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& never a dull moment

C h a p t e r 5 : C o n f u s i n g R o u t e s & U n d e r w a t e r K i s s e s


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(Month: September)

It is now Saturday afternoon and Sasuke was currently gliding on his skateboard at a skate park not too far from his neighborhood. His buddy Naruto was off to the side trying to rap with his friend Kiba.

"Lil' Bo Beep, ridin' in a jeep, cruisin' down a hill that's oh, so steep—"

"You suck donkey ass!" Kiba exclaimed.

"A donkey is an ass!" Naruto retorted. The two started to argue about rapping and rhyming and technical terms for the longest time, and Sasuke had to control his furiousness. Those two were dancing on his last nerve. But before he could finally confront them, a blur of pink took over his sight, and it was going around the corner. He decided to skateboard to it.

Once he reached the corner, the pink was gone. He then swiftly turned around to meet eyes of jade.

"Looking for me, Sasuke?" Sakura was wearing a red and pink layered cami with cherry blossoms embroidered on it, a denim skirt, pink patterned leggings, and a pair of pink and red Pumas. Her hair was styled in a messy ponytail, with several strands hanging around her face. She was currently listening to music on her iPod touch.

"Hn. Why would I be?" Sasuke was wearing a small, and sort of tight-looking black Element t-shirt with a pair of skinny dark wash jeans, a black and white studded belt, and the sneakers he had bought during their mall trip the month before. He was also listening to music, but it was on his iPhone. "Anyways, what are you doing around here?"

"What's it to you? It's not like you care. Besides, if you really need to know, I came to visit someone."

"And that someone was me, right?" He smirks. "Well, here I am—"

"Uh, no lover-boy. If you didn't know already, Hinata lives around these parts. So I came to return her book." She pointed her gaze towards her purse.

"Yeah, I heard you guys were going to the movies too…" Sasuke stepped on the edge of his skateboard with force, which sent it flying straight up and into the air. When it came down, he caught it with ease, eyes never leaving the girl in front of him; and scanning her from head to toe. Then he circled Sakura; her eyes following his every movement while standing in the same spot she was in. When he was in front of her again, he asked: "Why didn't you invite me?" There was a tinge of caricature in his tone.

Sakura rolled her eyes and answered his question blandly. "Because, you're an ass. Simple as that."

He gasped sarcastically. "Well this is news to me!"

"Oh go fall in a ditch you cocky bastard! And never come back, okay?" She turned to walk away, but a warm hand to her wrist stopped her from doing so. Realizing his actions, Sasuke quickly let go. Sakura looked over her shoulder. "Whaa…?"

The Uchiha was already skateboarding the opposite way, not knowing that he was flashing Sakura a nice-looking pair of silky black boxers. With a slight blush on her cheeks, Sakura shrugged it off, and continued trying to look for the Hyuuga Manor.

– ● –

Five minutes later…

'Hey, it's Hinata. I'm not here right now, but please leave your name, number, and a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible—hey! Naruto-kun what the hell are you doing?! Gimme back my pudding! OMG save some for mee!!' BEEEEP.

"Hinata?! Can you puh-lease answer your phone? I'm frickin' lost! And I would change your voicemail if I were you, cuz—AHH!" It seems that Sakura wasn't paying attention to where she was walking, and fell into a sand hole at a park.

"Stupid kids and their shovels…" She muttered as she stood up and dusted herself off.

"Ah, that's just great! I got sand in my fuckin' shoes!" She sighed frustratingly as she marched to a nearby bench and sat down. As she was emptying her shoes, she noticed a shadow behind her.

"You know…" She turned around and widened her eyes slightly, then narrowed them. "I wouldn't use such vulgar language around a park…" Sasuke commented, leaning on his skateboard which was sustaining him.

"Urusai!" She retorted. Seconds later, she sighed. "It's not like anyone's here anyway." Sasuke walked around the bench and took a seat, keeping a distance from Sakura. He sat his skateboard down and put his feet on it; gently rocking back and forth. Then he rested his arms on the bench's support.

"Hn, you could've just called someone else and asked if they knew where their house was… instead of calling her phone constantly…"

"How did I know I was calling so much?! I know why—you're a stalker! I knew it!" She pointed an accusing finger towards him.

"Calm down… your voice is loud and the skate park isn't far away…" He leaned his head in its direction. "So I came to see what was up. And apparently, you were falling down." Sasuke silently grunted.

