thought.

Sakura had just moved from the West side of Konoha to the east side. She moved to a wealthy community called 'White Eagle', which contained people ranging from singers to movie directors. She was used to it though, because she lived in a place like it on the west side.

"Sakura, sweetie, wake up! It's 6:00! Can't miss your big day today," her mother, Haruno Ayumi spoke through the high-tech intercom that was on her wall.

"Grnghhhpifff…" Sakura groaned. She got up, walked to the intercom, pressed the red button, and in her cheeriest voice she replied with an "Mkay!" Then she plopped back on her soft bed. Hope that works…

'She's not getting up; She's going back to sleep,' Ayumi thought.

Suddenly, one of the maids appeared out of nowhere, Sakura not even noticing when she opened the door.

"Sakura-san, your mother told me to wake you up."

'No shit,' Sakura's inner self said, as her outer debated to get out of her bed or not.

"All right, tell her I'll be down soon." Sakura's outer replied.

The maid bowed then left, and Sakura grunted one more time before climbing out of her silky black and pink bed, and then buried her toes into her soft white carpet. She then walked to the double-mirror/doors that led to her closet. She looked in it. Her pink and black-laced Victoria's Secret nightgown rode up her thigh as she gently tugged it down. 'No use anyway…gotta take a shower' she thought.

16 year-old Haruno Sakura had bubblegum-pink hair that went below her shoulders and bright-green eyes that would light up a room. She's beautiful, intelligent, and guys would look twice at her when they see her. Her skin soft as silk, milky, and tanned; her face features, structured to perfection. She wasn't exactly tall, but she is light; as in weight. She is becoming a woman, so she's indeed a bit curvy.

She looked around her room. The main colors were black, white, and pink. There was a silver 42' plasma screen T.V. mounted on the wall and under it, a glass table with a DVD player, with a couple of DVDs stacked on top of it, a PS3, Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Wii below the table. She had a boyish side, somewhat. In front of the T.V. were a long, black cushiony couch, and another glass table, which had a couple of Seventeen magazines on it.

Her bed was in the middle of her room, and to the left of her bed, were double-doors that led to a balcony. On the right of her bed were a glass desk, which had a 20' computer screen with the computer set up and a black Vaio laptop with a cherry blossom cover on it. On the right side of the room there was a door which led to the bathroom. It was exquisite. On the left side of the room was a pair of double-doors which led to a walk-in closet, which was as big as her bathroom, it being filled with accessories, shoes, bags, and color-sorted name-brand clothes.

Sakura open the curtains and squinted when she saw the sunlight. It shone on her fingernails and toenails; the French manicure looking as if it had just been done. She then went to the bathroom to get undressed and took a nice, long, 20-minute shower. She dried herself, and slid on a pair of pink lacy Victoria's Secret panties with the matching bra. She then tied a towel on her head. After that, she did the works: put on some deodorant, lotion up her body, brush her teeth, and wash her face. Then she put on white silk robe, white furry slippers, and went to her closet.

"Hmm…what to wear, what to wear…" she thought aloud. She looked in the Hollister section, and then decided on an outfit. She would go full-out Hollister today. Pulling out a pink, super soft, square neck knit-top, which slimmed down to her midsection and flowed out gracefully below her waist. A white cami would go perfectly with it, along with a pair of light Laguna low rise skinny jeans. She spotted a pair of nice, new, white Hollister flip flops, but then she saw a pair of white Aéropostale flats with pink heart patterns on them, and decided on those. So she placed everything on her bed.

"Now, onto jewelry…" she said, strolling over to the square marble table in the middle of her closet. Pressing a button under the counter, it seemed as if the middle of the whole table rose. When it stopped at one foot, a collection of beautiful jewelry was seen ranging from Chanel to Gucci to Christian Dior, and mirrors in each of the four corners. She settled on a silver Tiffany double-heart necklace, a silver Juicy Couture charm bracelet, and a pair of white gold diamond earrings. She glanced at one of the corners of the jewelry collection and spotted the 16-carat diamond anklet her grandmother gave her for her fourteenth birthday. 'Nobody's gonna see it since I'm gonna be wearing jeans...' she thought, 'Ah, well.' She took it with her.

After Sakura took off her robe, she slid on her clothes and carefully placed on her jewelry. She then went in the bathroom to take off the towel on her head and toss it in the hamper. She blow-dried her bubblegum-pink hair, straightened, and curled it. She straightened her side bangs, gently curled the bottom and, to complete her hair, she used a cherry blossom barrette to put back her bangs so everyone can see her bright green orbs; her eyes.

She walked to her vanity and sat down on her furry black chair. She didn't need to bother with her eyelashes, since they were naturally long, so she began to put on a light layer of white eye shadow, a touch of pink blush, and topped it off with a perfect layer of i.d. Bare Escentuals sweet pink lip gloss.

After spraying herself with Ralph Lauren perfume, she grabbed her brand new, pink Samsung S400i cell phone off her charger, along with the sparkling pink Bourjois lip gloss charm dangling from it, and tossed it in her white Prada shoulder bag. It now contained her phone, a pink Sidekick phone (for text messaging), her Blackberry (for the internet), extra lip gloss, her reading glasses, a make-up bag, a pink iPod, a pack of Bubblicious bubble gum, her keys, a matching Prada wallet filled with a lot of cash and credit cards, her school I.D., a pair of white Gucci sunglasses, and… strawberry Pocky? And a few tampons? Yeah. It's that time of the month. She reached out to pick up her iPhone, but it was on a low battery, so she plugged it in the charger instead.

She zipped up her bag, grabbed her shoes, closed her door behind her, and headed towards the downstairs kitchen.

"Ah, Sakura-san, your breakfast is ready," said a more elderly maid than the one who woke Sakura.

"Arigatou gozaimasu," Sakura replied sweetly, before setting her flats by the front doors. She sat down and stared at the breakfast before her. A stack of pancakes were placed neatly on a porcelain plate, topped with light syrup, a few strawberries, and a dab of whipped cream. With a glass of orange juice to complete the meal, her mouth started to water.

'Mmm…looks yummy!' she thought, before delicately cutting her pancakes, and savoring every bite.

After that delicious breakfast, Sakura checked the time. '7:10…I have about 50 minutes to kill,' she calculated her in her head.

"Where's Dad?" Sakura asked her mother.

"He had an early meeting today," Ayumi replied, "He'll be back in time for dinner."

"Ah, okay." Sakura said, "Well, I'm off. Ja ne!"

"Buh-bye, sweetie." Sakura kissed her mother on the cheek before sliding her feet into her flats and heading out the double doors.

Sakura rummaged through her bag and found her Gucci sunglasses. As she put them on, she looked at her white Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG and thought twice before going in.

'Whoa now, you just had a humongous stack of strawberry pancakes,' her inner Sakura said, 'Why don't we just take a nice stroll to school and burn a few calories, ne?'

'Grr, I'm not that fat,' she thought before she headed down to the gates in front of her house.

"Ohayou." greeted the morning guard who sat in the booth as Sakura strolled towards the iron gates.

"Ohayou," Sakura replied, "can you please open the gates so I can walk to school?"

"Certainly," He said, and pressed a button that made the gates open, "have a great first day, Sakura-san."

"Arigatou!" she replied as she continued to walk.

Sasuke grunted as the constant ringing buzzed in his ears, waking him from his peaceful sleep. He popped his hand out from under his comforter and searched for the cause of his now annoyed mind. Once he found the target, he hit the snooze button and looked at his clock.

'6:00… damn… why did I set it this early?' he thought as he slowly dragged his whole body out of his soft and furry, black and blue bed.

He yawned and stretched, scratching his head as he thought about what to do next. He was wearing a pair of black Hanes cotton drawstring pants, and was currently shirtless.

Sasuke lived in a wealthy community called 'Black Hawk' which he had lived all his life. Although he grew up in the same house, the style constantly changed. Meaning themes, such as colored themes or others like Arabian or Egyptian. The point is, he's rich.