"Did you just make a joke? Ha! That was so stupid it was funny!" Sakura broke into giggles, and he held back a smirk at her actions.

"…anyways, why didn't you call someone else?" He went back to the subject.

"I… I just wanted to explore! Is that not hard to understand? Hmph!" She pouted and crossed her arms in a childish manner.

"Heh… you're cute…" He accidentally thought aloud.

"… What?" She wore a perplexed look on her face.

"I said 'follow suit'." He got up and headed for the sidewalk. 'Whew… nice save.'

Sakura shrugged it off and did what she was told. When Sasuke reached the concrete, he took off on his skateboard. "Ch-chotto matte!" She started to jog.

"What? A little more exercise won't hurt. Plus you have the shoes to do so!" He yelled back at her.


He came to a halt and waited for her to catch up. "What, you want to use the skateboard?" He stepped on the heel and the other end connected with his hand; supporting his build once again.

"No, I want you to walk. Like me." She replied. He lowered his board onto the ground and crossed his arms.

"Do you even know how to skateboard?" He inquired.

"…N-no, and I don't wanna. Now come on and lead the way!" She almost pleaded. He smirked slyly at her.

"Tell ya what; I'll lead you there if you can travel by the skateboard."

"Ugh, Sasuke stop being so hard-headed! The movie's starting in…" She checks her iPod. "…10 minutes! So we need to leave now!" She grabbed his wrist and tugged. No luck. When she looked back at him, he had an amused look on his face.

"Fine! Maybe I should call someone then!" She dug around her purse for her iPhone and clutched it in her hands. Then Sasuke rolled his eyes and interrupted her.

"What's the point and having an iPod touch and an iPhone?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Well…" She drew her brows together in a thinking manner. "There are some things one can do that the other can't, and vice versa."

"…Right. Anyways, I was just teasin' ya. It's not like you'll be good at skateboarding anyway. C'mon." He said while picking up his skateboard. He turned his back to her and started walking, while slightly smirking.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean? You think I can't do this?!" She replied angrily at him.

"Huh?" He turns around. "No, no. It's not even like that…" Sasuke looked away almost innocently. She strides up to him and stood on her toes; not even inches away from his face. "You wanna make a bet?" She whispers almost seductively into his ear, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Sasuke unconsciously closed his eyes and inhaled her warm, flowery scent. The body heat she was giving off felt incredibly good to him. "Only if you won't back out." He finally answered. She faced him, only to meet closed eyes. Then she inhaled his scent as well. 'Damn, he smells so nice.' She was about to lean in when…

"Mommy, mommy! Look! It's one of your shampoo operas right in front of our yard!!" Some little kid yells through his window. Sasuke and Sakura turn their heads toward that window and sweatdrop. The mother comes suddenly replying, "I told you, it's soap oper—well whaddaya know? It's Uchiha Sasuke!"

"Wait," He suddenly whispers, a hint of fear in his voice, "This house seems familiar—"

"HEY, KIN!! C'MERE!!" She exclaims suddenly. Now their eyes are fully widened, and Sakura decides to make a break for it. She grabs Sasuke's skateboard and takes off. Throwing up two fingers behind her, she yells a "Good luck!" while doing a heelflip off the sidewalk and onto the street.

"Hey! You… almost cheated me!" He yells back.

"SASKUE-KUN!! YOU CAME TO MY HOUSE!! GIRLS TAKE PICTURES!" Kin instructed as a couple of fangirls flashed photos. Then some ran out the door trying to get to the Uchiha, while others jumped out of the two-story window and onto bushes.

"GET 'IM!" Some random girl yelled, and more came swarming towards him. Sasuke widened his eyes by a fraction and ran for his dear life. He could see that particular blur of pink, only if he squinted just a tad. Picking up his already fast pace, he got closer and closer to Sakura. He could hear the fangirls' voices fading now, and he mentally sighed a breath of relief.

Sakura rounded a corner, and Sasuke followed suit. Once he was absolutely, positively sure that the girls were all gone, he caught up to her. She didn't notice since she was listening to music, and she was also at a slow pace. So he decided to get payback really soon. When the perfect moment arrived, he kicked the skateboard under her. Sakura automatically screams, and he catches her just in time. Her jade eyes look up through her Aviator sunglasses, meeting Sasuke's obsidian orbs. They ogled at each other for a good hot second, and then a car drove by; ruining the moment. Sakura then blinks a few times and stands up.

"Um…" She drawls.