17 year-old Uchiha Sasuke has raven-colored hair that's in stylish spikes that rise up like a duck butt, and he has dark obsidian eyes. He's smart, athletic, drop dead gorgeous, need I say more? He has his own fan club for cryin' out loud! Girls fight over him like new-born baby cubs battling for their mothers' milk! Ahem, but that's beside the point. Sasuke's strong masculine features are intimidating to anyone. And he's tall for his age. Since he's athletic, he's pretty ripped. Can I get a six-pack? So yeah, Uchiha Sasuke's not your typical boyfriend. He's a god.

He walked to his bathroom and took a shower. After drying himself, doing the works, slipping on a pair of Navy blue plaid boxers, and placing a towel on top of his head, he went to his closet and picked out an outfit. He decided to go full-out Hollister today. Pulling out a navy blue and white striped polo, he also spotted a wife beater. To complete the look, he took out a pair of loose-fitting dark Hermosa low rise boot-cut jeans, a white leather studded belt, and a pair of navy blue and white checkered Vans.

Once he placed his shoes by his bed, he got dressed. Letting his hair air-dry, he grabbed his Sanyo Katana Mystic Black cell phone and placed it in his pocket. He saw his Samsung T809, having another phone just for the hell of it, and put it in the same pocket. He also picked up his brand-new iPhone, but thought twice about it, so he set it back down. He grabbed his Blackberry instead, clipped the case on the side of his pants, and slid the device inside. He spotted his wallet on his dresser, made sure his school I.D., some cash, and credit cards were in it, and placed it in his back pocket. After that, he put his keys in his other front pocket. He walked up to his dresser, and put on a white Puka necklace and his Rolex Daytona wristwatch.

After he sprayed on some Angel cologne, Sasuke sat down in an office chair in front of his desk. He opened his BlackBook laptop and logged onto his MySpace, so he can get the message his best friend sent to him about a beach party.

Awhile later, Sasuke walks downstairs to the dining room, with a black iPod in hand and matching black headphones around his neck, receiving greetings from the maids and his mother.

"Where are Father and Itachi?" Sasuke asked Uchiha Mikoto.

"They went on an early business meeting today; they'll be back by dinnertime." His mother replied, not looking up from her cookbook.

"Kanna," Mikoto called to the nearest maid, "I would like to try this recipe tonight. Is that okay?" Sasuke's mother was always trying to cook a new meal for her family as much as possible.

"Of course, Uchiha-sama. As you wish." replied Kanna.

"Sasuke," his mother returned her attention to him, "didn't you say something about a beach party last night?"

Sasuke stopped devouring his piece of bacon to look up at his mother. "Ah, yes Mother. Naruto is throwing a beach party." He finished the last piece. "I got a message from him today; He said I can only come if I bring a girl with me." Sasuke grunted after saying this.

"I've always like Naruto. Tell him I said hello," Mikoto stated, "he's doing the right thing you know; you need to get interested in a girl now. You know, me and your Father met when I was around your age…"

"I know, Ma, I know…" he replied, obviously annoyed due to the fact that he hears her say things like this at least every month or so ever since he turned 16.

"I'm just saying the obvious, 'tis all." She retorted.

Sasuke looked up at the time. '7:10; maybe I should get going.' he though as he got up from his seat and walked up to his mother planting a kiss on her cheek.

"Goodbye mother, I am off." He stated.

"Bye, sweetie." She replied. 'Ah, my dear Sasuke. I hope you find her soon…' she thought before resuming the paragraph in the cookbook.

Sasuke slips on his vans, places the headphones on his ears, and walks out the front door. He turned on a corner and opened the garage door, just to be greeted by his black Lamborghini Gallardo Nera, and his black 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 Motorcycle. He decided on the car. 'Ah, how I've missed you. It's been nearly 10 hours.' He thought as he climbed in the driver's side, blasting a Linkin Park song.

'Hmm. I'm in the mood for…Starbucks.'

About 10 minutes into the walk, Sakura spotted a Starbucks nearby. 'Aww, yeah!' she thought, 'I guess those strawberry pancakes weren't enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!'