"Yeah. If I followed through with the bet, you would've conned me, like I said." He crossed his arms, which he was doing a lot lately, and waited for an explanation.

"About that, you see, something must've came over me and I guess I received the power to flee on a skateboard and—"

"Oh cut the crap, Sakura. You did a fuckin' heelflip! It took me two (impressive) days to master that..." He trailed off.

"Well sor-ry! But when your fangirls showed up it was every man—er, woman for himself! I-I mean, herself!" She retorted.

"Yeah, whatever. I could've practically died back there!"

"Well I don't give a flying fuck!"

"How did you learn how to skateboard anyway?"

"What the hell do you care?!"

"Um, guys…?" They both turned their attention to Hinata, who was currently standing behind gates. Evidently, the mailbox built in the brick wall has 'HYUUGA MANOR' engraved on it. Sakura looked behind the pearl-eyed lass, and there was a hee-uge white brick mansion on the foundation. Neji was also standing there from a distance looking confused.

"The sentries told us that two teenagers were arguing in front of our gates… so we came to check it out. And the security cameras confirmed that those teenagers were you." All eyes were on a camera that was secured onto the wall, and it chose the time to twitch; as if on cue.

". . ."

"Riiiight." Sakura finally said. "Well, I have your book, Hinata!" Sasuke went to go fetch his skateboard while Sakura jogged up to the gates. "Uh, why do you live with your cousin?"

"It's a family thing," She nodded to a guard, and he opened the gates. "You wouldn't understand."

"Alrighty… so… I'm ready to go to the movies!" She handed her the book and they walked up towards the mansion.

"Hey, Neji." Sasuke called out. "Are you going to the movies with them?" Neji was closing the distance between the two.

"No, I think I'm gonna chill until the party; Hinata said that they're watching a chick flick anyways. Wanna come and play some NBA 08?" He asks casually.

"Hey, I'm game." They both start to walk up to the mansion, as the girls walk out. Sasuke and Sakura glare at each other before reverting back to their conversations.

"Something up, Sak?" Hinata asks; concerned about her pink-haired friend.

"Naw, it's nothin'." She replies as they both climb into Hinata's 2008 Buick LaCrosse. 'Nothing at all.'

– ● –

"That movie was alright. I've seen better." Tenten commented as they walked out of AMC 30.

"Are you kidding me?! It was hilarious!" Ino replied as she texted someone on her Helio cell phone.

"What was it called again…?"

"You guys, are we gonna go back to our houses to get ready for the party? Cuz I smell like butter…" Sakura stated while sniffing her shirt.

"Yeah, that's a good idea." Hinata replied, "I'll take you home Sakura, okay? And you guys are all good right?" She gave her attention to the other females.

"Yeah, we'll meet you guys at the party… c'mon Tenten!" Ino grabbed her friends' arm and headed towards her Toyota Camry.

"Uh… bye!" Tenten waved vigorously at the two. They awkwardly waved back.

"…Right. So, are we gonna swim at this party?" Sakura asked her friend as they walked back to her car.

"Umm… I don't know? But if you bring your swimsuit, then I will too if it makes you comfortable." She replied comfortingly as they sat in the car.

"Okay! I'll text Ino and Tenten so they can bring theirs too!" She already had her phone out and was punching numbers and letters on it. Then she turned to Hinata and grinned.

"Right." She gave her a soft smile, and pulled out of the parking lot.

– ● –

"What should I wear?!" Sakura shouted into her phone as she threw clothes out of their hangers and onto the floor.

"You sure you don't want me to come over…?" Hinata replied on Sakura's cell phone. She pressed speaker phone so she could multitask.

"What about that one outfit you bought at Abercrombie?" Ino said.

"Naw, I don't think Sakura's the type to wear an outfit twice in one week." Tenten replied. Sakura was talking to all three of them on four-way. And then she suddenly gasps.

"Wait… this is perfect!" She holds up a bathing suit.

"What is?" The three ask altogether.

"Hehe… you'll see. Listen, I'll just meet you guys at the party, okay?" As soon as she heard a series of goodbyes, she hung up her phone.

– ● –

5:30 p.m…

"Dude, where's Sakura? Wasn't she supposed to come with you?" Naruto asked the Uchiha as he poured the non-spiked punch into his plastic cup. He was wearing a pair of dark orange hibiscus-patterned swimming trunks and a black Billabong t-shirt, with a pair of sandals.