'Hmph,' her inner replied, 'Get a hold of yourself.'

'Whatev..' Sakura raised her hand to lift off the matter before entering said coffee shop. The sweet smell of decaf and frappucinos filled her lungs as she happily strolled to the counter.

"Hey, welcome to Starbucks," said the cashier who looked like he was in his 20's, "How can I help you?" He tried to put on his sexiest smirk and briefly winked at her.

Sakura smiled sweetly at him while carefully placing her Gucci sunglasses on top of her pink head. 'He's kinda cute…but too old. My folks would flip if I brought home a guy 5 years older than me…' she thought.

"Hi, um… can I get a tall Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Blended Crème please?" Sakura asked politely as she took out her wallet.

"Sure…that'll be 3.25." the cashier said in a voice deeper than before.

Sakura looked through her wallet and pulled out a bill. "My lowest is a 20…gomen nasai."

"Hey, it's no prob," the cashier took the bill form Sakura, touching her hand more than he should.

'If he keeps this up, he's gonna get a mouth full of fist and an ass full of foot,' her inner had said, ready to spring anytime, anywhere.

'Calm down, just…calm down,' her outer replied.

She watched him grab a pen and scribble something on the back of her receipt.

"Here's your change and receipt, I'll be back in a sec with your drink," he said.

"Arigatou," Sakura replied before grabbing said items. She looked on the back of the receipt.

'Here's my number, call me sometime. –Idate' Above the note was indeed his phone number. Sakura turned to the counter that held the straws and such.

"Don't forget," he called, almost sounding desperate, and Sakura turned her head to him while still walking.

"Heh… don't worry… I won't," she replied, trying to show him her sweetest smile.

'Keh, we'll forget all right, I should call up the place and report for sexual harass—'

But before her inner could finish the sentence, Sakura stumbled upon something very hard, feeling like a back. She, being clumsy and all, couldn't keep her balance, and toppled over. She closed her eyes to get ready for her ass to meet the floor, but before that could happen, she felt a strong, muscular arm wrap around her waist. Sakura opened her eyes and looked up, meeting a pair of onyx staring down at her, while slurping a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. (Sasuke's theme starts playing outta nowhere...)

'Mm, he smells good,' Sakura thought.

'Mm, she smells good,' Sasuke thought.

They inspected each others' faces; Sakura's widened bright green orbs, tweezed brows, perfect nose, bronze-colored skin from tanning over the summer, and fully glossed lips slightly parted in shock. Sasuke's obsidian eyes, perfectly-shaped eyebrows, stoic facial expression, tanned skin, soft lips, and strong masculine features. Then, the both of them looked down, seeing that Sakura's shirt, along with her cami has been pulled up around her midsection, revealing her soft and toned stomach, along with a silver belly button ring with her initial on it; an S.

Sakura, snapping to her senses, quickly pulls away and fixes it. 'Whoaa…what a hawttie…arigatou, Kami-sama…' she thought, while inspecting her rescuer.

She sees an amazingly gorgeous guy her age with smooth-looking, untamed, raven-black hair that was sported like a duck butt. He was wearing a full Hollister outfit, (his polos' collars were flared up) like her. Minus the shoes. His headphones were also hanging around his neck. Sasuke's tight shirt was doing nothing to hide his deliciously-shaped body, and his wonderfully muscular arm trailed down to a hand that was firmly gripped on his drink; his other arm safely in his pocket. He smirked at her.

'Pink hair? Who has that? But…that was a sexy belly button ring…on a sexy girl…' Sasuke thought as he inspected her. She had curls in her hair with a barrette sweeping her bangs to the side. Her hands were on her curvy hips as she stood in a pose; head cocked to the side. Yeah, she was still checkin' him out. She was also wearing a full Hollister outfit. 'She is pretty cute, and she has good taste in style. I wonder if she goes to the same school as me…'

The Uchiha snapped back to reality. 'Ugh, what am I saying?! I don't care about this stranger! Then again…'

"Gomen nasai! I didn't mean to bump into you like that!" Sakura quickly apologized, while bowing, snapping back to reality as well.