"She told me was coming here by herself, but who knows… who cares…" Sasuke replied as he lightly yawned. He was wearing a pair of navy blue and white Element boardshorts, a white wife beater, and a pinstriped button-up Hollister shirt over it (the buttons were buttoned up halfway). He was also wearing a pair of plain navy blue classic slip-on Vans and a Puka necklace.

"Stop frontin', Uchiha." Tenten replied, "You know you like her—"

"Hey, you guys! I made it! By myself!!" Sakura waved to them. Unfortunately, everyone else turned to look in her direction too. The music stops all of a sudden and a spotlight shines onto her.

"Um…" Sakura covers her eyes from the blinding light. She's currently wearing an Aéropostale ensemble. Her outfit consists of a Mykonos string triangle top, matching string tie bikini, and a pair of Lindsay long boardshorts. The colors on all three pieces were white, orange, magenta, and brown. She was also wearing a pair of magenta flip flops, a Key charms necklace, and a Roxy flower hoodie that had the same colors as her swimwear. It wasn't zipped up though, so it revealed her toned abs and her belly button ring in the shape of a heart. Her hair was in a simple style; just straightened and down.

"DAYUM! She lookin' fine as hell!" Some guy yells out. Other guys are too busy trying to stop their nosebleeds, and Sasuke can feel a warm liquid building in his nose. 'Oh shit!' He tries to come up with a solution.

"Ah-choo." He silently fakes sneezing, but it's loud enough for someone to hear. He rushed over to the foods table and picks up a napkin, pretending to blow his nose. But you can see the red liquid seeping through the thin material, so he quickly balls it up and tosses it in the garbage.

As he walks back to his friends, Sakura is already there, receiving compliments from them and unwanted guys. This caused an anger mark to appear on the Uchiha's forehead.

"Sak, you look awesome!" Ino tells the pink-haired teen.

"Yeah, Sakura-chan. You look really nice." Naruto adds.

"Thanks, guys. I've been saving this for a special occasion," She gestures to her attire, "I guess... this is pretty special. This party reminds me that I've gotten such wonderful friends within the first month of my stay, so I'm eternally grateful. Arigatou gozaimasu!" She gives everyone a genuine smile. Everyone else gently smiles back at her, except for the guys. Neji just gives her a small smile, Naruto gives her a huge grin, Shikamaru smirks, and Sasuke remains stoic. He's probably still dumbstruck by her beauty. Hopefully.

"So are we gonna swim or what?" Sakura exclaims while taking off her sweater. The responses she gets indicates that they're ready to hit the waves, too; and a few others at the party start to dive into the ocean. Once she takes off her boardshorts and tosses them in the clothes pile, she grabs Sasuke's hand and follows everyone else's actions.

"O-Oi! Let go of me!" Sasuke yanks his hand from her grasp.

"C'mon Sasuke! Let's get in the water!" Sakura whines. "Please?" She puts on a so-called puppy dog face; glossy eyes and all.

'Aw, hell… that's how Naruto gets me to buy him video games…' The Uchiha thinks to himself. He stares at Sakura for a really long time; then sighing heavily, gives in. Unbuttoning his shirt, he tosses it elsewhere. Then he grabs the edge of his wife beater and pulls it up and over his head. Sakura suppresses a nosebleed herself, as she stares at his massively-toned chest in awe. "Damn…" The word slips out of her mouth.

Sasuke smirks at her amazement. "What?" He asks. Receiving no reply, he grabs her hand. "C'mon."

They both jog up to the shore and start wading. At a safe distance, Sakura pushes him into the water out of nowhere. "What goes around, comes around, Uchiha!" She then dives into the ocean and swims away as quickly as she could.

"You're gonna pay Haruno!" Sasuke replied once he surfaced. Sakura looked behind her, and she had a perfect view of a god swimming swiftly toward her. The way dipped in and out of the water with perfect strokes almost made her swoon. But once he was meters away, she quickly snapped out of her fangirl state and tried to swim away.

…too late. He lunged at her with his body and attempted to keep her head under the surface with his hands while chuckling uncontrollably. Unfortunately, they slipped and she chose the time to pull him under with her. Underneath the surface, they both made eye contact, ignoring the sting of the salty seawater; the sun's rays were the only lighting they had. Sasuke grabbed her hand and brought her with him descending deeper in the ocean depths.

Unaware of what he was going to do next, he stopped and looked at her once more. She gave him a charming smile, and he smirked in return. Running out of air, he decided to take his chances; Sasuke had to have her. He hesitantly leaned forward, but Sakura leaned in further and initiated the kiss. This took the Uchiha aback. She was slowly giving him gentle pecks on his lips, arms interlocked around his neck; but Sasuke wasn't one with patience in this category.

As the two slowly swam up the surface, Sasuke kissed her with force, passion, lust. He was dominating. His hands were taking advantage of the situation; roaming her body every which way. Sakura damn near moaned at his actions; he was treating her so good. And Sasuke was glad the water was cold because, well, we don't need to go there. Sakura got so overwhelmed; she pulled back from the kiss to—not… breathe? Well, the Uchiha prodigy took the time to leave trails of kisses on her jaw, her neck; he nipped at her collarbone, leaving a mark indicating that it was his territory.

Their lips connected once again, and the pink-haired teen decided to step it up a bit, so she wrapped her legs around his waist. He smirked against her lips, and she felt it, too. Then he gave her ass a gentle squeeze, and, in shock, her lips parted. His tongue then darted in, exploring the crevices of the cave which was her mouth. Almost at the surface now, he nipped at her bottom lip before pulling back and smirking at her once more. Her eyes were flickering, and his were filled with the desire for more. She could've sworn his eyes had flashed a shade of red… ah well.

When they resurfaced, they gasped for air uncontrollably. Boy, were they a sight to see. Sasuke's ebony hair was matted down against his face; water dripping off of his thick eyelashes, which made his face look all the more handsome. Sakura ran her hands through her hair, closing her eyes while earning warmth from the sun once more. The Uchiha stared at her with intensity, and she gave him one last peck on the lips.

"So… now what?" She finally broke the silence.


"If you don't want to start a relationship, I understand. Our friends would never let us live it down, so this can become a hush for now." She brought a finger to her mouth, and Sasuke stared at her pink lips; probably yearning for them again. "Well, I—" He was interrupted.

"Hey Sakura-chan! Sasuke! Where the hell were you guys?!" Naruto yelled at them from a distance. He was currently embracing Hinata.

"Yeah, you guys were gone for a long time." Tenten replied as she tossed a beach ball to Ino. Neji is in their little triangle, but Shikamaru's taking a nap, probably unaware of the fact that he's currently buried in the sand, ha.

"We were wrestling underwater," Sakura replied, "And I won." She turned to Sasuke and smirked at him.

"No way!" He lunged at her again. Naruto, Hinata, Neji, Tenten, and Ino looked confuzzled, but went back to their previous doings.

– ● –

'Seasons' by Ayumi Hamasaki starts playing in the background

Sasuke and Sakura were currently standing off to the side drinking out of their water bottles. Sasuke had put his wife beater back on, and Sakura had put on her boardshorts. Sakura suddenly finishes drinking her Aquafina and throws it away, then grabs Sasuke's hand. "C'mon!" She says. He quickly sets his bottle down and gets dragged by the pink-haired lass.

On the dance floor, Sakura picks a sort of secluded spot. She stops and entwines her arms around his neck. "Sakura, I—"

"Ugh, Sasuke, c'mon. A little dance won't hurt, right?" She guides him back grabbing his limp arms, and places his hands on her hips. Then she returns her arms where they were, and stares into his eyes. He was currently looking away.

"Your eyes are really beautiful, y'know." She tells him softly while their bodies sway to the beat of the music.

He replies a while after. "I've heard that line so many times," He now looks at her, "but it seems so different coming from you."

"I-I'm scared, you know? Scared to… to fall in love…" She looks down. "…again." She silently adds. He unconsciously pulls her closer to him, and she snuggles into his broad chest.

"Well I'll guarantee that you would have no problems falling in love with me," He gently says to her. 'Because I think I've fallen in love with you.'

"Sasuke…" She looks up and meets his gaze. "Will you be my... boyfriend?" She smiles widely at him, showing him a row of white, shiny teeth. Then, Sasuke suddenly freezes. He lets go of her, and walks away.

"Sasuke?" Sakura follows him, but he shows no signs of getting away from her. Once they were away from the party, and in front of the ocean, Sasuke has a hand over his mouth, and he starts to chuckle. Almost laughing, but not exactly. Just chuckling.

"Heh… Sasuke… what's so funny?" He turns to her, and his eyes crinkle, showing a slightly amused face and a smile. An actual smile. Sort of awkward, but what do you expect from an Uchiha?