"Hn. No big deal," Sasuke replied, "Say, are you by any chance attending East Konoha High?" His mysteriously deep and sexy voice hummed in Sakura's ears as she resisted the urge to squeal.

"Actually, yes! I just moved here from the west side of Konoha." she replied smoothly. '...and why am I telling this guy my business?'

'Because he's so damn hot!' her inner retorted back.

"You did? That sucks. Things are pretty much different on this side of the city." Sasuke said casually.

"Really? I had no idea—"

"Here's your drink, miss." The cashier from before interrupted, looking annoyed.

"Um, arigatou," Sakura replied before taking her frappuccino.

"Yeah," he retorted before going back to his business. 'I don't think she's gonna be calling me now that she's met that Uchiha..' he thought.

"Come on," Sakura said, "Let's sit over there. I have some questions about this place."

"Hn," Sasuke replied as he walked towards the table she motioned to. 'Why am getting myself into this?'

"So, what's your name?" she asked as they sat down.

"It's common courtesy to give your own name before you ask someone else's." Sasuke retorted.

"Oh, ah, g-gomen. My name's Sakura. Haruno Sakura. And you are…?" she said, while smiling politely.

"Uchiha Sasuke, pleased to meet you," he replied kind of sarcastically, then smirked back. 'Sakura, eh? It suits her.' he thought.

Sakura and Sasuke started a conversation about Konoha, and then school, and then Hollister, and then God knows what. It seemed that they were getting along, but that was hard to believe. Sasuke, getting along with some girl he just met? Interesting.

As they finished up the last of their frappies, Sasuke glanced at his watch. It was 7:40. It's about a 10-minute drive to the school, and the warning bell rings at 8:00.

"Ah, I think we'd better get going. Do you have a ride?" Sasuke asked.

"Um, no. I walked. You know, I was just walking to get some fresh air..." she lied.

'Nuh-uhh. We were trying to get rid of this blubber you call your—'

'Damn, I get it! Jeez..' Sakura shot back at her inner.

"Well, I can give you a ride if you want…" Sasuke said, throwing out his empty cup, while already walking out the door.

"Ah, okay!" she part-yelled, throwing out hers as well, and following him. She didn't notice that the cashier wrote his number on the cup as well…

'Haruno Sakura, eh?' Idate thought, 'Well Sakura, you will be mine…'

'Wow, a Lamborghini. Nice Sakura thought while she watched Sasuke open the passenger door for her.

"Arigatou," she said cheerily, before sitting in the soft leathery seat.

"Hn." Sasuke replied.

He closed the door gently, then walked around and got into the driver's seat. They both buckled up, and Sasuke took off.

Sakura rummaged through her bag, and found her gum.

"Want one?" she asked, holding up a piece.

"No thanks, I'm fine," he replied.

'Yes, that you are…' her inner thought.

It was a silent ride, omitting the brief 'pops' of Sakura's bubbles, so she took the time to admire the buildings and landscapes as they passed them all. She tried to memorize the route, but she would always occasionally glance at the guy beside her. Sasuke was no better, for he would glance at Sakura from the corner of his eye, also. 'This girl…' he thought. 'She doesn't act like the others...' Sakura then interrupted his thoughts.

"Do you mind if I listen to my iPod?"Sakura asked the Uchiha.

"Hn. Do what you want." Was his simple reply.

Sakura rummaged through her bag yet again before she found her prize.

'Ahh, sweetness,' she thought before placing the Shuga buds in her ear and listening to the song 'Sakura Drops' by Utada.

Koi wo shite owari wo tsuge
Chikau koto wa kore ga saigo no Heartbreak

Sakura sae kaze no naka de

Yurete yagate hana wo sakasu yo…

What she didn't realize was that she started humming along with the song, then softly singing it. She put her Gucci sunglasses back into place while the Uchiha heard her sweet melodic voice.

'Hn, she has a decent voice,' Sasuke thought, then sported his famous Uchiha smirk. 'Today is going to be interesting…'

& fin of chapter 1