"All my life… hehe… practically all my life, fangirls have chased me. Asked me to bear their children, go on dates with them, et cetera… but… they never asked me to be their boyfriend properly, like you just did. They always said 'marry me'. When you asked me to be your boyfriend, I guess I kind of cracked. It was something new to me, I guess, so I handled it the best way I could." He finished with a smirk.

"Why didn't you laugh in front of everyone else?"

"Are you kidding me? It took me a solid 15 years to build up this 'shell' of mine. I wasn't gonna ruin it cuz of you." She smiles at him. "I like your smile, Sakura. So… never stop smiling, okay?" He embraces her genuinely. She takes a good two minutes to inhale his strong, woodsy scent.

"So…" She pulls back and looks in those wonderful obsidian pools which were Sasuke's eyes. "That was a yes, right?" He smirks in return and gently kisses her. Then he takes her hand and they both walk back to the party. 'Ya, I would take that as a yes. Shannarou!'

'…where the hell were you?!'

– ● –

"… so then we'll take Sasuke-kun away, and you'll work your magic. Okay Izumi?"

"My name's Idate!"

"Whatever… just don't rape me."

– ● –

As they approach the party, their six friends silently clap for them. "It's about time you guys got together!" Naruto yelled. Sakura blushes at his comment, while Sasuke wraps an arm around her hips. "Hey is that a hickey?" Ino points to Sakura's collarbone. Sakura gasps and Sasuke's cheeks turn a shade darker.

"Uh… Uchiha?" Some guy gets their attention. "Someone dented your car."

"What?!" He suddenly sprints to the parking lot, leaving a couple a very dumbfounded teenagers. The guy just walks away. Sakura shrugs it off, and heads for the snack table. Once she's there, a strangely familiar guy approaches her.

"Hey, why haven't you called?" Sakura turns around with a Twizzler in between her teeth. "Hey, its… it's…"


"R-right! Idate! I didn't forget… ha…" She laughs nervously.

"So why didn't you call? And you haven't been to Starbucks since the beginning of your school year."

"I-I just lost your number, that's all. And, I've lost an interest in Starbucks." 'LIAR!' "Listen, I gotta go—" He suddenly grabs her arm.

"Why don't we get to know each other a little better?" He whispers to her huskily. 'Dude… his breath reeks… unlike Sasuke's. His breath smells like cinnamon. Mm…'

"T-that's okay. Can you, like… let go now?" She says fretfully.

"I'll let go when I feel like it."

"Jerk!" Sakura knees him in the groin, and he doubles over, clutching his family jewels. When Sakura makes a break for it, he quickly follows, and the people at the party stop to watch. 'Somebody fuckin' help!!'

Right when she felt like he was going to get her, Sasuke runs past her abruptly. She stops to look back, just to see the Uchiha's fist make contact with Idate's face. Idate cries in pain as blood gushes out of his nose. Sasuke takes hold of his shoulder and strikes him in the gut this time, but Idate returns by punching the Uchiha's face. Then Idate trips Sasuke and he lands on his back. Thinking he had the upper hand, Idate starts to punch Sasuke, but he blocks a majority of them. Then Sasuke took a handful of sand and threw it into Idate's eyes. When his guard was down, Sasuke straddled him and started beating ruthlessly.

"HEY!" Naruto yells as he uses his strength to pry Sasuke off of Idate. Neji comes and stops Idate from charging Sasuke. "Get your ass outta here!" Sasuke yells. "And don't you ever come near Sakura again, or I'll fuck you up!" Sasuke shouted furiously as Neji lead Idate out of the party.

"Let go of me, dobe!" Naruto hesitantly lets go, and his eyes scan the crowd. "Where the hell is Sakura?"

"She went to the shore." Hinata quietly replies as she showed up behind her boyfriend. Sasuke sort of dashed to the shoreline, until he saw small figure staring at the sunset. When he arrived, he embraced her from behind, and nuzzled his chin into her neck. She could feel his morning stubble from lack of shaving. Sakura knew it was Sasuke, because A: He was the only guy who even dared to hug her and B: His wonderfully woodsy scent was strong enough to make her high...

"Sasuke… what happened to your car?" She softly whispers.

"That's not important. What is important, is you." She smiles and slowly nods as a response.

"Hey, can you do me a favor?"

"Hmm?" She closed her eyes and was enjoying his body heat.

"Try adding '-kun' to the end of my name. I wanna see how it fits you." He smirked as he planted soft kisses onto her neck.

"… Sasuke… kun? Sasuke-kun."

"Hn. I like it."

'So do I!'

& fin of chapter 5

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